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  1. chariot

    Birdsall Plans

    Johnson was a plumber. May have dabbled in yacht design. Beau was his brother. When I meet Johnson, he was sailing a Beau designed yacht but that was back in 1990. We were both working up in Western Samoa building the new Aussie diplomatic residences. Both of us were pissed off not being out on the Hauraki Gulf for Anniversary weekend.
  2. That wouldn't be an old soft bottom Aquapro would it? Had all the handles fall off mine and then the transom nearly fell off with the o/b still attached. They were being made in China for a while. Bought a locally made Aquapro rigid bottom and was fantastic.
  3. The new maps on Metvuw show the next depression running straight over the North Island next Tuesday/Wednesday. Lots of rain and a barometric pressure of only 984. I can't see the point in heading out into that.
  4. Looking at Metvuw, I don't know why you would bother heading away on Wednesday. Only a small window then the next system arrives and it's a real humdinger.
  5. It is on the vendor to provide a personal written guarantee that there are no encumbrances on the vessel. Then he becomes liable if it turns to custard.
  6. I was talking to a couple of guys a few months back who were diving in Whitianga marina to see if the any of the weed had been transported into Whitianga. I mentioned that it would have arrived at the Mercs from the Barrier by means of wind and currents. They agreed with me but said they are still going to try and stop the spread. Good luck with that.
  7. I have since sold the boat so am working on memory. I take it that you have a shaft drive. I told the Volvo agent that did the install that I would not accept the amount of vibration so they changed the mounts from the factory soft mounts to the mounts used on the 50hp. I suspect the mounts used were for a sail drive application but were not appropriate for a shaft drive.
  8. My immediate reaction to that D35 was what's wrong. Having owned one some time ago, hold them in high regard.
  9. The only problem I had with my Cav 32 cockpit drains is if you cleaned the cockpit of fish scraps after cleaning up after fishing, the scraps would slowly rot down in the tubes. Used to flush out and use an old heaving line poked down the drains to dislodge the smelly items and dispatch them to where they all came from.
  10. So what's the next boat to be?
  11. chariot

    Stuck tiller?

    Had the bolt break when sailing on my Cav 32. I drilled it out. Much bad language.
  12. I never adhered to the drinking rule when we used to race there. Don't know of anyone that did.
  13. After Simply The Best he said there was only one way to go and that was the dark side to get better performance. Did a 2 handed around the Gulf with him once. Trouble was he sailed the race the night before the start, had it all planed. Conditions on start line were a lot different to what he had bargained for. Always had a good laugh when Gary was around.
  14. Had a 25hp Izuzu in ours with 2 blade folder. Was a good setup but the V-drive was not so good. Could still do 6kn upwind in a good breeze. Sorry if my last post offended you AV10. All to their own I guess. Lighten up fella.
  15. That Cav was once owned by Ken Feder who later owned a Farr 38 which he named Club Fed. He sold the Farr to Gary Best who sold it and bought the Elliot 13 Simply the Best. How's that for a lot of useless information.
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