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  1. If your after a small footprint unit the Lowrance Hook2 4inch is very good value, nice clear screen in daylight. Allows you to see trend (is it getting shallower\deeper) .The bullet sensor an be installed inside, shoot thru hull an see to around 100’.
  2. https://www.sciencealert.com/extreme-rogue-wave-in-the-north-pacific-confirmed-as-most-extreme-on-record Some real data…
  3. Sea is up off BOP coast: https://envdata.boprc.govt.nz/Data/Dashboard/28 https://envdata.boprc.govt.nz/Data/Dashboard/102
  4. Mmm depression forming to north 27-28, and again Jan 1-2. Still a bit far out to be certain.
  5. Always love the NIWA forecasts, they pop them out here n there, but they never get evaluated. No one looks back to see how good they were. Where as we judge the Metsevice and other others like Predict Wind almost daily for its accuracy.
  6. Yeah but the new halyard will....
  7. Buy something like a Laser, spend a summer sailing off the beach, you will learn heaps.....an get a bit wet.
  8. Thanks guys, the victron was the one I was biasing too.
  9. I asked a rigger that just a couple of weeks an he said 'use knots'.
  10. Hi Looking at the collection of battery monitoring kit out there. Firstly do they offer much more than a good voltmeter and an understanding of what is a good, bad or ugly value? I have a analogy meter that you can guess the last 0.3-0.4 volts or there about. Also have a simple 2 battery system, start and house, charged by the alternator. As I have hole on the electric panel the Victron, Master Volt and Enerdrive units look a simple solution as they should go in the existing hole or do I just go for good digital meter to replace the analogy one. Then there is the BEP DC monitor
  11. Hasn't been as bad as forecast down here: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/power-cut-to-2000-coromandel-homes-as-hurricane-force-rain-and-wind-lash-north-island/EJ7PBYCD6NCDHCRWFRNJPUTCT4/
  12. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/478226/three-people-rescued-after-forty-foot-yacht-sinks-in-the-marlborough-sounds
  13. Well done Team Elevation....awesome result for a trailer yacht. See you back on the lake for the ACM in a few weeks
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