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  1. This ++ We've had a supreme and a spade on various boats, both streets ahead of the plow we had for a while on the previous boat. As per the thread rockna, excel etc are excellent too. Imo it's not worth persevering with the plough, you can add chain/change technique, but when you're stuck somewhere and it's really blowing its better to not be wondering if you'll shift.
  2. Yeah should be awesome. Legacy hoping to be there too.
  3. Looks like we can expect something between 4 knots from the North and 27 from the SW. Should be interesting.
  4. Ouch! 89k! It was for sale late last year and advertised at 55k. I believe it did sell. Are you sure the westhaven marine brokers advert is current and not one from 10 years ago or something? I guess it is as the photos look near identical to the listing late last year. The market is strong but its hard to imagine anyone expecting their boat to nearly double in value in 6 months...
  5. So on Easter Friday we headed away on the boat. Sailing along about 500m East of northern leading marker, when we had a large rib zoom past us doing a solid 25 knots about a boat length away. While annoying, this happens often enough that it wouldn't normally warrant further comment. Except that in this case the rib was the harbour master. That's not the best part though. I then phoned the harbour masters office to let them know what I thought of the manoeuvre, and the duty officer on the phone tried to tell me the 5 Knot rule applies to within 200 meters of a fixed structure or mo
  6. I was a bit shocked when I last bought a water pump impeller from my local yanmar agent for a bit over $130. But wow, 1900 for a pump is impressive!
  7. Wasn't there a thread on here from KM about a month ago with that problem?
  8. If you do this, make sure not to forget to sort the return line as well.
  9. I should add that soapy water hasn't helped.
  10. I've got an inflatable that over time has collected some grey staining probably from being towed behind the boat and getting showered in exhaust water. Wondering if anyone has any advice on how best to clean the tubes?
  11. Max at 'stay tuned' rigging is helpful if you're looking for a rigger. Island time on this site does electrics etc if you want someone to look at wiring?
  12. Agree with Greg's comment directly above. Have sailed on a d28 and they are a better sailing boat than the h28/r26 etc. More modern concept so better layout, more volume etc too. Only thing is at 10k ish you might struggle to find one and if so it's likely to be rough. If the budget is flexible they're a step up from the others. And you can boast that you own a boat designed by the same guy that designed nzl32 and won us the americas Cup.
  13. raz88


    I have one. But have never used it. So can't really tell you if they're good or not. Bought it second hand (apparently 6 months old) to put on our last boat, but sold the boat before I had a chance to fit it. If you're looking for one I can dig it out of my shed and let you know the size etc.
  14. Couple of points with regards to the posts above. - the pros and cons of a junk rig can (and have) be debated on here till the cows come home. Regardless of the usability/performance etc, if i were in your situation and wanting to hone my fairly beginner level skills, I'd buy something with a more 'standard' rig which teaches you to trim and sail in a way that's more transferable to other boats. -someone above suggested don't go under 28 feet, then suggested an h28, which has less room inside than a raven 26. Up to you but I wouldn't draw a hard and fast line. -the various co
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