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  1. https://www.marinadelray.co/post/indonesia-is-open-to-all-foreign-flagged-yachts?fbclid=IwAR2n3M50he05KTj15KjZLpUCIS-Fx5q5P_XAYTN6WQFx9k96HshsR64ePZc
  2. I just replaced the wire to rope. Cheaper and easier. Unless you are a full on racer no difference in performance
  3. No this was a serious boat designed for going places. I was told one of the best brands available. If you just want a toy for the kids it would be overkill.
  4. I did some paddling in Alaska in a Klepper. Cool fun and after a while you forget it's inflatable.
  5. First weekend of November i believe, wynyard basin near the footbridge. On display a bunch of his cool dinghies, some lesser keelboats and a magnificent schooner. Tino rawa? Trust. Come and say hello.
  6. Excellent result!
  7. I understand there is one happening at an Anchorage near Nelson . We think we've got two cats coming so we'll have a dance floor
  8. Interesting. I'll talk to them. Thanks.
  9. Does anyone have a cheap and efficient means to get a decent cellphone signal. On our mooring we have to climb the mast to make a phone call. Once out of the river no problem
  10. Yes, if you have access to that sort of thing.
  11. Butt joins or scarfing with plywood
  12. https://www.offcenterharbor.com/fb-2010-oonagh/?fbclid=IwAR230v97SXlGms6cRZS_UjRzCxtq3fbhLox1N0kGFhGSAY8LiLYveYTBVBQ
  13. I think given the choice more than half would put the boat into storage abd fly home. The ones that stay are a net positive to the economy.
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