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  1. Addem

    New to sailing

    The old kiwi mentality of getting out and doing it counts for a lot. But there is a lot that can go wrong and mistakes that get made. So I always recommend for late starter newbies to also join a boat that races regularly, as crew. It’s always about time on the water observing what is happening in different conditions. This also helps build knowledge about what features of a boat would suit you. And then read read read. There is so much to be gained from reading about other people’s experiences.
  2. Cheers for that. Everyone. I didn’t realize there were so many options. I’m confident I can make something work now.
  3. I’ll give it a go and let you know so that we can establish a new practice.
  4. Do you mean between the old store takeaways and the general store? And you can get ashore (and back again obviously)? Sounds like a good option.
  5. Cheers for this. Probably didn’t make it clear that main thing is being able to get alongside somewhere as the girls will have, well, a LOT of stuff and our tender is a Takacat which is a bit damp for ferrying sleeping bags etc. I’ll get in touch with the yacht club I didn’t know about this.
  6. I have to pick up the family and reprovision, water etc on 13th January. what’s the best way to do this? The marina says they’re fully booked. Is there a temporary berth/wharf nearby? Perhaps someone has a 10 or 12 m berth I could borrow for an afternoon at Opua on 13th January? Pork Chop draws 2.5m ta
  7. Total downer. Similar thing happened to me straight after our White Island race. Was having a snooze at 5am when a clown with a old wooden trawler clunked into our prod. It’s probably stronger than yours as no damage and he couldn’t give a toss as he was more interested in getting out fishing.
  8. Agree. Probably more interesting on water exercise than a SUP
  9. Best part of the coverage yesterday was the filler item about the foiling bikes. The reporter/presenter took one for a “ride”, on national TV, without a PFD. How does that happen?
  10. I think one of the purposes of the regatta is to test the logistics as well as the boats. Not sure about the on water stuff but the TV commentary was awful In places. They didn’t know how many laps to be done, the graphics didn’t line up with the markers, the commentators weren’t listening or couldn’t hear race radio so didn’t report what the judge was saying, on and on. Compared to Bermuda they have a looonnng way to go. Fantastic race watching nonetheless.
  11. There’s been lots of coverage in the news. POT went automation and let go lots of staff. Automation isn’t working and now don’t have enough trained staff. Especially crane operators.
  12. Looks similar to the $500 EPIRB battery I dismantled, except waterproof and 1/10th the price.
  13. Are these the same engineers who said “it’s strong enough” before? the rapid changes in forces between the foil section and bow section on those foiling boats must be mental at 20knots.
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