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  1. Angle them so they are not facing each other. When i get some time I'm going to either make a louvered front for them, or make a box for the existing holes that points the speaker's down the cockpit. Louvres take up less space, box will be more effective.
  2. Yeah - its all fine except that the two speakers face each other across the cockpit. If you sit exactly between them its like headphones. Anywhere outside that sweetspot its either silence or some degree of frequency cancellation.
  3. yup - that's what will be happening. The software shutdown will trigger a GPIO pin to go high, that triggers the switching board that then turns the power off, a simple momentary N/O switch triggers the board to restart.
  4. It's Boxing Day! This is the bit I find hardest - laying out the components and making a decision on an enclosure. I've taken 3 years or more to do it with valve amps I build, this one was relatively quick. It was going to be i na fancy perspex enclosure with backlighting and chrome. In the end its in a $4.95 Sistema sandwich box. The layout is pretty straightforward. Your main constraints are where all the ports are on the boards you have. Make sure that getting to the RPi's microSD card is easy, and keep the IMU as far from power wiring as possible (it affects the compass).
  5. Older fusion head unit feeds two very poorly placed speakers in the cockpit (hint to anyone setting these things up - do not put a speaker each side of the cockpit facing each other, noise cancellation is a thing). So old its running an AUX cord set-up. No Bluetooth. Using the RCA-out from the Fusion head unit to feed a little 25w D Class amp that powers two small speakers from a Sony 5.1 surround system, bought for $5 from the local Red Cross shop. These are at the front end of the saloon in each corner facing the length of the saloon. Corner placement emphasises what little bass resp
  6. Ex- RNZYS according to its transom. Any comments or history please. PM me if its sensitive. Cheers
  7. meanwhile, in the Hauraki Gulf.... Not us (wish I was that young!) but a clip from a Spencer for sale advert on TM atm.
  8. sh*t it doesnt take an anchor winch for Jos to wind me up...
  9. either. I was at Panmure HS earlier this year, so now I'm comparison shopping
  10. I'm considering joining largely for access to yard facilities. Any advice or comments welcome.
  11. tie everything down inside and out, position the yacht about 3/4 of the mast length off a nearby jetty or wharf, securely anchor bow and stern so the yacht can't move sideways, run the halyard over to the jetty and tie it off securely, then get on your halyard winch and perform a pull-down test. Watch out for tide movement if you are there a while... I hate heights. And yeah, never trust a piece of hardware that is not rated to save your life.
  12. I'd politely enquire with the Harbourmaster as to the legality of the arrangement. If you just take it there is a risk that you are forced to vacate unless the entire arrangement is sound.
  13. the reality is it is a relatively limited area that is restricted speed, and for anything else you may have to alter course, or slow slightly to let them pass around or in front of you. Yes there may be times when an animal decides ot attach itself to you, but I'm not figuring its that frequent, especially with a range of targets.
  14. looking very rough. It would be a real labour of love
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