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  1. I think the Emergency services where a bit shell shock after their last attempt of prewarning the public.
  2. In the food and dairy industries for cold water 304 & 316 stainless is used, up to 55 deg C 316 stainless and over 55 deg C 2205 stainless is used. Bit of reading for you. Stainless Steel Stress corrosion information.pdf Wet Corrosion - Stree corrosion cracking.pdf Atlas steel - Stress corrosion and pitting corrosion information.pdf Stainless Grades Corrosion - Atlas Tech handbook.pdf Stainless Grades Corrosion - Corus Tech-Info[1].pdf its amazing what is buried deep in the hard drive.
  3. I doing the Waiheke Coastal Classic on Thursday the 26th January, did it last year, a great race with DF95 and DF65 radio controlled yachts. It starts at the eastern end of Surfdale around a mark (port) at the western end around the headland following the boats on The Esplanade port round at the eastern end of Blackpool then a port round at the western end of Blackpool and back to the finish in the middle of Blackpool. All the entries goes a to charity on the island. Here's last years report. Waiheke-RSC-Coastal-Classic-Charity-Race-Jan 2022.docx
  4. That's why I said I had to dig deep into the computer, sorry the human memory banks can't remember where I found this information.......... but yes I can still remember ft & ins and pds even pennies, shillings and pounds.
  5. Something buried deep in my computer.
  6. And lose all the advantage with a couple of bad tacks.
  7. Bell Rock Arizona.........a long way from the sea.
  8. BP please explain what you call your "Rubber"
  9. My wife has one of these! I'm sure it could be convert to twin screws - counter-rotating.
  10. The "Seahorse" is my monthly read.
  11. Good looking mod. Not too sure about the hydraulic backstay attachment method, but I sure you will fathom something out???
  12. We are have some fun at a Radio Controlled Sailing Club with the "full Vaccination" thing and the New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990 Act. I just want to go sailing, bugger this bullshit, as I normally stand away from the main bunch of skippers.
  13. Watch Luca Bassani - Wally - Founder & Director of Design from 2.50m "You forgot wearing classy shirts and pullovers"
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