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  1. The best racing was when they came off the foils. Discuss.
  2. Plan b was to addonebut the solar is enough
  3. Ive got it figured. Ignore the racing and go about your day. When you get home go to you tube. Watch the start , fast forward to the finish. Repeat for race two. Done . 10 minutes tops. Then go cook dinner because it's your 33rd wedding anniversary 😁
  4. https://www.facebook.com/1725539484332529/posts/2803750429844757/
  5. Weiti river. I've seen them pulling in snapper all week. And the added advantage of looking at Black Panther while you do it.
  6. The only medical issue I have had on a boat in 50 years was a burn caused by a powerboat wake as girlfriend was draining spaghetti. Yes it's dangerous.
  7. Current one runs an orbital sander but not the belt sander. Angela has a 750w travel iron it won't run. Not really interested in a permanent installation. The current one lives in a locker and gets taken out occasionally. Came with the boat.
  8. We currently have a little 750 watt inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter. Jaycar have a 1500w one that would be a little more useful. Can I still use the cigarette lighter or will it start popping fuses?
  9. Viaduct basin has a visitor sdock
  10. I knew he wasn't sailing the Ross much, but now he's planting trees in it?
  11. I've never put anything but diesel in the diesel tank. 40 years later still good.
  12. Great day. 13 strangers having a potluck on board a big cat. About half were cruisers "cheerfully trapped " in NZ. The rest local liveaboards waiting to leave when possible. A lot of full time cruisers some of us been at it since the 70s. Some great stories were told .
  13. https://www.coastreporter.net/news/local-news/like-a-movie-man-rescues-friend-pulled-under-by-runaway-sailboat-1.24261078?fbclid=IwAR3qYAWaOFURBmLQ1milcsqahI_l8o27Sa4EcgS5aNpZufmWVqmBafVc7mc
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