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  1. Did pretty much exactly that on a cabin top repair. Not sure I'd taper the inside - nothing is likely to force the plug outward.
  2. Is that one of the newfangled underwater power winch thingees? Or a pull starter?
  3. My guess is that the council was misled by office holders and employees. By and large councils and govts do not lie in NZ - its too easy to uncover the facts and you look like a dick. And your legal counsel are not big fans of being misled either because they also do not want to look like a dick. Not sure who said it, but it tends to be true - never put down to malice what can be explained by incompetence.
  4. the audio of the interview is worth the bandwidth to listen to.
  5. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/473161/america-s-cup-veterans-resign-from-royal-nz-yacht-squadron-over-barcelona-move
  6. I'm required to maintain my car with a Warrant of Fitness to ensure its "safe" and "roadworthy". I could do it myself if the council provided suitable workshop facilities, but there is literally nowhere for me to do this! Its appalling. I'll probably have to sell the car.
  7. It was what I meant but it wasn't what the article meant! The perils of speed reading between tasks. Thanks for raising my attention to it. @Kevin - perhaps I need some remedial communications training!
  8. risk assessment. It's not put forward in the article as a complete and foolproof solution. Its put forward as a reasonable solution in specific conditions and considering all other hazards. Its your call Kevin - you can choose to do it or not do it. I just looked at it and thought "that's an approach I would not have considered." I'm guessing that if you are on your ear and taking on water in a howling onshore and 300m off a rocky beach, the question of what happens in the event that your manually activated jacket spontaneously inflates under your hastily donned hard jacket is som
  9. Great article. Puts the pros and cons and (to my untrained eye) makes valid conclusions based on circumstances, usage type etc. Interesting point early on about using a fixed bouyancy jacket OVER an inflatable when doing a controlled evacuation. That make sense to me.
  10. They do it because it approximates the ability to pay and it is administratively expedient to use fixed measures to set price points. There are many examples of seemingly illogical or usurious pricing in private commerce. Airline tickets and hotel rooms are classic cases in point. Uber taxi fares. Charge rates for plumbers. Sky TV sport channels. None of these businesses have directors that get voted in or out by the public every three years, so they effectively answer to no-one. /threadjacking
  11. The old car truism is that you can have cheap, fast and good - pick any two. I'm guessing it holds true here too. we have a 130W system utilising the 20A version of this controller from this supplier. Fit and forget. Reasonably programmable as long as you don't have some weird multi-chemistry battery bank.
  12. New AC racing class. The submarine series
  13. You must be stoked - that looks stunning. Divorces are cheap compared to boats, so keep the focus where it belongs!
  14. $220/tonne plus cost of transportation Hours & Prices (wastedisposalservices.co.nz)
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