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  1. There were no blackberrys growing the car park behind the shops in Panmure leading up to the engineering and Des's shed...but makes a good story.
  2. Walk up the local telephone exchange with a bottle of rum.........worked every time on News Years Day in Hobart in the 70's.
  3. Crikey don't mention "Panuka" here...........KM might rise up out of the dark.
  4. ???? Westport was the bar he crossed I believe.
  5. On the good boat "Wakatere" (Wakatere Boating Club) was set up with a foot button for the horn which allowed 2 hands free for the flags, the boat was very well setup for single handed starting sequences.
  6. How did you know.........by the year and model of the cars?
  7. that's if they can keep their legs from breaking.
  8. "Airstream" caravans out of the States.
  9. WS close to liquidation. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1107783/world-sailing-liquidation-without-ioc
  10. Just sucking the plebes to feed the elite.
  11. At the boat show yesterday....saw a lot of order books been signed. Big crowd walking around buying fishing gear aswell. No I don't buy or paid a deposit on anything. No sailing boats or equipment on show.
  12. and the housing market will collapse as we take off for the world and spend our money.
  13. Partnership, you do the work we take the money.
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