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  1. To my eye the Kalik is quite different to the Chico 40/ 42. Its clearly built to a different rule with much more pinched ends .Put Second Chance beside Carenza if you can find it and its very obvious. . Still a great boat like any Mull , different animals.
  2. Ovitalmap was fantastic. Free , easy and faultless in the 17 and 19 trips we made to those places. The only area it was out was around Albert cove on Rabi, but of course thats the 180 degree longtitude line and lots of systems go a bit goofy around there. Down to the GE more than the program I think. But it used google earth or bing images and they were shut down, I assume due to copywrite or similar reasons, or the marine charting guild has had it closed so they can selI it. I haven't tried to boot it up this year but it was dead on my devices and the app had disappeared from lists.
  3. Random drift, You know donut holes? I have Gypsy's hole. Ie the bit of hull punched out /in when she was run down. I bought it at the fundraiser to get her rebuilt.
  4. Thats the tie rod at the mast partners which opposes the lifting force on a cambered deck as the mast bears against it . and as Jon says opposes other deck lifting forces in more modern boats. If there is a bulkhead there as there often is , that may be structured to do the same job, it is on my 1975 boat.
  5. There were a couple of epic threads on Classique and its owner back in the day, Its hard to be sypathetic to someone who would happily run you down because might is right.
  6. Are you guys talking about a baby stay? I've only been sailing about 40 years and I've never heard of panting rod before. ( is it an Americanism perhaps?) If its a baby stay that is meant , it is common to see on these generation boats either 2 aft lower shrouds and a baby stay going a short distance forward of the mast to stop mast pump in a seaway, or 2 aft lowers and two forward lowers to do the same.
  7. Yeah. The Samsung Galaxy s from 2015 is coming to the end of its useful life, it's been very good as a general Web browser and ran isailor as a secondary nav device for our pacific trips in 17 and 19. Also ovitalmap for Google earth positioning. Being android it's possible that I didn't need the cellular version for real GPS ,but I bought that anyway. We had a cellular ipad for predictwind offshore and ovitalmap as well, at the time predictwind was difficult to operate with android. So the question that no sales staff or outlet seems capable of answering is just the same as eve
  8. I had a thread here on this forum maybe 06? 10? Called Scallop dredge wankers. That was after witnessing appalling behaviour and waste at the mercs by you guessed it.... Scallop dredge wankers.
  9. Fri and sat out in the BOI, slid home sun morning. It went a bit feral last night,and loads of rain.
  10. I've heard they sheet them so close on the Patiki's the leeward shrouds go loose and the spreader just hops out of the way.
  11. 2 bumped threads of mine so old Rangitoto was practically steaming. Subsequently I moved from the shadow of Rangi, Hobson, Eden and One tree hill north to Waitangi/Kerikeri /Waimate. Pretty well guaranteed to end up like one of those Pompeii plaster casts reaching out desperately for evermore for a rum and coke.
  12. Another hint on that site that the fire is related to a battery installation.
  13. I'm in Akl for a few days, seemed like ENE maybe NE.. is that right?
  14. Let's not let facts and history get in the way though Steve. Millions of gas lpg installations around the world on boats with a tiny percentage of failures. 40 years of using it myself , my observation is that is usually something totally ridiculous and without normal safeguards that causes the problems. The guy with a 9 kg lpg heater running inside his boat. The kids turning on the gas for a cuppa on the hardstand at Henderson not realising Dad had disconnected the oven. The famous Victory incident where the skipper was in the habit of rubbing soap into the copper gas line to
  15. Always terrible to see. One of the first comments i saw on one of the facebook pages was some pathetic fool crying insurance fraud. Man there are some scumbags out there. Every incident adds some knowledge to help us remain vigilant .So I hope it's forthcoming and not caught up in the usual maritime investigation process and dissappear onto a desk for two years. As for the immediate assumption of lpg, Watch this.
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