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  1. And he states that he is a boatbuilder!! However his boat leaked and he didnt realise that when you fill boat with water and lift it out it will burst
  2. Anyone else witness the starting lesson handed out by Clockwork on saturday? Brilliant starboard approach flip onto port and cross on the gun clearly ahead. We clapped
  3. waikiore

    Pogo 36

    I think she did the Tauranga race , there is so much to like about these boats -they fulfill the need for a lot of us for a cruiser/racer with some occasional great blasts possible -truly a Kiwi style boat for the future, in my humble opinion.
  4. I just hope that the Taniwha develops a taste for them..
  5. Thats a different site from that which I am referring, that is the old one we have always towed to.
  6. Umm the current dumping zone is just behind the Barrier near the old munitions dumping area -not way past Cuvier like what was done in the eighties and nineties, this is used by Pine Harbour , Westypark and others from around Auckland-which is of course why the Barrier residents and Iwi were so up in arms about it being granted permission.
  7. I wonder what its like in a stir fry ? Bit of Tamari organic soy ......
  8. You happy lads obviously havent noticed the large superyachts around the barrier in the last couple of years, these boats have a number of internal raw water systems that can carry large volumes from country to country
  9. As usual, back to work
  10. Enertec seem to be doing a bit with Balmar now
  11. waikiore

    37th AC

    The squadrons payoff to let Dalton take his cup has finally been officially announced, ten new Elliott 7's This was trumpeted way back as being a legacy payment that would keep giving to the youth programme, but instead appears to be a one off, to replace the boats that were Due for a ten year refit .
  12. Is she one of the Keith Atkinson built Holman boats?
  13. Yes the strong athwartship members (usually laminated ) are keel floors supporting the hull and keel attachment. Whats the design?
  14. Okoume (Gaboon) is quite a bit lighter and will soak up far less resin than Meranti when you are sealing it, though be careful there are varying qualities on the market here -some are all muck core with thin veneers -though if its Joubert brand should be alright. I would underline LE 's comments above and agree entirely.
  15. I got a signal at the three kings last year -Vodafone/One
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