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  1. To be fair, they also don't consider their own races - the last date they tried was during their own 3 kings race.
  2. Not sure that anyone has directly answered the questions so here goes. 1. Between $200 for an hour on the floating dock and $700 for an out, in and clean somewhere like pier 21. 2. $20 - $30ish a day depending where. 3. $1000-2000 depending who, where, what covering etc. 4. Been discussed above, around 3k. Depends if just replacing wire or whether the rigging screws need replacing as well. 5. Ballpark $1000/year but varies depending on risk so where you keep it etc 6. Couple of grand if you can find a friendly delivery crew. Generally done by the day so depends
  3. Also consider having the old coating media(soda?) blasted rather than sanding? Might leave you with a better job.
  4. As per marinhero there were a bunch sold as hull and deck packages and then 'built' by randoms... not sure on the provenance of the one mentioned in the OP though.
  5. I was on WS for that. Did brilliant later become simply brilliant, or are they two different boats?
  6. Yeah I remember nevenka going over to do the s2h, mid 2000s as mentioned above would be about right. They were racing a lot with ryc and Vera mummery was club president iirc, but they also did a lot with Victoria. We raced our t32 there as well, and there was also sometimes a t34 town fox. Other regulars included the Tercels on their d35 Reotahi and an older lidgard called something like taitua. In addition to those mentioned above Wandering star (starlight based t32) has done a lot of miles including to Darwin and back. Tony Kendal (sunlight) is the one to talk to. Ran the owners
  7. raz88

    Soft shackles

    I've had a soft shackle shake off. Now use insulating tape or velcro as mentioned earlier in the thread and haven't had it happen again.
  8. raz88

    Young 88

    There was discussion here and other places maybe a couple of years back. Seems to have blown over now. Some of the quickest boats had too long a j measurement. I don't know what the outcome was but nationals and class events have been going ahead so assume it was sorted and people moved on.
  9. raz88

    Young 88

    Class still going strong and plenty of them racing with the various clubs etc. Not sure why there's a number for sale at the moment other than that it seems to go in cycles. Price difference seems to be along the lines of <35k Non class/poor condition 35-50k In class, reasonable condition, but not the latest gear, not known for being super quick, maybe an original motor etc 50k+ in class and known to be a quick/class winning capable boat. Good sails/engine/electrics. Of course there are some dreamers who are trying it on that haven't spent the money on their boat
  10. Insurance is like a big risk club/cooperative. Say all the keeler owners in westhaven get together and put $1500 a year into a shared bank account. If one of them sinks, the money from the account is used to replace it. If 20 of them sink, there's probably not enough money in the account and the owners have to either put in more money next time or call the whole thing a failure and give up. Now say a group of trimaran owners get together and do the same thing. Because there's relatively few of them, you don't end up with as much money in your account. You also have less chance of a boat s
  11. Thanks, the old toilet was shot for a number of reasons so more than just a bowl required. Owner has bought a tmc to get through xmas holiday but still looking for a lighter option. It's amazing the difference, there's a good 10-12kg between the old one and the new
  12. raz88

    Stolen Yacht

    Was recovered by police in mistletoe Bay yesterday afternoon.
  13. That has crossed my mind... would prefer to find an off the shelf option if possible though.
  14. Removing a toilet in a 930 to replace as the old one as it looks old and gross and needs attention. Figured it would be easiest just to replace it. But it turns out the old one is super light as it has a plastic bowl and all the new ones we can find are porcelain and much heavier. Anyone know where to find a new marine loo with a plastic bowl? Or just a plastic bowl? I've heard talk of carbon ones but can imagine they're moonbeam expensive.
  15. Fair enough, annoying about your kite pole. We actually banana shaped a couple of poles on dad's twilight years ago and eventually changed the down haul setup which seemed to stop it happening. Yep Legacy's entry is in
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