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  1. neither strong enough to withstand a pounding by waves etc
  2. this makes wind generators sound good...
  3. Possibly. People are, after all, a part of the global economy
  4. with a global economy comes global impacts
  5. so a sushi empire is out of the question then.
  6. this is the nub of it for me. Apochrophal miscreant aquarium owners notwithstanding, the problem is now one of post-hoc management. Anchoring bans are simply a part of that management.
  7. Thanks K 1) Perhaps I misconstrued your message. Accepted - thanks for hte clarification, and please accept an apology. 2) MPI has said it is possible / probable. Thats not blame, its asserting a hypothesis. It's a realistic hypothesis, as is tidal drift etc. 3) There is no hard evidence for anything about it except for its existance (and its spread through tidal movement). It could have come from a number of sources, some more likely than others. Thats doesn't mean boats are not the cause, nor does it mean they are the main cause - the fact is, no-one knows at this point.
  8. Seeing as you went there. You've set out a series of unsubstantiated diatribes attacking the integrity and competence of a range of govt and local officials. You claim private enterprise would do it better. None of those claims have any evidence, they are just rambling assertions. This is a pretty common approach in the lunatic fringe conspiracy market. Which doesn't mean I think you are a lunatic, or fringe, or a conspiracist. It's likely that MPI's approach has not been optimal and plenty of recreational boaties are feeling set upon with facilities disappearing and complian
  9. Hiya K I haven't seen any pilloring, care to point it out? I haven't seen any evidence the caulerpa in the NZ wild is an aquarium type (information I've read says there are two aquarium varieties, and a different variety in the wild in NZ). Anchoring is banned because it disturbs and distributes the weed. Afaik, no international shipping has anchored at the Barrier, only recreational boats. So yeah, boaties are a vector that has to be considered and controlled (possibly the only one that can be controlled) while control is still the approach. No control is absolute, so it is
  10. this runs at the level of paranoia seen in various other conspiracy theories. You'll be burning effagies on the steps of Parliament next. Commercial shipping and others can be addressed directly - its a pretty small group, easily identified and well controlled. Recreational boats, not so much. The various statements from Regional Councils, MPI etc to "boaties" (a broad church that covers everyone from the owner of a 4m tinny to the Gin Palace brigade) are communications to the largest un-unified group. That group is largely ignorant of the biology, the risks and the methods of con
  11. They appear to be pressed in. Most larger auto electrical workshop should be able to do this
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