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  1. Best I can tell, schooner is an Americanism from 18th century to describe the fast ships that race around Cape Horn from east to west. there are lots of words in Dutch german and English that appear to be cognate with it, most notably the scot word ‘Scon’ “ to skip like stone”. But the best sources think it’s Most likely to have been derived from slang. It is first attested in New England literature. the Dutch word Schoener is confirmed as having been picked up from English so that is not the origin. nobody knows why the glass of beer is called a schooner but ever
  2. Cheers Fogg. I’m great fun at parties too...
  3. Not wanting to sound too anal but.... most of our nautical terms are from old Norse (vikings) or Dutch. A scete was the name of a sail and old English had it as SceteLine. It was shortened to Scete and then shifted to Shete in old English (the same way Skiff and skirt from Dutch/Norse Shifted to ship and shirt) I don’t know about Rhumb but the Rh at the start looks Latin Halyard is easier. It’s Rnhlish from Haul Yard. I just thought You’d like to know.
  4. This YouTube clip may help. It may be too later but if you look at episode 85 from the middle of it you’ll see how he handled the same problem with a swing keel.- it looked easy
  5. Addem

    Slight issue

    sport is part of the economy. The netballers are coming too.
  6. I’ve got a Honda 2hp 4 stroke. If it’s of interest.
  7. Don’t I know it. But my partners like her lines as they are.
  8. I was there (Greece) last year and wouldn’t want to see any level of Activity close to what was there. We left from Athens so was in the main charter area. It was basically a zoo on boats. We returned to the marina on the Friday Amongst 2-300 other boats. There was a traffic jam at the marina entrance. We had 2 weeks so got further away than the main fleet of weekly charters For a bit but the crowd of boats at Idras was fun to see but not be part of. I’d hate to see Bay if islands or gulf turned into that sort of zoo. i say let’s keep what we have and travel to experience what oth
  9. Getting power supply to them can be tricky in a retrofit can be tricky too. Best done with the pulpit off. Otherwise having the cables cable tied on exposes them to being pulled off by wildly flapping sheets. best done with pulpit off.
  10. 100% glad we put one in. a big benefit is the amount of moisture leaking into the house is reduced making for a warmer home. We found that we have cooler showers as the cubicle gets warm so save on hot water too. two downsides are they collect dust and showers do get mouldy quicker so you have to spend more time keeping them dry. we dry the shower with a scraper While it is still warm inside.
  11. It’s worth being vocal. Popular social change never happens without it. Consider the water quality/farms position. A few years ago there was a bit a noise around the issue and then a surge of farm-hate type editorial all over the media. It’s not that long ago and now we have Fonterra itself promoting clean waterways. I’m not saying it’s perfect but it amazed me how quickly it moved from being only the green fringe making a bit of a dance to being mainstream. The same can happen with the gulf. Go on. Make a noise. Protest and petitions work if you’re persistent.
  12. Addem

    Flying Fish

    We saw a handful Sailing from Tauranga to Tairua the other day.
  13. Agreed. We were fortunate that we had someone sleeping on the floor who woke thinking he’d wet the bed.
  14. Thanks IT. Good idea. Never thought of that.
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