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No clue, no experience, bit of money, alot of will

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1 hour ago, aardvarkash10 said:

plausible deniablity - when The Captain asks why something is broken/needs upgrading I can say it was in an expected item, but everything else is ok.

Until the next thing.

You should the disclaimer "At this point in time"

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2 hours ago, aardvarkash10 said:

following up on this point, GET A DAMN SURVEY!!!

If you know nothing about boats, the survey is your own assurance that there are no foreseeable problems lurking.  Yes, it will help with getting insurance, but more to the point it may save you two costs:  The purchase price of a vessel with hidden problems and hte disposal cost of the same.  

I would expect somewhere between 600 and 1k depending on who does it and the survey scope.  In your situation (group buy), I'd get afull structure, rigging and mechancial (engine and drive) survey.  Spread the cost and no finger-pointing afterward.

Sounds like a plan then. From the sounds of it buying a boat in Marlborough is off the cards. I had contacted a surveyor to look at that boat and he gave me a pricing estimate of "length of the boat in meters x my age (73) plus 105 mileage". You marine folk sure are interesting 😂

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I definitely agree on the advice to contact Mariner Insurance.  They were great to deal with when purchasing my boat, and they were even better to deal with recently when some light fingered toe-rag had away with my outboard.. 

Good luck with the purchase.  I hope you'll be putting together an Insta' feed or YouTube channel to share your adventures..





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