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  1. Addem


    I'm always afraid of commenting about a lady's, ah, attributes.
  2. That sounds interesting. Should introduce him to Crew and he could keep us informed.
  3. Did the classic guys show interest in them?
  4. BTW I am not defending them merely aiming for balanced reporting. I have a lot i could complain about the MNZ system.
  5. They explained this too albeit generically using The rental of a boat for a single race scenario. They said they could issue a Moss exemption when a club applies and meets the safety plan rules in the same way as they get them for patrol craft. But who would do that for your small learn to sail programme
  6. To be fair the MNZ guys didn't say they weren't funded properly but said two things: - They don't do patrols - that is responsibility of Regional councils and Harbour masters which are then ones struggling for money (whangamata has lost its Harbour master for this reason). - Just like police can't patrol every road all the time no agency can patrol every waterway all the time. But they did say that their budget was focused on education and compliance and not enforcement. I can also see how they would view that a learn to sail would fall foul of their rules as they emphas
  7. Link to the first webinar on Who should pay for marine biosecurity is one Youtube here: I haven't watched it yet.
  8. Brief report is that it was worth going, at least from my club's perspective (Mt Maunganui). Wasn't anything dramatic presented. A little of stuff from Maritime NZ on when their rules apply - as we all know registration and safety compliance under their Act doesn't affect pleasure boats, but if you charter (rent) your boat or tender to your club to use in an event it becomes a commercial vessel and subject to their scrutiny, so don't. Mark Orams was interesting - he's a great speaker, but the best of the day was the lady from Lion Foundation Gaming Trust - a total livewire and kee
  9. I called an 80 yo tenant we have in a flat at sea level. Their plan was "to wait and see what happens" Fair enough. Of course nothing did happen. So will be harder to get them to take action next time if it looks more real.
  10. Is anyone planning on participating in the first Good below web webinar this week? I've registered for them but am busy for the first one so hoping that either someone here can report on it or it gets recorded and I'll watch it later (and then report on it here).
  11. Addem


    Thanks for that. We'll remember every time we see the pilot passing.
  12. Im sorry Zoe but Id be very confident that none of the recreational boats in Nz were responsible for bringing Fan Worm or calupera to NZ. And won't bring the sea star. The focus has to be on international shipping. I agree that we need to take responsibility to stop spread now that it is here but there needs to as much effort in allowing effective control by mandating appropriate antifouls. The current ones aren't really up to it.
  13. I'd love to see it happen here. Sailing/racing in the Tga Harbour can be hazardous as we can often not distinguish if a boat is anchored in tbe channel or drifting and an anchor rode is hard to distinguish. It'll never happen of course. My boat is over 12m so i suppose I should get one.
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