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  1. without wanting to be seen supporting bush lawyer attempts, here is the relevant part of the act. Note that the actual documents required are at the discretion of the Chief Executive of Customs. They are made effective by regulations or by rules set by the Chief Executive who has wide discretion under the Act in setting the rules. I suspect the thinking around insurance for arriving private craft from other jurisdictions is that they have contributed nada to the NZ tax base and uninsured craft have historically cost the country through search and rescue, disposal, and other actions
  2. https://www.customs.govt.nz/covid-19/maritime-border/recreational-vessels-yachts-and-small-craft/
  3. considering a new boat more suited to the Auckland conditions, maybe a live aboard. Anyone crewed on this design before?
  4. Like Harry, we are fine out here in deepest Papakura. We haven't been down to see how the boat is. We probably should, but no phone calls from the caretaker, so we are assuming everything is ok. I'm guessing the Clevedon flats are waterlogged and the river is flowing hard, but we are behind a catamaran on the poles so anything damaging will take out them first!
  5. looks like the donor parts formed the majority of a milking machine manifold!
  6. you could have sailed a keeler up Old Station Road in Kumeu this afternoon...
  7. Cheers Zoz - not exactly what I wanted to see on Monday morning at the office, but nice to know that you are enjoying it!
  8. Yes, I have a hammock with the spinnaker pole in mind...
  9. Pole is carbon, feels less than 10kg all up, so weight is negligible.
  10. Our spinnaker pole is stored in cradles on the side deck. Kinda ok but kinda gets in the way as well. I have seen them stored vertically on the mast and that looks convenient - is it?
  11. An excellent outcome all round then
  12. looking for 2.4m of it if you have some lying around doing nothing and wanting to be exchanged for cash, beer, rum....
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