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  1. or installing the windex you forgot to install !
  2. Just look on Trademe at airfilters, $49 to $79 for what looks to be the same item. Saildrive anodes $50 to $82, split mode $182. Again look similar.
  3. A rope shackle works too.
  4. Curious thought, what would happen if there was a submarine under you?
  5. https://twitter.com/NZDefenceForce/status/1423093926592868353?s=20 Views on the return trip from delivering COVID drugs to the islands.
  6. Good question, hadn't considered that factor.... mind you we don't get them on the lakes.
  7. Hi Looing at getting some new fenders an note they come in two colour tones Charcol v White Is there any issues to be aware of ?
  8. Ive see these...designed for horizontal settings..in use. Not sure how they work on a vertical surface: https://www.actionoutdoors.kiwi/epages/shop.sf/?Locale=en_NZ&ObjectPath=/Shops/ActionFishing/Products/13025&ViewAction=ViewProductViaPortal&cmp_id=1034294347&adg_id=107464844786&kwd=&device=t&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkM7HkNqM8gIVyX8rCh2oeQueEAQYASABEgJU3PD_BwE
  9. Time for some maintenance...WOF time.
  10. This is our portable one. Simple press the button...can sit in cockpit, deck etc. Fully self contained. Battery needs a charge every few months.
  11. https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/public/news/media-releases-2021/20210722a.asp
  12. Google turned up this is response to a search for activity at Rotomahana YACHTS CAPSIZE MANY IN TROUBLE RESCUES OF "CREWS SAILS AND MASTS LOST The chief storm damage in Auckland occurred on the harbour on Saturday afternoon; Yachts competing in the Devonport Yacht Club's annual regatta felt the full force of a strong northeasterly wind and, although all events ; were started, at least 30 of the competitors failed to finish. Of that number, almost 20 capsized and others blew out their sails or carried away masts. Three private motor-boats, including the Rotomahana, owned by Mr. H. Dud
  13. Data from the BOP Regional Council wave bouy off Pukehina Beach for April 2021. Max wave height a little over 4m on the 22nd. Better data capture at Bowentown (similar max height);
  14. The weather station on White Island (near the west summit) is very sensitive to topographic affects. It often gives 'unusual' data.
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