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  1. Hi frank. pM me. I have one for a 12m catamaran to lend.
  2. Thanks EV. James at Enertec was first class to deal with. Very responsive and seemed to genuinely care that we got going again. despatched parts etc promptly. Great service and Highly Recommended.
  3. Thanks IT. pressure is around 800. it makes water at the service tube (to bypass the tanks) but won’t fill the tanks. so I guess it is a valve or switch problem? I’ll give enertec a ring.
  4. Does anyone know who services spectra water makers? We are in Tauranga. so preferably someone local. FYI It has stopped making water to the tank but does through the discharge line. ta
  5. Addem

    Trailer Winches

    I had a Moonraker TS with similar issue. I fitted rollers instead of the plank. But the issue was the angle of attack. The boat is floating level while the trailer is on an angle so the leading corner of the keel was contacting below the centerline of the rollers and had to jump over each one until a certain point was reached when the angle became less. In the end I doubled the number of rollers at the critical area where initial contact was made. it wasn’t cheap but easy enough for DIY to add two galv angle iron bars beside the plank, drilled holes and used SS Rod with split pins. a po
  6. Addem

    Self priming pump

    Ok. Thanks I’ll try all those ideas, especially bench test. the pump is rated to self prime to 1.8m so obviously a pump failure.
  7. Addem

    Self priming pump

    Sounds intriguing. Any ideas on where to get something like that?
  8. Addem

    Self priming pump

    That’s what I’d have thought but definitely doesn’t. Would it because it’s worn out? I’m not super keen on tossing out the old just to experiment.
  9. We’ve just bought a Farrier 41. Beautiful boat but the systems on board are a head ache. Biggest issue is regularly losing fresh water because of a stupid purge switch from a caravan HW system, (which I may ask about in another thread.) While we have solved the purge switch issue, the tanks are small (45l) and we easily run out. We have a water maker but the tanks are both below the FW pump by about 1m. So once the pump has lost its prime we can’t get the water back in use. So, is there a reliable FW pump which would self prime when we top up the tanks from the water
  10. Just spotted this and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks BP and oldest. Is one of my favourites. Have added Fathom to my Spotify.
  11. Just had a survey yesterday. Jon Jones Whangarei used a wooden tap hammer (I checked before he started). He was Listening for sound changes not looking for deflection.
  12. Have signed up for it. Now for survey. Anyone know the best approach/person in Whangarei?
  13. Kevin, and we hope that the Op went well. All the best for 2022.
  14. I'm looking at a Farrier 41 listed on TM: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/listing/3405488575. Does anyone have any ideas on the good points/bad points on this design? Usual story, has to be sailed by the two of us (Husband and wife - hitting 60). Just thinking 41 feet might be a lot of boat to handle. Cheers A
  15. Addem


    Anybody get to watch the Sydney edition today? Spectacular crash at the start of race 3 by Sir Ben didn’t see Nathan Outeridge (Japan) on a port/Starboard and completely sheared the bow of Japan off. Literally “front fell off”. Won’t mention the dismal (poor, awful, embarrassing) showing of TNZ but Phil Robertson is doing very well. The coverage is getting better and it’s worth watching on YouTube when it gets uploaded.
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