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  1. Ah NYYC and Prada put their cards on the table long before Dunphy popped up. Conversely Mr Dalton has been totally silent about the back deal he has with Team Fracking.....
  2. The cost of hardstand has affected even the Riv boys....
  3. Well safe to say things arent going swimmingly for Mr Dalton with this delay because no one has agreed to buy the hosting rights, and a growing groundswell of Kiwis questioning the need to take it away, plus of course two major players -America and Italy backing Auckland despite the geographic distance. I wonder how the conversation with his new best bud Ratcliffe is going now -Cowes anyone?
  4. waikiore

    What if...?

    Umm it happened last year whilst a good number were still away
  5. BOI guy you seem to be misinformed -catching it once wont stop you catching it again -its not the mumps you wont build resistance. Well done for taking the best advice on your two vax dates though.
  6. We sail with mixed crews always , and despite that dont climb over each other -however the point is well made I see a time very very close where we insist on only the fully vaxxed on board particularly for after race tinctures.
  7. Why you boys keep forgetting the Solent? The sailing world dont want to go to the middle east -look where the money is coming from...
  8. She was still on T pier at Westhaven in the 80s, Booboo you have named one of my favourites - Tom Neales an Island to Oneself.
  9. Shapes in the Wind i think it was , and I was lucky enough to meet some of the old Cook Island schooner men who explained a bit to me on their way of navigating, It was very sad when the mast went through the bottom of Davids Ferro boat and it went straight down, they were exceedingly lucky that they were at the Barrier on their initial cruise -as the rest of the crew whilst younger were not of Davids calibre as a seaman.
  10. Ice Bird is his most dreary read, the others reflect him much better -met him when preparing his last boat -the biography that Rebecca wrote an intro to is a good read-he never lost his eye for the "ladies" right into old age
  11. Whilst we are burning coal to power EV's I will stick to my straight 5 and V8
  12. But that wont pay for the chinese launch and ever bigger race cars and farms....
  13. End of wharf band sounds good
  14. Much as I dont like the inefficient shape (gas flow wise) of the high rise, I would be hesitant in going to the older lower style -I run a 3YM30AE as well. What you have done aft is a good move, but the crucial points to observe are maximum drop to the waterlock from the injection elbow-and volume of the waterlock -it has to take every drop from the high point of your new loops and dripping from the elbow once shut down, without any heading back up towards the engine. These points are of course common to all yacht engines, and yes before someone asks typically the exhaust hose is 1/3 water on
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