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I wanna be your crew in january 2023

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I am not an expert at sailing and there is always more to leran, i own a small boat in norway so have some experience  Have some freetime in january 2023 and i would love to join your crew! 

iam 28 years old, grew up in Sweden and moved to Norway for work. I love the ocean and Being on a boat! Haven’t sailed in any crazy weathers and only in Sweden Norway and Greece. I wanna become a better sailor and see the world. 

can make a decent cappuccino, some cooking and cleaning, sew new pillows or curtains or help with anything you want. Iam not afraid of getting dirty. :)

have sailed non official regattas and if that’s your thing i will join that too!! 

yes I would love to sail New Zealand! 
you can contact me at instagram @ ahlforsss not sure if I can post number or mail here… 

(English is my second language - so my grammar is probably pretty bad) 




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Hi there!


I am looking for a second pair of hands to take my boat from Whangarei to the Bay of Islands. I am an experienced sailor and sailing instructor. Had a boat in Denmark. Lived in Germany 5 years. Current boat is a Davidson 28. You would have your own cabin. Any questions, feel free to ask. I have sailed as far as Sweden, but not to Norway!

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