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  1. Yes that ties up exactly
  2. Over 200 entries for this race this weekend! strange what has happened to those hard men in the Emmies -after all they raced exactly this piece of water for all these years with the squadron and Victoria, some of us old luggers are doing it in 7' prams
  3. That looks very cheap..... I would tend to go for a Blue Seas Marine version which works superbly on my 10M keeler doing all the same stuff, (no connection to Lustys who sell them)
  4. I for one like the pictures that you have up now.
  5. If so she was built for the MP Harry R Jenkins and he cruised the Pacific in her then NZ Government used her for supply work during the war and afterwards sold on to Athol Rusden and partners, burnt to the waterline in the Tuamotus around 51
  6. Maybe ?? The New Golden Hind -designed by Chas Bailey jr and built by Deemings in the BOI the timing is right.
  7. Looks like one of the old Tahitian trading schooners, American origin?
  8. Young Buck in your prime then !
  9. This and a 1020 are poles apart, 1020 ideal for round here, HR ideal for ocean walloping and living on.
  10. Unlikely that is a current listing as she went for almost half that and still has the ratty original engine, Camerons last line should be taken seriously.
  11. I too like their boats, but having been on a sistership that price is way high for a small one needing a new donk. Yes I am aware of the usual resale prices in Europe.
  12. Yes I think the Andersen ribs go the other way-there were some interim Harken/Barbarossa winches that looked like that, though the base does look Maxwell....
  13. I am with A10 on this please explain , and to the newest Hayseed round these parts its a Soy Flat white when I am in Lycra thank you.
  14. Late model small (yacht) sized Yanmars use Johnson pumps, if you match up the right one they are a lot cheaper, the earlier ones likewise had Jabsco pumps also a lot cheaper, where you are really stuck is the launch size Yanmars which use Kinki pumps look away KM there is no agent and man do they fleece you. Typical example of current pricing here Northern Lights 3 cylinder 30Hp raw water pump $575.00 retail Yanmar 3 cylinder 30Hp raw water pump $1600.00 retail (both plus gst)
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