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  1. Oh dear K -that is not Wasabi's sistership again is it?
  2. For a bit of thread drift , another keel fell off over in Queensland sadly a loss of life -interesting boat appears to have very flared topsides.
  3. Oh dear, I have worked and sailed with many of our older Cat 1 inspectors -without exception I had the utmost respect for their opinions ,sadly almost all of them have done their last sail. MNZ and some of their flunkies (wellington based) will I fear not be of the same high mileage in small boats practical calibre.
  4. His defence lawyer says he was an experienced skipper and taking the boat for repair ? , he says he was playing with the chart plotter , the ferry passengers say he was turned around talking to the child on board all whilst heading outwards close in to the island off Russell at planing speed , it appears that the presiding Judge did not pick up on the contradictions .
  5. But no singeing fire. Yes I will stick with Lead Acid as it has always worked for me on board. And AGM versions in my cars.
  6. This thread confirms that I am happy to stay a Luddite in my Kauri log with small solar and Yanmar 😇
  7. Correct with Ronstan taking over Fico , these were the first recirculating ball travellers so through Ronstan may be your best bet for spares , boiling water may help with the screws too.
  8. An ex Crew.orger has been checking the depth near the stricken ship and found it to be minimal -even for foiling.
  9. The thin end of the wedge, pin stripe suit wearers in Wellington bring this up everytime their dept looks at downsizing . Creating a job for themselves with no definable benefit to the general populace.
  10. Not a passenger carrying vessel.
  11. There may be a nominal fine, but he is still operating ......
  12. The superchargers for the bigger commuter ferrys being built at Mcwing to be installed at HMB, city and North Shore have been costed at $i5 million each to the ratepayers (last month), The Hybrid ferrys being built in Wanganui will work straight away. The Vessev boat being talked about here carries 9 and a skipper, Maritime NZ so far has no special requirements or training for foiling crew and Lithium battery monitoring. This boat is designed for waves up to 800mm according to Erik. Gulf Harbour, Motuihie channel anyone, or Riviera wake.....
  13. You would not leave one unpainted if you wanted long life as the UV will get at the Epoxy, doesnt matter on a TP or a full on race boat as they are not required to last.
  14. The Gold hole -that I guess is public land too?
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