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  1. Just had a survey yesterday. Jon Jones Whangarei used a wooden tap hammer (I checked before he started). He was Listening for sound changes not looking for deflection.
  2. Have signed up for it. Now for survey. Anyone know the best approach/person in Whangarei?
  3. Kevin, and we hope that the Op went well. All the best for 2022.
  4. I'm looking at a Farrier 41 listed on TM: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/multihull/listing/3405488575. Does anyone have any ideas on the good points/bad points on this design? Usual story, has to be sailed by the two of us (Husband and wife - hitting 60). Just thinking 41 feet might be a lot of boat to handle. Cheers A
  5. Addem


    Anybody get to watch the Sydney edition today? Spectacular crash at the start of race 3 by Sir Ben didn’t see Nathan Outeridge (Japan) on a port/Starboard and completely sheared the bow of Japan off. Literally “front fell off”. Won’t mention the dismal (poor, awful, embarrassing) showing of TNZ but Phil Robertson is doing very well. The coverage is getting better and it’s worth watching on YouTube when it gets uploaded.
  6. There is one at Tauranga. Windigo. Lovely looking boat.
  7. I don’t have one (any more) but your comment reminds me that I once had a Drummond Sailing dinghy I got to teach the kids to sail in. I sold it to a guy somewhere in Northland who had a collection of them so they could have regattas over Christmas with family and friends. Cool idea I thought.
  8. Both of you are right. The study is focused on Infections. Ie returning a positive test. It’s been clear from the beginning that vaccine won’t prevent picking up the virus. It is aimed at improving the immune response to prevent hospitalization. the study concludes this most clearly under the section headed “Discussion” : “Effectiveness against hospital admissions in all age groups did not wane over the duration of the study. These findings are consistent with preliminary reports from the Israel Ministry of Health and US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing reductions i
  9. Results of the Burton Sails Great Race are now online. Thanks Ballystick for a great summary. https://www.mmyc.org.nz/legends/
  10. that’s a bugger. There was a lot of water in our cockpit too.
  11. Judging by their showings in the sail GP their star might be waning?
  12. Yep. Enjoy the Sailibg brothers. Very laid back.
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