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  1. After Simply The Best he said there was only one way to go and that was the dark side to get better performance. Did a 2 handed around the Gulf with him once. Trouble was he sailed the race the night before the start, had it all planed. Conditions on start line were a lot different to what he had bargained for. Always had a good laugh when Gary was around.
  2. Had a 25hp Izuzu in ours with 2 blade folder. Was a good setup but the V-drive was not so good. Could still do 6kn upwind in a good breeze. Sorry if my last post offended you AV10. All to their own I guess. Lighten up fella.
  3. That Cav was once owned by Ken Feder who later owned a Farr 38 which he named Club Fed. He sold the Farr to Gary Best who sold it and bought the Elliot 13 Simply the Best. How's that for a lot of useless information.
  4. I lent Glenn the book perfect storm about that infamous Sydney to Hobart race. When he returned it I asked if he let Judy read it. He said christ no, if I did that we would never go. Another story about that boat. When thinking of going offshore they decided to maybe sell the Choco 30 and get something a bit bigger, namely a Chico 35. Candidus was advertised and a very keen buyer had been in contact with them. Glenn had arranged for an open boat day at the PYBC wharf but he ended up having to work that day so left Judy to do the sales pitch. Prospective buyer arrives but meanwhile Ju
  5. Wheel steering is a waste of time as the cockpit is too small. We had the small rig on ours but a bigger main with the roach clipping the backstay. Also had a full hoist battened No 2 made by Steve Trevursa. Full hoist made a big difference.
  6. There used to be a Raven 26 called Pac Man. Don't know if is still has the same name.
  7. Yep. I know a guy who has just put a new tinny in the water. Paid just over 200k.
  8. That is exactly why I have a minimum of 100mm between the spreader and the genoa leach. Any less stalls the boat big time.
  9. On our 9.2 that equates to about 100mm off the spreader when hard on. A bit more in the light.
  10. Only good point is that Vantage is a good looking Kiwi design.
  11. The only winner is Dalts wallet.
  12. Have you thought about a Lotus 9.2. Just as much volume and a little more performance.
  13. Yes it sure is easy with small kids like his. When he was little him and his sister were dragged all over the northland coast and Barrier in a Raven 26.
  14. Boat name is Mystras. I'll whisper this, it's a small Riv. Just had a call from him. Says the N/west breeze saved him as he is just about directly opposite.
  15. Looks like D pier. Our son has his boat on E pier about the same distance out. Haven't heard from him so must be all right. Think he was in Rockie bay a couple of weeks ago with you Young Entertainer.
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