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Small light weight boat dolly

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Hi! I’ve been using these forums for a few months now and figured it was time to officially sign up and become part of the gang!

I’ve recently purchased one of these boat dolly’s for my little fishing boat: http://land-n-sea.co.nz/beach-trailer-hand-trailer-beach-dolly-html-416  Seeing as I have done my back in over the years, I was looking for an option which is lightweight and strong, so’s not to add to the weight of the boat I’m already dragging around! I hope this helps anyone here looking as it took me a while to find something not made of rusty steel!


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I have one. The down side is they are extremely lightly built and there is movement and flex when the boat is on it (starling) I don't think they are really built to  last. With hind sight I should have saved a few more $ and bought something more substantial.

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Hi I got one of these and very yes flimsy ,so I cut the rizer to the handle off cause it quite tough , and went of to alloy place in silver dale picked a length of 40 mill tube , did some cutting in the shed ,vcut the wheel off on there axle and the hull supports, went to a guy in silver dale to weld up $70.00 later I hade the boat on , perfect and strong give it a try

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