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  1. Don't think the Mercury Bay Game Fish club have any influence on the Mercs. As far as i know, Faye and Richwhite still own Great Merc. They still had the new year bash there last year, but nothing like it used to be.
  2. I think the Mercs are now a clean your anchor and attachments as you lift. I know a lot of people are still anchoring on the northern side. South side not an issue.
  3. Mercs are another option. Then again, that could be crowded with large part of Barrier out of bounds.
  4. I have always admired the lines of the Chico 30. Great little boats and extremely capable. When we bought our Cav 32, it was a toss up between a Chico or the Cav. Both very good boats.
  5. chariot


    Been past it this morning. Can't see a thing. All submerged.
  6. Another 1 on C Pier, Pine Harbour. The name escapes me. Maybe you shouldn't have sold Bittersweet.
  7. Good to see the new owner of my old boat do well last weekend. 2nd in the cruising division.
  8. Was in a partnership boat once. Worked well because he used to go skiing in the Northern hemisphere every northern winter which worked well for me.
  9. I used a hardwood stain and applied with a brush. Found it lasted 2 years. I just masked up the deck and did it all in place.
  10. I found using a stain that next time I didn't need to sand back, just went straight over the top and it was fine.
  11. I used Quila stain. Looks good and lasted 2 years. No sanding, just put it straight on and it looks great. When you need to recoat in a couple of years there is no prep work, just put it straight on. Obviously you would have to sound for first coat.
  12. $6.50 a pint at our clubs. $9.50 at the pubs.
  13. I think Zozza, you will find a lot of launch owners are retired yacht owners that are no longer as mobile as they once were and have gone the launch way. Then there are those that have both. Not good to generalise.
  14. I think I would feel the same as you. Down here in Mercury Bay there have been some very large logs come down the harbour and out to sea. I know you are on the other side of the Coromandel but I would still feel uneasy.
  15. Metservice are saying it may go as low as 960.
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