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  1. Assuming the cat in opua was 20 years ago this year or next, I had a workmate who was friends with owner and heavily involved in the recovery. Accident was caused by a freestanding lpg heater that wasn't part of the boats systems or anything to do with cooking (and the kind of thing that even a boat with a gas cert could have brought aboard with minimal thought about insurance/risk). Another option rather than going lithium/large capacity battery bank is to consider a genset, and just run genset when cooking. Obviously impacts the serenity, but when done in conjunction with/as a backup to
  2. Consider phoning chains ropes and anchors, asking for grant, and saying you have a 930 you're putting in your backyard for refitting and painting. He did the same with his 930 a few years ago and is normally quite generous with his advice and happy to talk 930s.
  3. Yup, all over it, I'm organizing it with you 😉 The last one was epic and this is shaping to be even more so!
  4. Unless I missed something, it seemed like it only got announced 3 weeks before the race... not too many of us are flexible enough with work, family, general life (especially in late November, silly season) to get organized for a big event like that with 3 weeks notice.
  5. Slightly off topic, but do you have a coastguard membership? They'll tow members home for free if you have a mechanical failure.
  6. Personally I'd be hesitant to nearly double the weight hanging out the back on that bracket. I'm pretty sure I remember it being an 8 that was on there prior, so the 9.8 was already an increase. IIRC this was done about 10-12 years ago, so motor isn't a spring chicken but also isn't as old as many... Few things to consider: A) what can the bracket handle? not just a concern in terms of raw weight sitting on the bracket at rest in the marina, but as the boat bounces up and down in chop, inertia will mean theres more than 40kg of force being put on the bracket and its mounts. b) l
  7. Years ago I sailed on revolution blues (830). It had a tohatsu 9.8 2 stroke on it which seemed to perform well and I remember a conversation at the time about how it was the lightest of the 9.9ish hp motors.
  8. raz88


  9. I like it, looks good. Rather than flattening reef, if you have any room in the luff, could float the tack up a little with a strop or similar?
  10. Funnily enough the Elliott I mentioned had started its life in Perth, and over 30 years been a fair number of places in between there and Auckland harbour with its trusty old 18hp engine... Yes you want a boat to motor well, but a 30hp should be fine in a whiting 40, or at least worth not ruling it out without investigation.
  11. In contrast, we had an Elliott 10.5 with an 18hp, and it motored beautifully. Very similar boat and probably the exact same engine (volvo 2002). Never had any issues like that and motored/maneuvered in plenty of bigger breezes than 30kn. There was a y11 I know of that only had 13hp, on a shaft, and it was a bit gutless, but has so far survived over 40 years on that motor and been and done a lot of places/stuff. There are a lot of variables here. Sail drives tend to be more efficient than shaft. Prop size, type and pitch. Is the engine operating properly etc. To provide some rea
  12. Have heard good things about Hayden Braddock - marine survey group.
  13. Anyone know anything about this? https://www.epa.govt.nz/industry-areas/hazardous-substances/rules-for-hazardous-substances/antifouling-paints/ Should we be stocking up this weekend? Or are these chemicals already phased out of the popular brands?
  14. You sure you got members pricing? Or perhaps were drinking something nicer than the house chard? I bought 2 beers at the members bar the other day, they were pints of a tap 'craft' pilsner and I think were $18 for the pair. Way cheaper than anywhere downtown where I work...
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