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The darkside - Fizz boats

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Great feedback - thanks all. 


That Pogo is very nice indeed.

The Salthouse is lovely, but it would need to be scaled down to make trailerable

The McGregor, thanks but its a big no from me. They just dont appeal for a number of reasons


I'm not adverse to modern fizzboats at all, its just that 99% of modern trailer-able fizzboats are awful looking.


A classic take on the Pogo would be perfect i reckon

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Those are nice old school boats but maintenance would be likely the same as a keeler, if not more.  Simon Minoprio designs some interesting aluminium boats & has just added a Sedan version with cruising comforts.  I sold my keeler & will purchase something like this for the same reason as the OP.



Point noted, however having a boat parked in a nice dry garage over the winter months would make maintenance a half enjoyable experience, and minimise it.

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Well just been across and back Manukau bar in 5.7 nasty,ne 8knt 1.5 se swell incoming tide,they think that is fun,much rather sail in to Tuts in a e 20+,hell of a lot safer,mind you it was nice getting up and personal with a blue shark :wtf:

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There's a new Salthouse "picnic boat, about 30 or 31 feet, by the same design team that did the South Star.  Don't know whether it would go on a trailer, but it's a stunning looker.  If you want a classic take, look up Peter Sewell's "Whio" - bit of a "Q Ship" as it looks like a classic double ended launch, but planes.  Made the cover of Wooden Boat magazine a few years back, and warranted a significant article in the mag as well.  Goes like a robber's dog with (from memory) a Toyota diesel out of a van.  And it's trailerable (just).

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