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  1. Was in a partnership boat once. Worked well because he used to go skiing in the Northern hemisphere every northern winter which worked well for me.
  2. I used a hardwood stain and applied with a brush. Found it lasted 2 years. I just masked up the deck and did it all in place.
  3. I found using a stain that next time I didn't need to sand back, just went straight over the top and it was fine.
  4. I used Quila stain. Looks good and lasted 2 years. No sanding, just put it straight on and it looks great. When you need to recoat in a couple of years there is no prep work, just put it straight on. Obviously you would have to sound for first coat.
  5. $6.50 a pint at our clubs. $9.50 at the pubs.
  6. I think Zozza, you will find a lot of launch owners are retired yacht owners that are no longer as mobile as they once were and have gone the launch way. Then there are those that have both. Not good to generalise.
  7. I think I would feel the same as you. Down here in Mercury Bay there have been some very large logs come down the harbour and out to sea. I know you are on the other side of the Coromandel but I would still feel uneasy.
  8. Metservice are saying it may go as low as 960.
  9. Can't imagine why anyone would be there. It's not as if we didn't get a warning.
  10. A bit wet in Whitianga now with a lot of surface water, not as much wind. A lot of emergency response sirens all morning.
  11. Plenty of wind and rain in Whitianga. Bit of a wild night last night. DP will know how fresh it was down on the water.
  12. I'm with BP. Get up to the bay. A lot more options. Definitely not Whangamumu.
  13. Repower on 30ftr approx $25k. Thats a new engine including install.
  14. Wouldn't agree to having a boat builder do the survey unless they are a registered surveyor as well otherwise the insurance company won't accept their report. Have to have all the appropriate checklists from registered surveyor. Can be just for insurance purposes or a full survey which costs more $.
  15. chariot

    Birdsall Plans

    Johnson was a plumber. May have dabbled in yacht design. Beau was his brother. When I meet Johnson, he was sailing a Beau designed yacht but that was back in 1990. We were both working up in Western Samoa building the new Aussie diplomatic residences. Both of us were pissed off not being out on the Hauraki Gulf for Anniversary weekend.
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