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Crew wanted for NY (after xmas)

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Hi all. One of my crew members pulled out. If you know anyone interested in sailing to Great Barrier or Merc this holiday, let me know. Just a deck hand needed but good if you can do more than that! Happy to teach you if you are learning. Can take 1 or 2 more people.  Boat is 35ft Stewart34.

I have been sailing for 8 years now, mostly around Nelson/ tasman and now Auckland. Been in Auckland for 2 years now. We will be sailing from Bayswater, Auckland. Setting off any time from 26th (weather dependent) and hoping to be back around 3rd (no later than 4th Jan). Safety is the most important thing for me. Flick me a message and I will tell you more about my boat and crew etc. Could even take you out this weekend when I head out sailing with a few friends. Thanks 

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My partner and I would love to join your crew over the 26/12 - 04/01. We were meant to be heading to Great Barrier during that time frame but our plans fell through, so this would suit us perfectly.

We are both avid mountain bikers and adventurers. He has sailing experience, as he grew up racing Optimists. I don't have any experience but I am determined and a quick learner. We both follow a couple of sailing channels on YouTube, out of interest.

Let me know if the spot is still available and if you are interested in talking further.



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