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  1. Murray I had 276, at GBC . My recall says 289 was from Howick, Taylor’ family ?
  2. Thirteen years ago I bought a D28, with friends as partners, it was $32k from memory, Yanmar , full GRP, great boat, three trips to Bay of Islands, very safe, capable family boat , with very young kids on board We sold after 5 years use, got $25k I think. Replaced with 1020, which went from $70k to $52k after 5 years similar sailing use . So D28 dropped $7k over that time , 1020 dropped $18k same number of years . My advise, offer $17-19k, remember it’s easy to go “up” , but can’t go down so simply, Money talks, Cash SHOUTS ! As a former D28 owner, I really rate them as saf
  3. You almost gave yourself a New Years bath , after a few (quite a few) wines ...hahaha
  4. Hi Craig message sent on FacePlant
  5. Is the two blade still avail ?
  6. I am looking for 16” 2 blade folding propeller to suit Volvo /Yanmar type Saildrive to buy, thanks
  7. Elliot749


    Yes, around 2-30pm, witnessed by a friends, Te Whatever tacked and then toppled over in a froth Of white water. Out near Motuhie Island. Spectacular and hopefully no one hurt. Righted again within a few minutes aided by chase boats , jib lowered slowly and towed away .. this was his account to me as he watched. No, it’s to April fools day ....
  8. 2. Molesworth is a gem indeed . Cycled Rainbow / Molesworth / Awatere / Taylor’s Pass / Blenheim Feb 2014. Fabulous few days on the MTB.
  9. I’m with you Bad Kitty and Scottie. Def not lonely. She’s a twit
  10. I have always owned in syndicates, (5 keel boats, 3 multis) for the last 30 years , and it suits my pocket well. Never been any issue with a) finding partners, b) keeping syndicate happy, c) changing boats . If I wasn't already involved in several yachts already, then I would have a crack at the R40. Different strokes suit different folks, and Syndicates have been awesome for my family and i
  11. Yes, forget sailing for a while, get back to earning some coin again, and enjoy your health. That will make the next sail/race/cruise/raft up, whenever that may be, feel AMAZING ! Oh, and what about Urban Cowboy for $99k ono. ? Seems to be a good boat, at a fair price. I can't , however, see my wife falling in love with a Ross 40...
  12. Well said Southern Man , the Chill factor is bullshit , as you say , unless you are a civil servant / council worker sucking off tax payer / rate payer. Even the idea of rowing out to moored boat or visiting a marina bound boat and checking it’s all okay would be a great tonic right now.
  13. Add in our Farr 1020, GBE and Hobie 16, I think we'd be still well short. .. still need Lotto, or sell a few of my kids, hmmmmmm
  14. Me too , halves ? ...just checking Lotto ticket now ....
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