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  1. A good number of them at Evans Bay in Wellington and are pretty active in the TY fleet there.
  2. Just the spherical yellow racing ones. The really permanent ones are already on the chart. If there's nothing around I'll just approximately put them in. The main diagram with them all on that all the clubs use is reasonable okay to go off.
  3. Does anyone know if there's a list of Wellington harbour racing mark positions anywhere? I've been Googling for a while and can't really find anywhere that they're listed.
  4. Did VHB tape around the window opening and a ton of masking tape (maybe 50-60mm wide) around the outline of the outer window. Hot glued a couple of small blocks of wood on top of the masking tape along the bottom of the window so I had something to rest it on and get it lined up (was doing it singlehanded). Spread the MS35 liberally on the cabin side between the VHB tape and the masking tape making sure all the cabin side was well covered. Then just carefully pushed the window on and pressed it down from centre out to the edges to make sure VHB had grabbed and some squeeze out
  5. +1 on the Quilosa MS35 - really easy to use and works well. Just over 2 cartridges to do both sides.
  6. Looking for a couple of experienced crew to race on Panic Knot in Wellington. Boat is a Didi 26 (https://www.dixdesign.com/26didi.htm) and is a fairly simple and quick boat to sail that has some legs if sailed well. Currently at Evans Bay so will be aiming for most of their events as well as some of the RPNYC series as well. PM me if interested
  7. Tucked away safe and sound until next time we’re in the same place to enjoy it (I’m in Wellington and crew are in Auckland) Thanks for giving it to us. Much appreciated and looking forward till next time we meet.
  8. Was a great weekend. We had you spotted on the 44Forty in that vid. Sorry we were pushing it and made you a bit nervous. Great first lap with the sports boats with a few changes of lead on the beat back up the lake. When the breeze got up for the last two laps they had slightly longer legs than us downwind. Lots of wind shifts on the lake - we think we did 30+ gybes over the three laps but some really great runs down the lake locking into the breeze. Had one period of sustained 10 mins just sitting on 11-12kts - magic. Last beat home was tough and we're still sporting a f
  9. @marshy Apparently I got the last two tins from Burnsco last week - sorry! I may have around 1/4 of a tin leftover later this week which your welcome to. I'm in the Wairarapa though so we'd have to figure out how to get it to you.
  10. Also looks like the 3am adjustment has been applied on the Tues morning and not the Mon morning like the rest of them. Someone's got some wires crossed when the put that one in.
  11. Thanks SSANZ for this great shot. Coming into finish for Baltic 2 in second race.
  12. Had a rush over the last month getting the boat ready for the first race since I’ve owned her. Spent the last 2 years replacing the centreboard & rudder as well as tidying up various other bits and pieces. Entering gave us a deadline and provided some focus while keeping the pressure on. Couple of days on the water in the week before and we were as ready as we could be. Got a great start and led the Baltic fleet in a 2-sail reach down to end of Motatapu where we started to catch the tail enders of the start before ours. Some short racking up the eastern side of Motatapu out of the inc
  13. Hi Kiwifish I've now got Panic Knot and busy converting her to a trailer sailor (she was originally kept permanently in the water). Happy to chat or if you want to come and have a look over her she's in Gulf Harbour. PM me for contact details. Cheers Will
  14. See image attached. Ronstan stopped making them a few years back. I need two and managed to find one but need another. I can probably get something made to match easily enough but thought it might be worth asking in case someone's got one lying about spare. Cheers Will
  15. +1 for YouShop. Great service worth using especially for small to medium items (bigger ones the price gets a bit eye-watering)
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