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I'm a bad man.

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After a staggeringly good easter cruise .. Kawau, bottom end and home , I got told off in Westhaven for driving on the wrong side of the road. Pleasant chap, we thought he was joking as he crossed our bow and snugged in between us and the piles, but no.. evidently the rules have changed and we and the other three or four boats trickling up the main fairway 'on the right', are all wrong.


well, according to him anyway.

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A reach home after a long weekend instead of a smash, fancy that.


He was very nice about it, as he imitated a salmon going upstream against the current. I haven't laughed so much since that guy in the newish AWB in front of us in the pine harbour days did a team vestas to one of the piles in the fairway going out.

You have to be real good to hit something only 400mm in diameter.

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