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  1. I still have the skeg on my Lotus 9.2 but the trailing edge of the rudder is plumb and find it makes it easy to reverse and provides a balanced rudder.
  2. Think you need a quite word in the handicappers ear.
  3. Good boats. Used to be forward hand on Club Fed years ago. They love going up hill.
  4. Perhaps they should drop the TNZ name and rebrand as Team Dalton.
  5. Your Bro could do a lot worse than a Lotus 9.2.
  6. As above. Parts for my 2003 model became an issue, hence the decision to repower.
  7. Looks like more crap later this weekend. Just took a spin up the harbour to run the engine and tickle up the batteries and that's about it for the weekend. Baby sitting the rest of the weekend.
  8. Had an R26 for 13 years. Great 1st boat. Get it surveyed by a reputable marine surveyor.
  9. chariot

    E5.9 Regatta

    Just shows what a stunning place Mercury Bay is and what a great facility the Whitianga marina is.
  10. You guys did a fantastic job of running that event. Sounds like they all want to come back.
  11. Very rugged down in Whitianga, lucky we got the last 5 races of the Elliot 5.9 nationals in yesterday mornring
  12. +1 for the Waeco. I have a CFX 35 and it's great.
  13. chariot

    E5.9 Regatta

    Iv'e been down in the Wairarapa so wasn't totaly aware of what was going on. Happy to help, what do you have in mind?
  14. chariot

    E5.9 Regatta

    Is there an E 5.9 regatta down in Whitianga this weekend?
  15. chariot

    35 Footers

    Regarding the 9.2 Lotus, the cockpit is a lot narrower than the 10.6 and allows for you to brace your legs against the leward cockpit sets. Not that much slower upwind than a 10.6. What about a Davidson 35?
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