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  1. It would be about 2 hours of an engineers time to inspect and decide if the item is repairable or not. A lot cheaper than 5k, and the unit has to be removed anyway...
  2. thats pretty inspiring stuff!
  3. Rock a lava lava. Bring it right in there!
  4. If you are in Florida, you should fit right in
  5. no, valuable and considered input to discussion of a multi-factorial problem. Thanks.
  6. If its a desert, how do five guys catch 350 snapper in a day? Not that I disagree with your basic position, but it seems we are in short supply of hard data and unbiased analysis while the anecdotal evidence swings wildly between tales of a scorched earth situation and tales of crazy-excessive catches.
  7. Not a Chico owner but good to hear that work is progressing on Auriga. Where is she now?
  8. It will also glow dimly if there is a large voltage drop in the circuit between the bulb and the alternator. Either way, it's probably a auto sparkie thing.
  9. How bright? A failed exciter diode (inside hte alternator) would cause the light to illuminate, but not a full brightness. The alternator will still charge, just to to spec output.
  10. I'm riffing on Wheel's spelling of Wharehouse. Kinda like doodling on your notepad whilst listening to the hold music in the endless queue of people attempting to speak to a major retailer
  11. Rudolph rides again... Note the builders bog soaking up water and various other atrocities. Total waste of effort imo unless you are looking for a Viking funeral pyre
  12. Yeah, not strictly legal, but when servicing costs half the price of replacement, needs must. If you have never done any gas work before I strongly recommend passing this job to the professionals. Our Eno two burner stopped burning on one ring. It would light, but wouldn't stay alight. Simple eh - replace the thermocouple. So I ordered one from the friendly team at fridgetech and set about replacing it. This requires removing the aluminium alloy burner from the body of the stove. Being French, the burner is held in place by stainless steel cheese head machine screws which, a
  13. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/man-in-poorly-inflated-dinghy-safely-escorted-to-1-yacht-he-got-on-trade-me/ZPMKU2MW6XB6RSA5K26QXOTYTM/
  14. Another little project going on is the adjustable sheet leads for the Genoa. I posted in the tech area on the 3mm dyneema that will be the adjusting line for these. It looks like I'll be able to run a 3:1 purchase through these low friction rings. That will be controlled by a 2:1 purchase set up in normal blocks with cam cleats and 6mm braid. The low friction rings are 50mm diameter, 10mm cross section and weigh 33g on our electronic kitchen scales. Through AliExpress they landed on my doorstep for $6.70 each ( I got 6 of them). They are rated to 22kn, and will take a far higher
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