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Deep Purple - Shaw 750T

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Started off as a sistership to sportboat Animal Biscuits and was unsold until a chap from Queenstown had a modified Elliott7 trashed in the trailer compound. He asked Craig Partridge and Rob Shaw if they could modify the design to be trailer yacht legal using the rig from the E7 which he sold with it's old rig.

This was done and in 2011 he took her straight from the yard in Kerikeri to Queenstown. Unfortunately the locals didn't like the concept and wouldn't let him play so in 2013 he parked it in his shed until early last year when he decided to sell it

I found out about it in the first lockdown thanks to 44Forty (the original hull plug) and did the deal sight unseen and it was trucked up to me a year ago.

Since then have added a couple of sails plus a couple of bunks and enjoyed this little rocketship. She is so much fun and sails perfectly. We sail against a small fleet in Whitianga but traveled to the SSANZ Triple, Rotoiti, Bayweek, Auckland Regatta and done exceptionally well. 


Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 9.16.54 PM.jpeg


IMG_4116 (1).jpeg





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