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  1. Actually we're both wrong, it's a whiting 29. Similar and another design worth considering for the OP.
  2. Not sure the carpenter 29 finished the rni. If you're thinking of halo I think it pulled out due to the crew having to go and deal with the effects of the chc earthquake. But that boat above does look good. My advice would be look for a 30ish foot fiberglass cruiser racer built in nz in the 80s. Carpenter, lidguard, farr 9.2, y88 etc. Be open to any of these, and buy the best looked after one with the best engine/sails/gear/electronics etc. Chico and h28 you mention are earlier designs and don't have the performance or space of the above.
  3. Looks like the yb tracker has set them all up with a handicap of 1, and the corrected elapsed is actually showing the estimated elapsed time rather than a real corrected time.
  4. Scratch that. Update now on Facebook. Wow, what an exciting and interesting start to the Ray White New Plymouth Solo Trans-Tasman Yacht Challenge. Malcolm Dickson on Sarau tacked on the start line to be the first to cross. Mister Lucky laid the mark in a single tack, being the first to round. The fleet disappeared quickly over the horizon in 15kn from the NW. As darkness fell Sarau was heading NW with 5 of the fleet following a more westerly direction, converging close together. An IRC dual was occurring between Mister Lucky and Melting Pot. Allegresse returned to port late a
  5. Hard to find much info. From the tracker it appeared one boat didn't start at all, one sat at the start for an hour or two while the others sailed off, and another turned around and came back. But can't find anything online about what's happening.
  6. That seems to be the key issue. Hard to find free weekends in an alreadybuay calendar. Options next yeah look limited to the point they'll have to clash with something.
  7. It's not just the quote. Dude didn't seem to have a handheld vhf. Randomly jumped into the water in huge seas and 60+ knots with no instruction to do so. Plus from the article and the info here it seems the boat was secured and he decided to shift it which is how it ended up out there. Imo he should be up for some sort of fine/sanction based on the fact his idiocy put the lives of his rescuers at risk.
  8. Just off the start line of the coastal 2022. Clipper and I will be setting off on it next week in the rni.
  9. Yep it's got a self adhesive backing. I also went around the edges with this stuff. https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/vetus-self-adhesive-tape-roll-aluminium-30m?q=Vetus+tape&h=14
  10. I found the same, however it turned out not too hard to make a decision in the end. Vybar sounded good, but found sopac so hard to deal with that I gave up. Foreman insulation have been bought by flectures and seem geared up to sell house lots of batts but couldn't figure out how to sell me 1 sheet of marine insulation. Had poor feedback/reviews on the burnsco product. Had a quick look into the dynamat suggested above. it seemed that for marine engine bay installations you should use two of their products laid over each other, which seemed more complex to install and more
  11. As said by a couple of people above, I've recently bought a stainless one for my yanmar from hdi marine. Haven't fitted yet, but looks better and much cheaper including shipping than oem from the local agent and was here in a week.
  12. Thanks T. Will give them a ring tomorrow. Although if there's a lightweight version which does close to the same job it would be preferable.
  13. Needing to replace a sheet of insulation under my engine box lid which is crumbly and horrible. Is there a go-to product people would recommend for this? I see burnsco have this - don't know if anyone has tried it out? https://www.burnsco.co.nz/softsound-engine-insulation?gclid=Cj0KCQiAzeSdBhC4ARIsACj36uFE2MErP1wzrrM1b-MuRwm4UQzXOR6tCN-rkXHjKNhTTnsbK5rnMdsaAtLsEALw_wcB
  14. One thing I've found with rope work is a cheap ceramic knife from aliexpress does a better job and doesn't seem to blunt as quickly as a metal one, particularly on dyneema. Plus they don't rust.
  15. Probably the best thing to do is to go on Facebook and join the crew finder pages for rnzys and Richmond yacht club. Or the "nz sailing" or "women who sail nz" groups.
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