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  1. I've never used way points, always seemed weird to me.
  2. What is their life expectancy? Painted or unpainted?
  3. Most modern boats heave to better with no jib. The bow tries to fall off anyway.
  4. Never used one in anger. As CD pointed opportunities are few and far between and best avoided. But I remember the first time I read about them and thinking that's it. So I've only used my homemade ones in serious conditions (102kn recorded at north Cape but averages around what IT described), but were I heading somewhere like the southern ocean that would be my weapon of choice.
  5. Of course, that's exactly what you'd try first, then if it continued to deteriorate sea anchor or drogue. I've been known to heave to going to weather 25kn just while I cooked dinner. For anyone who hasn't tried it the sudden improvement in comfort is astounding.
  6. Do you charge it from the boat or plug into the grid somehow?
  7. I'll need a bigger wheelie bin
  8. I had issues this week after the rain. Turns out water in the fuel, very little and easily purged with the drain screw. 4hp Yamaha 4st
  9. Oceanographerd use oranges to study currents.
  10. Let a few people drown. Preparedness and skill levels will improve and fewer people will drown. (only slightly tongue in cheek)
  11. Having bought the boat with a watermaker I am now deeply attached to it. Washing dishes in fresh water neans the teatowels are far less likely to get up and walk away.
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