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Spectra watermaker servicing

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Does anyone know who services spectra water makers?  We are in Tauranga. so preferably someone local. 
FYI It has stopped making water to the tank but does through the discharge line. 

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There is not much too them really. Prime pump, pre filters, HP Pump, membrane and then product output and brine dump. So, no product water (it does not "make" the brine, it's simply discharging the seawater. No product water is only a couple of causes, either not sufficient HP pressure (check HP pressure display, should be circa 800psi in seawater) stuck/non operating valve or blocked membranes. So, before getting a service, open seawater input thru hull, run unit and see what pressure it's getting up to. If it's insufficient, then when did you last change the pre-filter? Is the prime pump working? Is there air in the system? 

It's not too hard to work thru, and pretty simple system. membranes are expensive, as are housings and HP pumps.

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Thanks IT. 
pressure is around 800. 
it makes water at the service tube (to bypass the tanks) but won’t fill the tanks. 
so I guess it is a valve or switch problem?

I’ll give enertec a ring. 

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On 15/08/2022 at 12:29 PM, Ex Veladare said:

Enertec Marine Limited do the servicing up here Adam, they are great to deal with



Thanks EV.
James at Enertec was first class to deal with. Very responsive and seemed to genuinely care that we got going again.

despatched parts etc promptly.

Great service and Highly Recommended. 

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