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Crew Forum Classified Guidelines- Read This Before Posting

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Crew Forum Classifieds Guidelines
crew.org.nz  provides free classifieds listings for our community. All classifieds listings are for private sales, otherwise buy an advertisement.

When posting your classified listing, include the appropriate Thread type in the title;

  • For Sale
  • For Trade
  • Want To Buy
  • Trademe Auction

For Sale Guidelines
When making a For Sale listing, please include the following three things:

  1. Post pictures of the item(s) you are wishing to sell.
  2. Within the pictures, include something that shows your user name, i.e. a handwritten note and please, no Photoshop.
  3. List prices for each item you are wishing to sell.

For big ticket items such as boats or anything over a few hundred dollars we strongly suggest you practice caveat emptor.

After your item has sold or you have been successful, follow up and let the mods know so we can close and archive your classifieds listing.

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Handy Hint #1, to the right just above the topic list on the main page and in the thread itself  is a follow button which you gives you options to get email notifcations when new items are posted. 


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