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  1. When you say anywhere in NZ, that implies a Trailer Yacht? .. is that correct
  2. Is it oceanic or continental in origin ?
  3. We have 105 trailer yachts in our compound ranging from D16, N22, B22, N25, R780, E7, E740 to N30, Farr940, Ross30 and trailer tri's, plus few Mcgregors. Some just go sailing, while others have been seen carrying off the silverware in the Coastal an Route66 events.
  4. What are the details, part number. Thanks
  5. eruptn

    FM AM radios

    Two questions: 1) What are people using for an antenna ? 2) Are the marine radios (like Fusion,GME) better than a car system? In terms of sensitively etc. Currently have a car system but reception is very poor.
  6. eruptn

    Dinghy choice

    I've had a ProMarine (2.7m) with inflatable keel and solid floor for 5 yrs. Brought 2nd hand so have got my $ worth from a Chinese inflatable.... weighs 22kg.
  7. eruptn


    https://preview.mailerlite.com/k9d8p6/1630934435576683013/x5v3/ Bit of a tech overview.
  8. Yes his son has carried on....
  9. There is an update on the DART buoy data here: https://www.gns.cri.nz/Home/Our-Science/Natural-Hazards-and-Risks/Tsunami/2021-Raoul-Island-Tsunami
  10. The tsunami guys are out to capture any experiences from the coastal arrivals last Friday. If you were out and about you may like to complete the online survey. Did you see any of the tidal surges, currents, unusual tides etc https://www.geonet.org.nz/news/2SEHsNpMPFY7LyLkduIPNJ The observations about lower tides in the Manukau Harbour for example would be good to have. Thanks
  11. That will be a result of the bathymetry and physics of the calcs used. Note its less than 30 cm, not no surge.
  12. Hi KM No 1 - Is that from the 1st rattle at 2:30am +/- or something else? If from the 1st shack why only East cape do you think, I'd have expected Northland and Barrier to have twitched as well. Most of that is actually the ground going up and down with the quake, hence appearing as water level changes. Note the high frequency No 2 - Below those are the signs you mention as now arriving? On the Barrier one the wiggle goes left a far bit, would that be smaller waves arriving from the 1st rattle? Yes that's the long period signals starting to arrive about 40 cm No 3 -
  13. Arrivals starting to show at North Cape and Barrier ...
  14. DOC have staff on Raoul Island, but they are not on site at present, so there is no one. The links to Raoul have gone down, hence no data showing here: https://www.geonet.org.nz/tsunami Maybe a hint of something at Barrier
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