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  1. Warmer than anticipated while still brisk. Angela noted snow was still visible on some distant mountains. What we have commented on several times is how clean the water is in the rivers and lakes. Even when surrounded by agricultural land. I don't know the why but seems we have a lot to learn.
  2. First day of summer in Switzerland so I went swimming
  3. Everyone knows you have to drill a hole in the bottom to let the water out.
  4. Sorry. Let me be clear. Having arrived somewhere, how did it spread. Yes modern international shipping means things get moved to new areas across what were natural boundaries.. But once established the new organism will spread to every available niche, and the methods for this spread existed long before humans and boats. I thought it was this "secondary " spreading we were discussing.
  5. How did they spread before we invented boats?
  6. It involved a boat and water and champagne but no sails
  7. Guesswork. Plus if that were the case where is this unknown location, must be pretty extensively infested by now, thus easy to identify.
  8. So there is no evidence or data to prove any one method of spread is more or less likely than any other. The only indisputable fact is that these things spread before humans and boats were invented. Everything else is conjecture. It also appears the various bodies tasked with responding have no tools to deal with it and no plan nor clear goal. IMHO we just have to wait until any new arrival inevitably spreads and they give up. Just hope they don't make life too miserable for us in the meantime.
  9. But nothing on the impact of recreational boating on its ability to spread, nothing on what they hope to achieve and nothing on how to achieve that or how they would measure success. Plus a little information on progress to date would be nice. Oh yeah, let's chuck in at least some kind of response to questions about shitty antifouling and closing slipways.
  10. I would still like evidence that we're a problem, and that the steps being taken have at least a probability of working. To do that they would have to define working.
  11. He said it would likely have come to the Bay of Islands in a boat anchor well. Great Barrier Island is only 100km from the Bay of Islands by sea and caulerpa is spread more so by boat anchors than hulls. somebody tell this guy about the last 6 months of southeasterly gales.
  12. Yes, those were probably just baffles for the water tank
  13. I think I'm in that picture. But I'll still claim the win as we all sat at the table.
  14. Angela has cooked a Thanksgiving turkey and fed 16 people at that table.
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