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  1. That's what I need, encouragement.
  2. Current plan is to get back to NZ and make sure BP is still afloat, then make a plan for the next 12 months. That plan necessarily involves being in UK around April/May ( another graduation ceremony for younger daughter) so that might dovetail nicely. Alternative plan come back here and sail to Tonga, which isn't all bad either.
  3. There's the rub, i somehow see myself as part of that group rather than another masochist. On the other hand there are very few organized events these days that spark my interest. This one does. Early discussions continue.
  4. Hopefully 3rd party only becomes a thing.
  5. Do I really want to deal with that much rain. Ketchikan is as bad as our west coast.
  6. Love it. I got invited last week to do the next one. Bloody tempting. I went sailing with him on the Chesapeake last week. The boat would be great. He's ex navy seal and probably thinks 7 days of cold and wet with sh*t food is fun.
  7. Drill a really big hole , slip a plywood piece behind it and glue in place ( use a piece pf string to pull forward and apply pressure. Then fill the hole anyway you want. Or drill a big hole and install an inspection port.
  8. I think the interesting thing about SDs post is the guy had no idea. Not being malicious, just totally ignorant.
  9. Whatever happened to the guy with the chicken?
  10. Licensing and registration won't get them out . Couldn't disagree more.
  11. Don't bother. Just get the HM to pull a few over every second sunday, fine them and advertise it in the papers
  12. What you call a primary winch.
  13. Not until someone can prove it will achieve anything.
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