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UV resistant material

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I have a couple of "plastic" clamping pieces on my Windvane SS. I machined them up from 70mm od uhmwpe solid. they have both cracked along the clamping threads and at the back of the clamp, (most stressed place) I have re-searched a little re UV resistant "plastic" and found that uhmpwe isn't all that up to it. Can anyone suggest an alternative that would be considerably more suitable and who might stock it.

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Nylon 6/6 preferably glass filled to increase it's tensile strength. Black if you can get it, the carbon black acts as a uv blocker. Nylon is good for 6-7 years before it starts breaking down then it is generally just surface chalking. uhmwpe without uv stabilisers is only good for about 18 months. Macplas plastics have a good range and are not too expensive. Hope this helps. Cheers Paul

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