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Removing 2GM starter motor

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As the title say I need to remove one for a service .... can sorta access it via the side (hatch in qrt berth)  but have very little space to swing any tools. Removing alternator and possibly compressor as well I think I can see it, just need a 500mm extension to reach bolts.


Any collective experience, wisdom ... 



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Looks like a pretty standard pre-engage starter.

Battery cable will be secured with a 13mm a/f nut and a spring washer.  Hold the cable firmly when removing the nut or it may spin and crack the solenoid cap.  The solenoid actuating wire is the thin one - it will be either a push-on fitting or MAY be an eye terminal with a screw retaining it.  Tape or tie these cables out of the way.

Mounting bolts will be 12mm diameter with 17mm a/f heads, they appear to thread into a blind tapping in the bell housing.  If you are going in from the front, yeah a loooong extension and a socket.  The starter is heavy (you probably know this) so supporting it while undoing the mounting bolts will help.  Withdraw it through whatever space it will most easily come out - that could mean the alternator coming off as you suggest.  Diagrams show the oil filter could also get in the way if you plan to bring it out the front.

As Mr Haynes says, refitting is the reverse of the above process.  Some light oil on the mounting bolt threads will help get them started.

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Talked to auto electrician... the key is ring spanner and a suitably large mass that has an effect over a short distance when applied to end of said spanner.

A steel rod with slot to fit on spanner would work wonders.

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