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Offshore racing regs and thoughts

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Yes, as I said it's from a few years ago but his outlook is generally more about fact based risk versus feeling like you're safer and not taking appropriate measures which may be more or less than racing regs require. He also has strong feelings on life rafts too. I like to see a range of opinions and the reasons behind them so I can form my position. 


For example, I've seen differing points of view on the need or not for lifelines. One position is that they can create a false sense of security but quite often fail under a load of a body falling against them but without them, people take more care about moving about the boat so therefore are less likely to go overboard. The feeling of security and the reality of security are two different things. 750mm high carbon fibre stanchions properly secured into the deck make a big difference compared to the  600mm high stainless steel stanchions generally fitted on the deck when it comes to performance but lower looks cool and it's cheaper and easier. 

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IMO most of the Cat one stuff for NZ is pretty well thought through, and based on issues that Kiwi boats have had over the last 30 years or so. Yes, there are some things that are a bit old fashioned now. In my experience, the cat 1 inspectors will make allowances for newer stuff if they feel you have thought about it and have sound reasons for your discrepancies/alternatives. Basically cat 1 is a wof for your boat, and mine is exceeding that basic standard anytime before I go offshore.


I too feel there is way too much attention on life jackets - if you are 500 miles offshore, a life jacket is pretty useless IMO. Stay on the boat. Use a decent harness.


Lifelines that cannot support the shock load of a person falling on them are useless IMO. I would not have them. Liferafts are expensive, and not that reliable...


Yep, there is room for improvement.

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