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  1. Yep should be no problems to go up the mast, just preferably when it's not super windy. Ooopps it's Wellington in springtime ... so just pick your day!
  2. For a rigger in Wellington try Josh Hayter at Rigging and Marine NZ: https://www.facebook.com/riggingandmarinenz/ Congrats on purchasing a Stratus 747!
  3. splashprincess


    Sorry not one of mine. Judging from the kites in the background it's not the start or finish which is what I have photos of/from. So I would guess that this is a Live Sail Die photo maybe?
  4. Entries are now open. Click here to enter - https://centraltriangle.org.nz/product/enter-the-race/ or check out the website https://centraltriangle.org.nz for updates and more information. Bring it on!
  5. The buoys Port Nic and Lowry Bay use are bright pink (well they start off that way and fade in the UV to an pale orangey colour!) A lot of them have broken away and are in the process of being replaced and relaid. For Port Nic race days temporary yellow race buoys get laid in the "approximate position" of where the permanent ones would be.
  6. That would be on the assumption that there are permanent marks currently in place ... there's not many buoys left in the water at the moment. Or were you meaning the really permanent ones like Number One Leading Light?
  7. Maybe we should look at a special prize for sailors that complete both the Northern and Central triangles???? They're only a few weeks apart.
  8. Missed out on an entry spot in the Northern Triangle? Don’t despair as there's another exciting event you could enter. Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club and SSANZ are pleased to announce the return of the Central Triangle race in 2022 starting Friday March 4 (a few weeks after the Northern Triangle.) First run as a two handed event in 2013, then as a fully crewed event in 2015, the 2022 event will be a combined fully crewed and two handed inclusive event. For the two handed entrants it’s an ideal qualifier race for RNI 2023 especially for boats south of the Bombays.
  9. Not local (a Norwegian sailing in the North Atlantic) but this guy shoots amazing video: https://www.youtube.com/user/kjolevannspumpe Erik Aanderaa is a solo sailor, and these videos have amazing scenery and are incredibly well filmed and edited. Now I want to go visit the Faroe Islands!
  10. Is your Mr Shopper ex-Welly by chance? Or do I know of someone else that is looking for a Y11???
  11. So far 157 entries, 3 starts and only 2 crew onboard each boat??? Livestream and photos of the start line could be entertaining!
  12. Entries opened today for the 2020 Lewmar Triple Series - first race is July 4th. Enter here. So who is in?
  13. Similarly friends are sailing boat from Antigua back to Portsmouth have just stopped off in Horta to re-fuel. Not allowed ashore but can get fuel and wait out the weather at anchor. One of the few places that they can stop off. Big push at the moment for yachts to get out of the Caribbean before Hurricane season to keep their insurance valid. They also picked up some random crew wanting to head to the UK since flights have stopped in Antigua.
  14. Only the Mark 2 versions of the Noelex 25 have the pop top so look for the later models.
  15. Great to hear that the new SSANZ RIB was put into action - and with great effect. That Neil bloke is pretty handy to have around!
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