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Kick E1050?

Kick Ass

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IMG_1223_1531222681250.thumb.JPG.4781b76da2c745928fd86175d9a4f3b7.JPG IMG20210525164832.thumb.jpg.5505c043e148e857c91100998ea0821d.jpgKick an Elliott 1050?

Top photo arriving back in NZ in 2018 after leaving for Aus in 2002. She left NZ as a very well maintained boat and returned in a very poor state.

The list of what I haven't done would be alot shorter than what has been done to get her back upto the condition she originally was before leaving NZ.

Bottom photo is of her being re launched earlier this week after her most recent top side repaint to match her deck repaint carried out 18 months ago.


Launched 1994 by Ian Harvey owner of Eagle Yachts who built majority of the 1050's.

Ian couldn't resist putting some personal touches on her, list below:

- Raised and open cockpit IMG_1433.thumb.JPG.04c5ae6fde1c7731a2e3056c6adb974c.JPG - shortened cabin top by 500mm to create larger foredeck and longer cockpit.

- Taller rig by approx 900mm 

- launched with bulb instead of jandal (still same keel installed today)

We cruise her with our young family and also race her through winter with most recently completing the 2020 RNI which would be my most memorable race so far.

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13 hours ago, CarpeDiem said:

I love that cockpit. It looks so functional. 

You posted recently about getting a keel cast. Any progress on that project? 

Thanks, probably is one of my favourite parts of the boat.

No Further with keel mods, have spoken to a few designers and done alot of research but no action yet.

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