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  1. Everyone knows the owners of big boats are fat and lazy.
  2. Digger and trucks still working to clear the road in and out of the yc. Apart from a tree wrapped around our bow we went unscathed
  3. That would have been spectacular. We spent the night being dragged astern at 5kn plus. Now we're trapped by slips and fallen trees. Oh well, very pleasant sitting in the cockpit at the mo.
  4. Our river is about half a meter above normal and a big high tide due after midnight. Could get ugly for some houses. Interesting the current is running out an hour or more after low water VID-20230127-WA0019.mp4 VID-20230127-WA0019.mp4
  5. Our plan was to head out midday today. That didn't happen. Plus I'm happy with the decision to miss Elton John.
  6. Furthermore what to do for the next 3 days? Nothing has been planned.
  7. Unlike the electronic version, a wind vane just gets better as the wind freshens.
  8. Trying to helm? That boat needs a wind vane.
  9. This sucks. We pulled the plug early after NY thinking we would head out again for a week or two this Friday.
  10. There used to be a fish and chip shop out there called KKK Takeaways. This was when we first came back from the US. The girls thought it was hilarious.
  11. Just spje to someone who has the brass monkey 12v from Jaycar. I'm very tempted. Then Angela could make morir soñando.
  12. Convenient yes, but weight , windage and just plain ugly.
  13. Hell, have another during why not? In, fact skip the sailing and spend the day partying.
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