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  1. Found some on racetrack to give you an idea of performance https://racetrack.org.nz/class.php?rnk=2&s=1&classid=418
  2. If you mean in the start footage, may have also been his different sail choice. Several of the others had gone with an MH0 type thing where HB seemed to have a genoa on. Possibly also a sign of his willingness this time to be a bit conservative at times?
  3. Either a 930 or a y88 would be a big step up from the d28. While the y88s on trademe at the moment do look pricey, 6 months ago there were a few you'd have owned for sub 30k so I guess it's just a question of what's around at the time. Something like bondi tram (on trademe at the moment) seems well worth a look. Way more boat than a piedy.
  4. Awesome, would be great to have another 930 to race against!
  5. I've been watching trademe pretty closely. I wouldn't say there's been a "surge" of listings. New listings across the board have been very low for some months. Yes there have been an increase in listings in the cheaper price range lately (although quite a lot of these are relist/renewals that were actually already there), but starting from a very low base. and as pointed out above, practically nothing in the more expensive end. Total stock of keelers on trademe is mid 400s, which is lower than I can remember it being. And of those there are a bunch of duplicates, listed with multiple brok
  6. I wonder what state all the deck gear is going to be in. Not only has it been for a long swim but it doesn't exactly look like once it was salvaged it was all wiped down with oil. Has the appearance of having been lifted up and left. And the advert mentions damage to the main. Seems like you'd be taking on dealing with getting rid of the wreckage in return for the value of the carbon rig and keel/rudder.
  7. I live out west and was working from home on Friday. A wee while prior to the harbour bridge incident an intense front came through my place. It was already 20-30, but for a few minutes blew much more - like double or above. I'd say its not the geography around westhaven or the bridge, it was just a particularly intense front, which Auckland has always had come through. Unlucky that the trucks on the bridge happened to be there as it hit.
  8. Markline 1000? The one in the foreground looks nicer though.
  9. Probably not enough places that do this kind of thing to handle the two scenarios. But there are options, assuming you don't mind ferrying yourself ashore. - Head from other marina to gulf harbour and go to restaurant there. - kawau boating club - possibly pub at Fitzroy although heard it might have closed - heaps of choice at oneroa. Including a forum member here who has bought/opened a restaurant there this year. I suspect you could do dinner at a new place at oneroa each night for a week. Also accessible from oneroa or Blackpool so doable in any wind direction -
  10. raz88

    The Gulf Alone

    Light winds are practically unheard of for r66 though!
  11. True, I believe the ones I mentioned in the sounds close over the winter months, I guess due to lack of volume.
  12. Kawau boating club, man o war winery, the various eateries at oneroa/onetangi are also all places you can go in your boat, anchor, and take your own dinghy in for a feed and a drink or two. Not exactly like the experience in the original post (or the Marlborough sounds) with mooring and shuttling in and out included, but not miles away either.
  13. Massive ship to have that happen. Despite their ungainly appearance they don't lose many of them. I recently read a book about the sinking of the 700 foot cargo ship El Faro in a cyclone a few years ago. Called into the raging sea or something along those lines. Was an interesting read, they had a manged to find the "black box" recorder from the bridge. Catalogue of failures leading up to the event.
  14. Marlborough sounds. Lochmara, furneax, punga Lodges all do this.
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