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  1. Similar but different ...where would I get an 8 point drive . Ie the male version, one which will fit in my makita.?
  2. This is exactly what you do to feather a maxprop.
  3. I had a kiwiprop for a few years and a few friends with them, never heard or experienced them auto rotating. Of course I only sail 8 knot hollowed out kauri logs so speed isn't an issue. I'm curious as to why some of these props and this one would do it, makes me think there's something out of adjustment or damage/ causing one blade to start the rotation. Or perhaps the down angle of the shaft might make it happen, my boat had plenty of rocker so not too much down angle. I'm aware that there can be an issue with multihulls and feathering props due to acceleration and deceleration/
  4. Its dry and needs grease( as the photo indicates and others have said), either persevere with the cup or remove the cup and replace with a zerk/grease nipple, get a small grease gun with a flex pipe that gets it nearer where you can reach and pump it up. Next step , hose clamp the gun to something like a bulkhead or inside a locker and leave it there. Thats a remote greaser. 30 dollar solution. Or by a Henleys remote greaser ( do they still make em?) you won't regret the investment. I don't believe that lip seals shaft seals should be retrofitted to old installations unless the prop
  5. If a kiwiprop autorotates there's something wrong. They self feather. Maxprops will autorotate , the method to make them feather is to shut down the engine while still in gear.
  6. Does it have a grease cup, most NZ units do. I first gimmicked up a small grease gun to make a remote greaser a couple of feet up and nearer to hand, but later bought a specific device from Henleys to do that job. Ie a 1/4 or 1/2 turn as required or on leaving the boat.
  7. Two thoughts . CorrosionX saved my bacon with a rigging job. saturate it with that. The reefrite company still trades in Kerikeri, you could ring them, see if there's some hidden grub screw etc.
  8. One of the boat kids in our coast cruising group, probably eating sand when you were blasting around in your pathfinder. Must ring his dad and tell him what a good job we did helping raise him.
  9. Man , Live sail die have gone up a level or three with their video. Fantastic job. and Rogers coverage from land is impressive as always.
  10. John B

    Boat ID

    The cruising vloggers Nahoa are going to build one of his 55 ft aluminium Catamarans. Plenty on the youtube about it.
  11. To my eye the Kalik is quite different to the Chico 40/ 42. Its clearly built to a different rule with much more pinched ends .Put Second Chance beside Carenza if you can find it and its very obvious. . Still a great boat like any Mull , different animals.
  12. Ovitalmap was fantastic. Free , easy and faultless in the 17 and 19 trips we made to those places. The only area it was out was around Albert cove on Rabi, but of course thats the 180 degree longtitude line and lots of systems go a bit goofy around there. Down to the GE more than the program I think. But it used google earth or bing images and they were shut down, I assume due to copywrite or similar reasons, or the marine charting guild has had it closed so they can selI it. I haven't tried to boot it up this year but it was dead on my devices and the app had disappeared from lists.
  13. Random drift, You know donut holes? I have Gypsy's hole. Ie the bit of hull punched out /in when she was run down. I bought it at the fundraiser to get her rebuilt.
  14. Thats the tie rod at the mast partners which opposes the lifting force on a cambered deck as the mast bears against it . and as Jon says opposes other deck lifting forces in more modern boats. If there is a bulkhead there as there often is , that may be structured to do the same job, it is on my 1975 boat.
  15. There were a couple of epic threads on Classique and its owner back in the day, Its hard to be sypathetic to someone who would happily run you down because might is right.
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