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  1. tauranga harbour is pretty shallow everywhere. Consider actual draft. A bilge keeler would suit there really well. Jon has said it first - survey. you will need one for insurance anyway, and you will need insurance for a marina berth or a mooring. For a cheap as chips option, Raven 26. Lots of other choices though.
  2. Ok, turns out Blackwood's carry gland packing and it comes in standard engineering dollar pricing, not boat dollars. You even get your work discount. I did find it on AliExpress at about 20% of the NZ retail price, but the 20 day delivery made it unworkable.
  3. Is that a lead acid battery filled with seawater?
  4. I have thick skin, no apology necessary! Send photos once it's done.
  5. I share the concerns above about potential damage to the shaft from both the design and operator error. The clamping force required on the shaft would be quite high and scoring the shaft is almost assured.
  6. I'd use a mechanical disc brake setup of a mountain bike - not a hydraulic one. Mechanical because the cable can be any length, cheap and easy, could even conceivably be linked to the throttle/gear linkage so it automatically engages in neutral position. Tons of old mountain bikes with all necessary parts cheap as chips on trademe or at your local recycling centre.
  7. Photo is after I'd wiped it clean. It has had about 500g of grease in the last 20 hours of running - there is no shortage of grease! Blackwood Engineering had the packing, so I am going to learn how to repack the seals this evening with a chopping board and a sharp razor blade.
  8. Thanks K. I'm not inclined to double the value of SO by lashing out on dripless seals, so I will be rebuilding this system. If it was just a bit I'd be ok but it's about a litre an hour of run time and slowly getting worse.
  9. Yeah, a very nice old brass item, but a 1/4 turn goes nowhere and it still bleeds saltwater furiously...
  10. Leaking profusely. Steady dribble into the bilge under all conditions except stationary. Tried tightening it, no significant change. Pulled it off today. I have no idea what it should look like, so experienced viewers are welcome to comment. Shaft looks fine. No grooves or obvious wear.
  11. Classic CD. There is no 20 minute job that can't become 12 hours with a bit of poor design foresight
  12. This weekend coming. Hopefully achieve a bit of keel fairing then antifoul....
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