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  1. Last time I saw Grand Prix for sale I looked at it thought, I wish.
  2. Riada 2 was probably one of his nicest designs IMO.
  3. When I was in the waterways I always made sure all seacocks were closed. Only engine intake open when leaving. Never had any problems.
  4. Steady on Fogg. I went from a Davidson to a Wright.
  5. Have also owned a Davidson 35, great boats. Great cruising boats and easy for 2 people to handle.
  6. Was owned by Bob Witchman from the Panmure yacht club for several years. He retired to the Bay of Islands. She was stolen off her mooring twice I believe. Second time was located just about ready to round Reanga heading for Aussie. Same guy both times I think but I could be wrong on that point. Bob was a fridgie so she had the best refrigeration system at Panmure. Was probably the most immaculate Cav 32 in NZ when Bob owned her. The toe rail was always so highly varnished you could almost use it as a mirror.
  7. So many people look forward to this race and is the highlight of their year. Be a shame to see it not go ahead. Feel for you guys who are entered.
  8. Don't carry on down to Whitianga because we have these special detection bouys at the harbour entrance that detect Auckland boats. They sound a warning siren and have flashing lights.
  9. You can buy on line from Burnsco. Had some Antifoul delivered to Whitianga a couple of weeks ago. That is if Courier deliveries allowed in the Super City.
  10. This is why i suggested historical use. Doesn't matter if the designer is still alive, as long as the design has a history of successful offshore passages e.g Cav 32, chico 30 and a sackfull of others.
  11. For a lot of older Kiwi designs surely you could argue historical use and provide evidence of successful offshore passages. of a particular design. That is if you are talking to practical people.
  12. Years ago i lent my copy of Perfect Storm to a friend at the PYBC. He and his wife preparing to do a big offshore adventure with no time limit. When he finished reading it and returned it, i asked if his wife had read it. His reply was hell no. If she read that she would never go. Came back 3 years later after completing a full circumnavigation.
  13. i believe the problem is that you can't comply with social distancing rules when on the pontoons. 2M is not possible. That's how it was explained to me down here in Whitianga marina. In saying that, i have been down and run the engine and charged the batteries and not a word was said.
  14. Will have to come up for Lollies memorial at the PYBC
  15. Not long in some cases. Read once of a Sydney to Hobart entrant who lost a new rig. The cause of rig failure was due to harmonics.
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