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  1. I agree neuruter family. When we visited the gulf last month we kept our fishing rods in their racks. It's nothing like it was even when we left Auckland 25 years ago let alone when we were kids.
  2. Weekend still going but this comment shows the commitment to allow us to work on the mast
  3. Never had the pleasure but been aground plenty dropped numerous stuff off them. Including a brand new house battery.
  4. Just arrived Navionics in Tauranga to avoid the blow. Marina is full and car park is empty. Might be better tomorrow
  5. Addem


    They delayed for an hour last year when dolphins appeared.
  6. The Heading is a little more melodramatic than necessary but I'd like to get hold of a fuel cap for a mercury outboard. 4 hp four stroke. I arrived in the gulf last night to cruise for next 2 weeks and dropped it overboard. Any chance someone nearby might have an old one laying around? None in the country and 2 weeks delivery from Aussie. It's about 50mm diameter. Ta
  7. Great prognosticating!
  8. Agree. And I love her dry European humour.
  9. It seems it all just over the place depending on insurer, underwriter and (probably) the clerk processing the paper. The Davidson I crew on had to do the gas (and replace most of it!) No survey or rig check.
  10. I have a rotating mast from Matrix. Circa 2007 and time to redo the standing rigging. I see they no longer exist and I'm keen to make sure I have the right skills looking at/replacing the top swivel which has to be the weakest point. Does anyone have a good recommendation for this. I know there's been a few questions asked about riggers before but this is specifically about the specialisation of the rotating components.
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