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  1. This guy has dozens of great videos testing of different t anchors in differing conditions and veering. Ploughs rate very lowly and my experience is that a plough won’t reset once the boat is moving, which his video evidence confirms Watching them all will take a while.
  2. Addem


    Ainslie improved out of sight and deserved to win the final. Was flawless. while our boys looked awful and improved to be ordinary
  3. Addem


    I wondered if they don’t have course planning software per AC. Lots of times Lay lines missed, esp TNZ 2x.
  4. Similar here. We decided that when with family we would only ever roll out the headsail and otherwise just motor. Reflects our Age, stage and family I suppose.
  5. Thanks Muzza. That’s interesting to know. thinking about life before VHF is similar to explains to my children what life was like when we only had landlines.
  6. Wish that was always the case. Only time I nearly lost a boat was outside a marina in moderate conditions when engine stopped (air in the fuel line). Lotsa fiznasties passing by and none responded to calls for help. Had to wait for CG while fending off the sea wall. Always glad to have paid my subs and make donations
  7. Us too! It’s a bizarre change.
  8. Wheels, I don’t know anything about your situation and Am not prying but don’t give up the dream! There are myriads of opportunities that come along if you can be right place right time. My first keeler wasn’t even mine. Just an older 21 footer that the ex-brother in law wanted someone to use while he was posted overseas. The theory was by using it I would maintain it whereas it would just deteriorate sitting on a mooring. My second boat was a trailer sailer that I took off a friends hands for $3k who didn’t know how to deal with the rotten trailer.
  9. That would be evil with wind against tide.
  10. And walk to the falls at Peachgrove. spectacular fishing/spearing at never fail rock.
  11. Same number. Same place.
  12. PB called it the Ngapipi shift. If it’s true it worked. I don’t think it was a fluke. Did anyone watch the 49er worlds? He did exactly the same thing in the last race to jump 4 places and win the event.
  13. Now that was interesting. We saw it once before in a pre Ac regatta in New Yoirk for the last edition. TNZ was Well last then and everybody sailed into hole and TNZ sailed around them. If your off the foils you’re nowhere. I know the feeling of watching the fleet sail away so sympathetic to LRPP
  14. That was enjoyable to watch. Now to go 2 up.
  15. It doesn’t make sense that once a boat starts to gaP off they extend and extend. But they are supposedly similar in speed. So you’d expect the gaps to remain similar. we have extended 75m each leg. Is that a speed advantage we couldnt use in the first race because we had to do some many manoevres?
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