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  1. I believe it refers to “Dear John…” type letter, that your wife/girlfriend writes you when they leave… This was what explained to me by my friend who owned it 1989/90 (French)
  2. Photos from around 1989 ish
  3. I too looked at Truekit ( made in China), but ended up with a Wild Cat inflatable, almost same as Truekit, but much better price and quick / easy delivery
  4. Sam Holmes Sailing channel The Sailing Brothers channel Both actually feature a lot of sailing without the T and A of other channels
  5. I sold one for $1100 , matching your description, about 6 months ago . Now resides at Parua Bay in Whangarei, may be an idea to contact sailing club up there and see if it’s avail for purchase
  6. Wild Cat also sell these same fridge/freezers (Brass Monkey ) , I have two ( one for camping , one for GBE), very happy with them I know they were selling at Boat Shiw last weekend, but I got mine online
  7. Purchased a yacht 6 summers ago, with an Excel. They are amazing , I’ve never had a moment of worry about it setting and holding tight I’ve been converted to Excel , in fact when we changed yachts recently, it was one of the first things we bought, yes from CRA. great service and products.
  8. He was a nice guy young James we rallied cars at same time as his family, very sad loss in the Motorsport community
  9. Murray I had 276, at GBC . My recall says 289 was from Howick, Taylor’ family ?
  10. You almost gave yourself a New Years bath , after a few (quite a few) wines ...hahaha
  11. Hi Craig message sent on FacePlant
  12. Is the two blade still avail ?
  13. I am looking for 16” 2 blade folding propeller to suit Volvo /Yanmar type Saildrive to buy, thanks
  14. Elliot749


    Yes, around 2-30pm, witnessed by a friends, Te Whatever tacked and then toppled over in a froth Of white water. Out near Motuhie Island. Spectacular and hopefully no one hurt. Righted again within a few minutes aided by chase boats , jib lowered slowly and towed away .. this was his account to me as he watched. No, it’s to April fools day ....
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