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  1. Do unnecessary work and charge for it. I guess it's unfair to brand all lawyers but the last few years I was working it was definitely on the increase, and it only takes a small number to taint the whole profession.
  2. It wasn't the estimate for the job, it was extra work they did because they thought it a good idea. I found out about it when invoiced, Lawyers do the same thing.
  3. Except in the example above I didn't ask for extra work and wasn't told they were doing it. Still won't deal with them again
  4. There businesses then there are businesses. Recently had topside painted. They gave a competitive quote based on long conversation about what I wanted and expected. They did a great job and I paid. Both parties happy. A few years back asked for a quote from a nearby business. Agreed. When the bill came it was nearly 6x higher than quote. Reason: oh we thought we'd do this other work as well. Never been back and tell others to steer clear.
  5. With the boat I do everything I can to help. Cheaper to pay for a day at a nearby marina than pay for travel, do it. Can I remove what needs work and take it to a workshop then reinstall myself? Can I do it myself with instruction? This can save thousands.
  6. Daughter is a piano tuner. Used to tune 6 pianos a day 8 years ago. Just prior to covid that was 4 per day thanks to Auckland traffic. She put her prices up, and is trying to find a fair way to charge for travel.
  7. Not what I was told by customs when I enquired, but not the end of the world, just leave it with cook is registration then. No biggie.
  8. I lived on a cav 32 with that stove for 8 years.
  9. When anchored drop the dinghy anchor . Run the cable down the forward hatch and tie it to a tin can. Done.
  10. Nothing. Prior to covid ruining everything that was the plan. Register in say the Cook Is, sail to Fiji, re register in NZ, sail west. New plan? Haven't a clue.
  11. I don't think the country of registration is an issue returning to nz, ss lpng as everyone on board has a nz passport
  12. Matt is commercial. He was there the day we pulled out and was finished by early afternoon. I think I paid him for about 6 hrs. Certainly worth a ph call.
  13. Matt ( Island Time) helped me. We worked together , i learned something and cheaper.
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