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  1. The short version is that we were too late organising it and the Squadron has filled the gap. The crew rum race will be back, but not this year unfortunately.
  2. This is a good conversation and of interest to the local boaties but posts which break site rules will be removed. Anyone engaging in personal attacks will be put in timeout.
  3. Unfortunately due to the number of reported posts this discussion is locked, the final score is Scallops 1 Trolls 0
  4. Editor

    Rum Race

    Regretfully the Crew Rum Race planned for the 22nd will not be going ahead this year. Covid restrictions mean that the heart and soul of the race which is the big party at Richmond YC cannot proceed as usual. The premises are limited to 100 people and we do not want to turn anyone away or make people stay on boats. We trust that 2022 will be "normal" and that we can have a huge event to make up for it. Ed
  5. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/clubs/covid-19-latest-updates More detailed information will be circulated by Sport New Zealand next week as we move into the traffic light system at 11.59pm on December 2 but the main points that relate to sailing and boating are: There are no requirements for physical distancing while playing / participating, meaning keelboat and double-handed sailing is allowed at the Red, Orange and Green settings. You also don’t need to wear a mask when taking part. Yachting and boating clubs can open but will need to consider specific rules for the
  6. Handy Hint #1, to the right just above the topic list on the main page and in the thread itself is a follow button which you gives you options to get email notifcations when new items are posted.
  7. Please go to Yachting New Zealands website for the latest updates and full information on how the Covid-19 regulations affect recreational sailing under the current alert levels. https://www.yachtingnz.org.nz/clubs/covid-19-latest-updates Page updated: November 10, 2021 Update released: November 2, 2021. The situation in New Zealand is changing rapidly, with regular updates and recommendations as we cope with Covid-19, which highlights the importance of clubs planning ahead. Yesterday we saw Northland move to Alert Level 3, today Waikato moved to Alert Level 3, Step 2 and n
  8. HAURAKI GULF The inner starboard hand beacon at the entrance to Puhoi river has been reported as missing WAITEMATA HARBOUR Waitemata - Rangitoto Channel – Mainers are advised that maintenance dredging will be conducted in the shipping lane during the week commencing 19th July. For further information contact Auckland Harbour Control on VHF channel 12. Mariners are advised to exercise caution when navigating in the area. Waitemata - The Henderson Creek no.9 beacon (F.G) Int no. 3838.15 has been reported as unlit.
  9. Lets just say that it wasn't surprise; https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL2103/S00085/on-why-emirates-team-new-zealand-is-a-really-really-bad-look.htm
  10. Editor

    Fiddly Repair

    I'd just cut it off, its not doing anything
  11. Editor

    The Ed's Gallery

  12. HAURAKI GULF The two starboard hand beacons at the entrance to Puhoi river have been reported as missing WAITEMATA HARBOUR Waitemata - The yellow special mark buoy near Chelsea (Fl.Y.5s) has been reported as unlit. Waitemata - The Denis Rock west cardinal beacon (Q(9).W.15s) Int no.3850.2 has been reported as unlit. Waitemata - The Takaparawha Point (Orakei Wharf) outfall beacon has been reported as missing. Waitemata - The Bayswater Marina channel No.5 beacon (Fl.G.4s) Int no.3770.09
  13. A few people have contacted me requesting a forum so that they can tell their boats story. The only rules are the heading must be your boats name, after that it's all yours. We encourage you to use tags, there is a button at the top of the page- Class of boat, Rebuild, etc this makes it easy to search.
  14. Great to see such fantastic interest, well done SSANZ
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