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  1. Have done this race several times and always an awesome weekend. Sunday morning return race can be a bit tough sometimes. Going back a few years all boats were given a bottle of rum and a bottle of Coke, both with no tops on at the Saturday night results party.
  2. Those 2 designs are chalk and cheese.
  3. Surge into Whitianga last night has moved some of the fairway bouys into the harbour and some out of the harbour. All channel bouys to the marina are gone. They are now up harbour amongst the moored boats. Probably wrapped around the moorings. What a mess. Big swell at the moment and tide very high considering that it is nearly low water. Will give the harbour master something to do.
  4. Was in Samoa in 1990 when cyclone Val hit. Radio warnings were for phenomenal seas and try to preserve human life. Sort of puts a different perspective on things. Was glad to get home. Went away on the boat for a week or so when I got back. Had 25/35 kn on the way home. Had to tell the wife it was only a gentle breeze. That didn't go down too well.
  5. Have never gone north without stopping at Whangaruru.
  6. Great Mercury is privately owned so should be up to the owners to dictate conditions. Dickheads end up ruining it for everyone.
  7. 5m for Mercury Bay on Sunday according to Met Service.
  8. Metvuw shows it making direct hit on the North Island East coast.
  9. Looks like we may get a bit of a blow this weekend. 3 to 4 m swell predicted for Mercury Bay. Just as well I got plenty of fish on Monday.
  10. Just use plastic folders as IT does but store in purpose built chart storage rack.
  11. Had the same thing a week or so ago at Great Merc. Turkey turns up in big new gin palace, slides tender out of stern locker , puts dog in dinghy and takes it ashore for a stroll and crap. This is at a crowded Peachgrove bay. Was going to give him a Billy Graham but he must have seen the way I was eyeballing him and gave me a wide berth on the way back out. Not long after he picked up the pick and left. A....hole.
  12. No need for the cleats. Use the top of the winch drum, that's what it's designed for.
  13. What's it like up there now. Our son was heading home this arvo to Pine Harbour.
  14. That's funny because I was wondering where the hell Oranga Bay was. Always known it as Shark Bay. My daughter always wanted to know why it was called Shark Bay,. Could never think of a good story to tell her.
  15. Sounds like Bon Accord is very full.
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