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  1. Max at 'stay tuned' rigging is helpful if you're looking for a rigger. Island time on this site does electrics etc if you want someone to look at wiring?
  2. Agree with Greg's comment directly above. Have sailed on a d28 and they are a better sailing boat than the h28/r26 etc. More modern concept so better layout, more volume etc too. Only thing is at 10k ish you might struggle to find one and if so it's likely to be rough. If the budget is flexible they're a step up from the others. And you can boast that you own a boat designed by the same guy that designed nzl32 and won us the americas Cup.
  3. raz88


    I have one. But have never used it. So can't really tell you if they're good or not. Bought it second hand (apparently 6 months old) to put on our last boat, but sold the boat before I had a chance to fit it. If you're looking for one I can dig it out of my shed and let you know the size etc.
  4. Couple of points with regards to the posts above. - the pros and cons of a junk rig can (and have) be debated on here till the cows come home. Regardless of the usability/performance etc, if i were in your situation and wanting to hone my fairly beginner level skills, I'd buy something with a more 'standard' rig which teaches you to trim and sail in a way that's more transferable to other boats. -someone above suggested don't go under 28 feet, then suggested an h28, which has less room inside than a raven 26. Up to you but I wouldn't draw a hard and fast line. -the various co
  5. I'm not familiar with the San Juan, but from the other 3 designs you mention it sounds like you're on the right track for the kind of use you describe. H28 is an older concept than the other 2, doesn't have quite the volume and is slower. That said, for what it sounds like you're after, any of the 3 including the H28 are well suited. Could also look at a raven 26, which are quite roomy for 26 feet and plenty capable. Probably best to look (as long as its something popular ish like the ones you mention) for the boat that's had the most love/use/money spent lately as you can find rather tha
  6. I know of various boats, including one of mine, which have had a good run out of lombardinis. I'm also aware of one boat that had to throw out a 5 year old one due to corrosion. That boat (or engine) may have been a one off or had some issue such as water sitting around engine - I'm not sure. If your concern with sail drives are that yanmar ones are no good, perhaps another brand sail drive is still an option? I've no experience with v drives, but have had shafts and sail drives, and would choose a sail drive based on efficiency, and the fact that either can have issues but in my experie
  7. Not sure this is true. Auckland still has a great fleet of cool boats. There are grand prix racers like tp52s, a bunch of hot 40s including the melges, and a pretty healthy fleet overall. Things may be changing, and this year has been weird, but there are still big winter series/Wednesday night fleets at ryc/rnzys, ssanz was impacted by covid this year but over the last few has regularly set new record fleet sizes, so has coastal (again apart from 2020, probably due to covid)
  8. raz88

    Lotus 9.5 info

    This might help? http://bp3.blogger.com/_l1H8YgRf6Ec/RoVv5k0SjGI/AAAAAAAAABs/22R-l8jiejw/s1600-h/boat2.jpg
  9. raz88

    Lotus 9.5 info

    Do you have a link to the boat? The lotus 950 was an evolution of the 9.2 and there are some that are a bit of a mix (9.2s with 30cm added to the hull which people call 9.5s etc), the 950 had a taller rig. Might help someone determine your measurements if you can confirm more info about the boat? Even if you can advise whether it's a single spreader masthead rig or the twin spreader version.
  10. If that's what you told them? I assume you mean you departed 5 Oct? Hard luck though. Seems like one of those lose lose situations caused by beauracracy, but I guess the folks running the quarantine program have a bit on their plate.
  11. Found some on racetrack to give you an idea of performance https://racetrack.org.nz/class.php?rnk=2&s=1&classid=418
  12. If you mean in the start footage, may have also been his different sail choice. Several of the others had gone with an MH0 type thing where HB seemed to have a genoa on. Possibly also a sign of his willingness this time to be a bit conservative at times?
  13. Either a 930 or a y88 would be a big step up from the d28. While the y88s on trademe at the moment do look pricey, 6 months ago there were a few you'd have owned for sub 30k so I guess it's just a question of what's around at the time. Something like bondi tram (on trademe at the moment) seems well worth a look. Way more boat than a piedy.
  14. Awesome, would be great to have another 930 to race against!
  15. I've been watching trademe pretty closely. I wouldn't say there's been a "surge" of listings. New listings across the board have been very low for some months. Yes there have been an increase in listings in the cheaper price range lately (although quite a lot of these are relist/renewals that were actually already there), but starting from a very low base. and as pointed out above, practically nothing in the more expensive end. Total stock of keelers on trademe is mid 400s, which is lower than I can remember it being. And of those there are a bunch of duplicates, listed with multiple brok
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