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  1. I'd recommend trying it on the tablet and,if you like it but find the physical effects (esp eye strain) offputting, invest in a proper e-reader. Also recommend Audble (spoken books). Its a subscription service a bit like Netflix, but huge range of products and no eye strain!
  2. +1 for this. I use it on snow sport gear (ours gets thrashed in a normal season, not so much this year ) I have a 30-ish year old Oliphant Gortex shell jacket that has been my go-to for pretty much every weekend over that time and a nikwaxing at the start of any season has always held up. If it holds up against rain in the Ruapehu snow environment, it'll hold up anywhere!
  3. https://www.rnz.co.nz/national/programmes/sunday/audio/2018811998/calling-home-colin-macrae-in-panama
  4. One older with brass body. (left in the image) The mounting base has been cut at an angle to fit a particular location and would need a block machined to fit under it so it will sit flat. Other than that, it works great - I've had it apart and serviced it. Some minor seepage from the gland seal, but nothing major. One newer with plastic body (right in image). Also been apart and serviced, no scoring in the body and it works great. Again, minor seepage from the gland seal, but nothing major. I pulled these from Stepping Out and replaced them with a noisy pressure system. Probabl
  5. OK, struggle for an elderly guy used to working on a chromebook, but finally I have the boat computer up and running. In the box there is a Raspberry Pi 4B, a four-port powered USB 3.0 hub, and two 12v to 5v 3A power supply boards with USB outputs. Outside the box, a wired keyboard, wired mouse and wired GPS - all USB devices. A 12vdc 3A wallwart power supply is running the box atm, on the boat it will get a switched 12v supply. On the boat, it will connect ot an HDMI screen, but for set-up I'm running it headless through VNC server/client freeware. Not bad headless on the lapto
  6. ^quick bum scrape and then back in on the next tide.
  7. @madyottie iirc you are in north Wiakato area? Call Jeremy on 021 338 556. He grit-blasted our yacht and then several others at Panmure earlier this year. Nice guy. All different substrates (ply, GRP, ali) everyone happy with the outcome. He does agricultural soda and grit blasting in Waikato so should be able to help you out with advice.
  8. Came with a diesel heater kit but I didn't need it, so brand new. It has all the fitting screws etc inside it. Measures 40cm x 40cm x 8cm, filler neck stands an additional 6cm in both directions. $20 plus freight and its yours. Contactless pickup available in Papakura
  9. The black double braid stuff. Good condition, was on our mooring when we took it over but replaced it immediately with 16mm. No frays or cover damage, been through a fresh-water rinse when we took them off. $50 plus freight takes them away - contactless pickup available in Papakura
  10. Tried making brioche a few days ago. Ended up with sweet scones.
  11. need a sad face emoji. Best wishes for the clean-up - kinda like thoughts and prayers, but you get the drift.
  12. you can sail there from Kumeu atm
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