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  1. Good looking mod. Not too sure about the hydraulic backstay attachment method, but I sure you will fathom something out???
  2. We are have some fun at a Radio Controlled Sailing Club with the "full Vaccination" thing and the New Zealand Bill of Rights 1990 Act. I just want to go sailing, bugger this bullshit, as I normally stand away from the main bunch of skippers.
  3. Watch Luca Bassani - Wally - Founder & Director of Design from 2.50m "You forgot wearing classy shirts and pullovers"
  4. https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-ncv5t-10ced1a?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share
  5. Well done, but that main doesn't look like at Norths?
  6. The front fell off. and it looks like its is inside the environment!
  7. don't you mean its got a "doubtful sound" ring to it.
  8. Go BOLD and get a 3000w invertor and the according sized batteries.
  9. Times like this you need a house.
  10. 1971 Line 7 PVC, white leggings, lime green jacket, I binned them about 10 years when shifting south.
  11. Buy from a supplier out of Auckland and get posted.
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