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Flying Ant 289

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Just for fun.

In my ongoing quest to scan and archive hundreds of old photos I came across a snapshot of Auckland I took from Musick Point in 1977.  In the bottom of the photo there happened to be a Flying Ant, sail number 289.  Attached is an extracted enlargement - but still fuzzy and small.  I may have known who it was at the time, but have no clue now.  I know some others here on Crew used to sail FAs as a kid (as did I).  Anyone recognize the sail number?  My guess is that it was part of the Glendowie fleet which was reasonably strong at the time.

Flying Ant 289.jpg

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That rings bells.  Andrew Taylor.  Could be.

I seem to remember a young Rohan Lord sailing an FA at Howick too, by which time I was in a Starling or maybe a Europe - but that would have been a couple of years later.

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