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  1. Six months ago they were selling straight away, what has changed?
  2. Almost all of the 1020s had that Volvo and bit by bit they are being replaced (the2020) the MRXs have a number of spare engines to keep them going. Yes I believe they are better than the 2003 series but still not to be confused with the current D1 series (a totally reliable Japanese engine marinised in UK by Perkins and sold as Volvo)
  3. With an old Volvo such as that, check anodes in block and exhaust elbow for blockage, they ran pretty ruggedly even when new, also check revs at full throttle when warm (with a clean bottom no wind etc) that will indicate how it has been looked after .
  4. I like the idea of a small woodburner like the Dickinson Newport -but you require very small wood, maybe the Sigma 100 diesel burner would be better and you can still watch a comforting flame.
  5. I can not understand New Zealand based cruising yachts heading to Fiji this winter, there has been very little testing done up there -and as they test more people the infection rate rises in parallel. In fact this morning they announced the testers all have Covid positive results! I know a number have gone from here in the last few weeks , even people with medical backgrounds-but why ? Get a diesel heater and enjoy the NZ coastline in safety.
  6. Bit of Koha for a Korora hotel all sorted.
  7. Great first boat and when new Sandman was a good one, be very sus of the engine and the vendor -he is a boat trader of the worst sort.
  8. Jon is of course right
  9. For real, announced last night RNZYS 150th events details to follow.
  10. November 18 mark your calendars
  11. Just remembered the name of the best one used by many boatbuilders in Auckland Henkel Terrostat it is a modified polymer-and I have had over 15 years out of it in a stressed situation behind clear polycarbonate.
  12. Maybe there will be another Three Kings Race ........
  13. I have used the Rule sealant from Lustys-miles cheaper than the 3 part Sika effort and has lasted better!
  14. Cruising cats do seem to attract some very "optimistic" types in my experience
  15. That Shimmer fella is probably hoping for weather like the Three Kings race a few years ago -when the old kauri Towngirl came through and wupped them on handicap!
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