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  1. Provisional divisions up now for the Round North Island Race. https://www.ssanz.co.nz/round-north-island-2020/rni-divisions/ Now to analyse the opposition
  2. Right, last day for entries tomorrow. Who else is in? Big fleet of two handers, will this division be bigger than fully crewed?
  3. Monotone and t rex apparently rudder issues as well
  4. Thirsty work has apparently lost her rudder. Whats happened to Monotone, T-Rex and Carpe Diem?
  5. If you want to be part of NZ manufacturing buy this! The Weaver Danbuoy has been made here for years. I am the third owner and need some cash and time for my RNI endevour. Easy to build, plenty of room to add your own touch from websites to direct sales. Currently sell direct to chandleries such as Burnsco, Caters, All Marine Start of summer, so time to get some traction and money. Priced to sell $4000 net Price includes moulds kept at plastic manufacturers and stock at hand PM me if interested
  6. Parkercraft aluminium riveted dinghy with oars. 2.6m long approx. Pickup Parua Bay, Whangarei. Happy to store it once you've paid. Condition: rough as guts, but has the advantage of no one wants to flog it. In the past 5 years it's sat on the beach and unsecured dinghy racks and not been touched! Ideal mooring dinghy, but expect to get your feet wet when you come back to it. Positivly bouyant but please tie the oars in! All yours for $150 If you want photos just message me as I'm having issues putting them here.
  7. Alright .... went for a scallop dive inside Whangarei harbour on Saturday 19/9/19. 6m deep, heaps of legals but you guessed it a Mediterranean Fan worm every square 2m. Not attached to live scallops as per some literature I've seen distributed but attached though the silt/sand to the sea bottom. Please if any NRC etc are reading this, stop charging us. The war is lost, move on and catch the next big thing early this time. Ps the scolly's are fat and yummy!
  8. Mitchells Joinery in Auckland would be worth a call.
  9. That's amazing, but surely a 10 litre of white house paint wouldn't go astray. I know black is fashionable and higher resale but after 70 or so days in there I'd be bonkers.
  10. BLA Auckland, out East Tamaki somewhere, part # 309746, most chandlary's have an account with them. When I was in multihulls, used to buy them from a race go-cart shop in Albany, but not that big.
  11. So ..... how did you go? Kiwi Yachting don't do 1x19 anymore and I'm doing my rig. Have asked for a quote off KZ marine.
  12. S.M.U.

    Hard Antifoul

    Stopped production a couple of years ago. Another alternative is International Ultra 2, but I'm not sure it comes in a 1 litre or less can.
  13. S.M.U.

    Hard Antifoul

    Try Petit Vivid from Altex. Also has the advantage that it comes in a 500ml can and heaps of different colours.
  14. The usual product used for 4mm wire is "Fender Insert" should be available from your favourite chandlers. Be warned though, threading 4mm dyneema or such is a right pain in the neck.
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