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Wellington racing mark GPS positions

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10 hours ago, splashprincess said:

That would be on the assumption that there are permanent marks currently in place ... there's not many buoys left in the water at the moment. Or were you meaning the really permanent ones like Number One Leading Light? 

Just the spherical yellow racing ones.  The really permanent ones are already on the chart.  

If there's nothing around I'll just approximately put them in.  The main diagram with them all on that all the clubs use is reasonable okay to go off.   

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The buoys Port Nic and Lowry Bay use are bright pink (well they start off that way and fade in the UV to an pale orangey colour!) A lot of them have broken away and are in the process of being replaced and relaid. For Port Nic race days temporary yellow race buoys get laid in the "approximate position" of where the permanent ones would be. 


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