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  1. Because of my passion for sailing fast I didn't want to install a strainer on the outside of the hull so just installed flush skin fittings. My suggestion for a cooling through hull is immediately inside the sea cock is to install a female Tee connector and plug and have the cooling water to the engine branching off the side of the Tee and plug the opening that is directly opposite the sea cock. If you suspect that the flow is restricted it is just a simple matter of removing the plug and clearing the obstruction with a screw driver or appropriately sized piece of brass rod.
  2. In the old days of three strand rope we used to use a long splice but with today's boats having braided line stitching and taping is probably the easiest method. An alternative to using tape is to use heat shrink tubing as it is strong and compresses the area where the ropes join.
  3. Be pretty hard to get Paul back unless you can work miracles.
  4. Muzza

    Prop Speed

    I went into Burnsco a few days ago and noticed Propspeed on the shelves for sale, No doubt Propspeed were getting worried by some of the generic equivalents that are soon to be entering the market. It would be nice if the price was half what they are asking but that may come in time too.
  5. There was one years ago called the Dinghy Minder or some name like that, haven't seen one for about 40 years.
  6. Muzza

    New prop

    Chris, Briski is now quite a journey, they are no longer in Howick but based just east of Maramarua about midway between the village and Smythes Quarry or just before the Heavens Road passing lanes when east bound. Henley's are a lot closer to Auck's. Brent is the guy who runs Briski.
  7. Muzza

    New prop

    Chris The 30 horse power from Yanmar may be a bit misleading for instance the 1GM 10 is only 9hp and the twin 2ym15 is only 14hp the 3 cylinder 30 (forget the number is actually 29hp This horsepower rating will include the water pump and alternator but not the fridge commpressor. A typical fridge compressor can asily soak up 5 to 10 hp so best to have an electro magnetic clutch fitted to turn it off once the fridge has reached the required temp.
  8. Muzza

    New prop

    IT your comment about matching propeller size pitch, diameter and blade area to engine load is very relevant with all propellers and even in today's age of computers it is not unusual for the experts to get it wrong. Usually after launch optimizing propeller efficiency is just a work in progress. Sometimes the cheaper option is to collect data of several second hand props ensuring tapers and attachment are the same or in the case of folders use blades from the same manufacturer of various sizes. The more data collected the more chance of getting the final prop selection right.
  9. I have one. The down side is they are extremely lightly built and there is movement and flex when the boat is on it (starling) I don't think they are really built to last. With hind sight I should have saved a few more $ and bought something more substantial.
  10. Muzza

    New prop

    One thing I have noticed is that marine growth on the prop will kill performance faster than growth on the hull. My dads launch taught me this at a young age. After a long period of inactivity the boat was quite heavily fouled with slime and weed and speed was down to 4.6 knots from the usual 7 knot cruising speed with the engine showing signs of overload. The boat was about to be bought home and I didn't envy the trip around to Halfmoon Bay at that speed so decided to clean the prop and see if it made a difference. Speed was increased to 6.7 knots which was a little more acceptable and no o
  11. Muzza

    New prop

    Harry, I used to change air filters at the beginning of each season regardless of if it really needed it or not. Another thing is people tend to under estimate the importance of good airflow to the air filter, too often engines are hidden away in a box with no thoughts given to having an adequate supply of clean air to the engine. Another possibility in your case might be fuel, check filters and maybe consider having the injectors looked at but good to here the speed is back up to a more realistic figure. it would be interesting to test the boat out in 25 knots with a lumpy sea to see how th
  12. Took the Tracker (fin keel version) up to the ramp by the bridge about 25 years ago and made it ok without touching, don't know if it has shallowed much since then. Hardest job was getting the girls out of the shops ended up going out on a falling tide about 45 minutes later than expected shitting myself all the way but no dramas.The Tracker's draft was 4 ft 8 inches. Knowing what I know now I would have left the girls there and made them walk back to the wharf. Also took the Tracker through the narrow Wanganui Island passage about 45 mins before high water.
  13. Some of the last of the parkercrafts had welds but i am sure they never moved to fully welded. Fyran under Trevor Fyfe was the first to fullyweld (very early 1970's or possibly 1969)
  14. From memory dinghies such as the Parkercraft used a mastic tape in the lapped join. My first course of action would be to try hardening the rivets up using a hammer and dolly (appropriately shaped metal weight) on the opposite side of the rivet often you don't need much to reset the rivet.
  15. Muzza

    New prop

    One thing I should have mentioned in calculating propeller size is that prop shaft revs is one of the most important things to take into consideration. An engine developing 10hp at 3000 revs on a 3:1 reduction is virtually the same as a 10hp at 2000 rpm through a 2:1 box, all giving around 1000rpm on the prop shaft. Another thing that people often don't take into consideration when selecting props is the horsepower soaked up by other auxilary devices such as engine driven compressors for fridge/freezers or Aircon units, these can easily soak up 5 to 10 horsepower best to have a magnetic clutch
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