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Summer plans?

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On 27/12/2020 at 10:25 AM, chariot said:

Your destinations for early Jan would require your boat to be just as prepared as a trip up to the BOI. Barrier and Mercs are not to be taken lightly. Colville chanel is as bad as anything you will get going north.

As it happened, yeah, kinda.

Good trip.  Motored Wairoa River to about 8km northwest of Channel Island in flat calm on Thursday very early morning (had to leave just before the 2am tide).  Me with a head cold, Jos velcro-ed to the tiller, I prised her off after the turn and motor-sailed the rest of the way to Tryphena.

Next day we pottered in a rainy morning and after about 2pm we picked up some diesel and then headed to Port Charles under sail in a moderate breeze and easy seas.

Return was last Wednesday morning.  A good westerly up the chuff with 1.5m seas, we opted to reef the main once as winds were set to rise - they didn't.   We came around the top just losing ground to a 30-ish foot cruising cat of some description that we had watched coming north up the coast under a spinnaker.  Dead air as we passed Port Jackson and then a pleasant sail down to Man o War Bay.

Made more pleasant by the Man o War winery cafe, a swim, a visit to Stoney Batter and the afternoon of the following day on Pakatoa.

Casualties of the trip were: the new pressure water system - something let go and 100l of water went into the bilge - haven't investigated but probably a hose clip failure and we had 40l in two jerrys so no suffering going on; rear main oil seal on the Yanmar has started to leak - not bad yet but an engine-out job when it gets done; Mazwell RC8 anchor winch seems to have parted company between the gearbox and the output shaft - the shaft is held by a circlip so I am hoping thats an easy fix; toilet pump stopped supplying seawater but fortunately kept clearing the pan!  A rebuild kit for the TMC unit I hope will fix that. 

We determined that a fridge is required so an Isotherm unit is about to be fitted to the existing icebox.

Lots learnt about sail set-up and handling and a great few days investigating around Port Charles - a lovely and remote feeling bit of the coast.

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