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I have a mooring closer to the HMB marina extension area.  (Catamaran next to the Trimaran in Island Time's photo).  I've been looking for information about the effects on mooring holders from the extensions and can't seem to find anything published.  Mooring holders were apparently given an opportunity to contest the resource consent application but no issues were formally raised (Can't remember where I read that).


I've asked the council/harbourmaster for some information and will pass that on when I hear back.

Thanks NZ Tiger. Would be interested to hear what you find out.

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When you go into https://geomapspublic.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/viewer/index.html you can select a different theme. Choose Environment then in the sidebar select Legend then check the boxes for Marine Moorings and Marine Moorings (with labels). 


I don't see why they can't put you back where you should have been and relocate those others that they have squeezed in to where you should have rightly been. They should have known from their information that there should have been a mooring there with a boat on it.


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I've had a reply from Bruce Goff, Maritime Officer at the Harbourmaster's Office:


With respect to moorings in the Little Bucklands Beach mooring zone, you may be aware that  HMB Marina have a  consent to extend the marina and as such  there are a number of moorings that  are effected by the  project and will need to be resited.  Along with  this work is also a project  where  a small number of moorings  currently lay outside the mooring  zone and these mooring owners are also been contacted  and advised  about the need for moorings to be positioned within the mooring  zone.   Attached is  a  map identifying  the mooring zone and marina zone.  Last week a number of moorings were  repositioned by the mooring contractor, our office is awaiting the  mooring inspection reports to  update the GIS  mooring chart.  I hope this clarifies the situation with regards to moorings  in Little Bucklands Beach. If you require any further information please do not hesitate in contacting me.


He also provided the attached diagram with the marina extension overlay.  Bruce is also happy for anyone to contact him with any queries and his email address is Bruce.Goff@at.govt.nz



LB Moorings.JPG

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