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  1. AIS track is curious…
  2. Awesome effort… https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/sport/2024/04/sailing-australian-lisa-blair-smashes-solo-speed-record-from-sydney-to-auckland.html Now looking at setting Round NZ record.
  3. Samassaan resting in Cherry Bay Lake Rotoiti….last 3days
  4. Check here https://lep.co.nz/shop/plastics-web-shop-finished-products/bushes-x-lube/x-lube-bushes-metric-shouldered/
  5. There was a bit more to it than that…becoming a complex story. For me I learnt more about the issues…
  6. eruptn

    Moonraker 17

    Run a tape measure over it….
  7. Just checking in on the current best practice for washboards . Currently have 2, looking to go to 3 as part of the process. Currently have ply, considering the acrylics for the new ones. What’s the good, bad an ugly out there ?
  8. Hi I need to adjust some rig tension. They are Graham screws and on my first attempt they felt very very tight.I was able to loosen for-stay, so the rig tension was relaxed. Do I just carry on with force to break the lock/binding or fill with WD40 for a couple of weeks an try again? Thanks for ideas.
  9. Have a look here https://www.sailbrokers.co.nz/
  10. The next step, https://www.livesaildie.com/helmets-yeah-or-nah-the-survey-results-are-in/
  11. GeoNet has real-time data for Auckland and Great Barrier (plus about 16 other sites) as part of the coastal tsunami network. The data is only up dated every 15 seconds. https://tilde.geonet.org.nz/ui/data-exploration
  12. Don’t over look getting a trailer yacht to learn on…a lot cheaper option for a first boat. Can sail the harbour or nearby Rotorua Lakes. Keep it simple when starting out….
  13. No they anchor offshore an we send divers out to clean them! wonder where the debris goes….?
  14. That’s was all…just boat name. You could try contacting YNZ there maybe more info.
  15. YNZ shows it was a boat called ‘Upmarket’…no other details
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