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  1. Minards diesel just North of Sydney -run by a girl with more Yanmar knowledge than the current local lot. Very unusual for an SD50 to have gear issues usually it is just the cones which can be lapped fairly easily.
  2. No Mention of Champosa motoring to get off Narrow neck - it is on video from those on North Head.
  3. A great race to follow, this is the way forward as they will show in the ocean race.
  4. waikiore


    Phil Bolger drew many boats this shape--40 years ago. Admittedly for different but equally valid reasons
  5. So from this little discussion I take leave the dates and current start times-it works for most. Possibly allow finishers up till 18.30 on the Saturday -that would also work for everyone -except perhaps the poor sods on finish boat duty.
  6. Nothing secret as reported in the Herald years ago, some characters caught up with the ex owner who was living in Monaco -as you do, which resulted in multiple broken bones...
  7. I went to the CC sight looking for info but was disappointed as like many here I dont facebook and the coverage was great till Rangi light! Did Champosa finish after motoring ?
  8. Gosh most in the industry thought Sensation had collapsed over ten years ago - certainly the Russian owner of one project caught up with the old boss up there with painful results.
  9. Oh no fishing and baches must have been calling or Wired got ahead for a change.
  10. True true, Mayhem real yachties sail with a tiller go for it guys
  11. Though most of them are sailing north tonight....
  12. Didnt know there were any left- I guess they must be referring to YDL?
  13. One of NZ's naturally talented sailors and quite a gentleman compared to some of his early competitors
  14. Apparently some of the staff have started the deep cleansing internally with rum.... Must be going with KM's advice.
  15. Well the Champosa put on a good show for us with everyone on North Head saying dont go there as they ran onto Narrow Neck beach then started the engine to try and back off whilst the sails were still sheeted in! I guess that means they are out or joining the cruising rally lol.
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