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Watching paint dry.

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I have another little job on the go, using single pot oil based paint and varnish.

On the tin it has the usual airy-fairy 'allow to dry overnight between coats.'

So what does that mean?

My wife reckons it means recoating at the same time each day; I reckon it means if I paint at 8.00pm then I can recoat at 8.00am next morning - that's overnight. For me it means 4 coats in 24 hours instead of 2. Speeds things up a bit.

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Alltex Timbercote.

On the can the instructions are to recoat after sanding, and this takes 24 hours. On the spec sheet it says recoat after overnight drying,but sand and recoat if after 24 hours.

I think this 'overnight drying' instruction on cans is crazy. Coatings are pretty technical these days. The very least should be hours before recoat related to temperature.

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If it can handle being sanded without gumming up the paper then it's dry enough. If the product says you can thin it then definitely do this as much as possible for the first coat - it will penetrate further. Will take a bit longer to dry and you'll sand mist of it off but will end up with a better finish.

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Good thing about using Alltex Timbercote is you can use their Enamel Quick Dry additive.  It allows you to doctor up the brew to suit the conditions - great stuff for varnishing over winter, and/or making sure that varnish kicks off quickly so it doesn't run, and making sure it's hard enough for recoating the next day (maybe in under 24 hours!).  You can use it with their single pot paints too - most useful stuff.

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