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  1. If history is anything to go by the club members will never see it.
  2. I have delivered a HR. I think I would seriously consider one over a Swan (were I in that sort if market)
  3. I think the trick is keep the distances short. Anchor early before it gets dark and cold. Books, music, movies and cooking. The cabin heater gets regular praise as does the cockpit enclosure.
  4. Don't you hate it when your thread gets derailed by a load of irrelevant nonsense?
  5. I get that you are not expecting anyone to take that literally, but for the life of me I cant figure out what your point is.
  6. Just a matter of population pressure. Florida is very close to a ban on anchoring.
  7. Dont know who you are quoting but it's still nonsense. Remove the prefix and see if it still makes sense. Even worse is pre board. Is that where you get on a plane, then get off again, then get on properly?
  8. I had a local tell me with some pride this weekend that the current NZer of the year used to live on a houseboat on the south side. Wonder if it was a rotten shitter?
  9. I was less impressed by their use of presold. There is no such word. It's either sold or it isn't.
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