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  1. I drink other people's wine - its better than both of ours!!!
  2. Actually, up against the others it prices in ok - $900USD converts to around $1350NZD plus freight plus GST so not excessively more at less than $2k all up for their "standard" unit. Still expensive, but in reality its only 5 tanks of petrol in the car more than the others isn't it. Or 20 bottles of wine.
  3. Spencer Saraband, tiller steering. Very light on the helm for its 3.75t, 10m size. Probably looking at a simple, one-piece, stand-alone unit - we are not crossing oceans here. Predominantly two of us on board. Simplicity and longevity/reliablity are the two key parameters. I'm going to assume any unit on the market is accurate, and not a power hog. Raymarine? Simrad? Someone else? Advice and added considerations please.
  4. Mounting blocks cut out of some unidentified hardwood, fairleads procured to take 18mm lines, now the weekend to fit them. I'm proposing to shape, then epoxy glue and screw the blocks to the deck and toerail inside, then cove, then paint feel free to correct me. It's freaking hard work this sailing lark...
  5. And there is the rub. Having sold the yacht, our hypothetical sailor is pretty much limited to returning to the UK on commercial flights. If the govt of the day restricts seat numbers inbound (as we have) the effect is the same regardless of the citizen's rights. - they join a queue of people trying to book a seat. I understand the PM has sent this specific situation back to the MoH for a closer look. She definitely will not want to get involved as decisionmaker but has likely given some "direction and guidance" to MoH. Kindly, of course.
  6. Hire a NZ crew to fly up (or sail up) and bring it back.
  7. This specific family probably could Fogg, yes. At the moment. If the UK goes to the NZ or Aussie model and significantly constrains inbound travel, that may change. And that is the presenting problem. Literally nowhere is able to give certainty about how they will treat their border during COVID.
  8. One of the key issues for the govt may be the exit options for anyone entering NZ. Ths is where the cruising fraternity run foul. Anyone entering on a specific purposes work visa HAS to have a statement from the employer guaranteeing return or repatriation at the end of the visa. I know - I write them. Fruit pickers, russian fishers, american AC sailors, strippers and CEOs all have to have a repatriation guarantee. Visitor visa holders do not. It has just been assumed that they will go. Currently, that cannot be assumed since there may well be nowhere for them to go. This espec
  9. Black smoke is good. White smoke is bad.
  10. this should be in the canal boating forum shouldn't it? 不不不不不
  11. ah! Thats sooo good! The casually doing 75 to 80mph in a mahogany canoe with a diesel outboard strapped to it ! I travelled in Thailand in 1989 coming back from the UK. In those days Ko Samui was a sleepy little island very few people went to. We caught a longtail out across the bay from the mainland to the island. Great fun. In those days they were powered by Nissan 4 or 6 cylinder SD diesels. I don't think we had any safety gear apart from jandals...
  12. We have Stepping Out in part because my FIL built 2 Spencers, a Sabre design "Claymore" and then the 45 footer Sirius, first of that design. Apparently Sirius is still afloat somewhere in the Tamaki River. John built Sirius specifically for ocean racing in the South Pacific. Basically a surfboard with a keel and a mast.
  13. Good thing I haven't cut the tails yet eh! Its too bloody hard on the hands for full time work for an old fella, but good fun as an amateur. I've got to put a mid-line eye in one of them so that will be a real test!
  14. The former, which ours currently is. I'm pretty confident the balance is right because there is a small but vocal minority saying the boarder should be opened wider, while an equally sized minority say it should be closed tighter. The vast majority of people are so unconcerned they are saying nothing.
  15. It's well satisfying doing splices in new lines...
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