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NZ to Fiji

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A shakedown cruise for Black Panther. Want to see what works and what doesn't. Then we'll give her a big birthday next year in preparation for a long trip somewhere.

Wife and family are flying up for a visit (oct) then I'll bring her back Nov. 

I've told the boss at work it's a mental health break.

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Hi Black Panther!

Are you still looking for crew sailing to Fiji?! I would be very interested. I'm french,31, and I have been travelling in NZ for 6 month now and I'd love to sail and get some sun in the tropics. I have some experience as a 1st mate, crew, watchkeeper,more coastal cruising but some offshore. And i still want to get some experience to maybe pass my yachtmaster.

thanks, nico, nicolas.follin@gmail.com, 0210359396

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