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  1. Are you going to build an Arriba?
  2. Yep I started hearing that tale three or four weeks ago -some pointed questions reveal all made up, and started with an anti vaxxer
  3. Use 1/2" bolts and put a little resin round them when fitting, two benefits take up any slack and isolate the stainless from the alli
  4. Yes they are rolling out Corinthian yachting as the clubs aim -if that were true they would probably forget the cup and just support SSANZ
  5. Special General Meeting announced to follow the AGM that hasnt been had, A pity the CEO has announced the RNZYS position is to sell the cup offshore to Grants highest bidder before the members have even had a chance to vote on it !!
  6. Many members are pushing for a special meeting to vote on this as they feel the voted in commodore should be representing them, rather than Grant Dalton
  7. The thought of a naked squid sailing a 60' schooner is too much for me and I dare say DOC in the BOI to bear.
  8. Absolutely right Twisty, nothing for the yachts to worry about.
  9. Maybe it was them that drank mine... whenever I get aboard they are empty??
  10. Choosing? get on the waiting list....
  11. Seems ok to me, but I dont own a Riv
  12. Cost containment is laughable, and said in the same sentence each challenger has to build two large hydrogen fuelled tenders !!! The womens series and youth thing are all old hat, admit that you can sail them with three people and get on with naming the venue -then we will see who does ,does not turn up. Go the Kiwi home defence -keep needling "Dalts" and hope the squadron wake up.
  13. All but one coastal I have done -mind I have been awfully close to the Dog at night! And cruising always except once when the seas were so big as we bore away into the bay the little Townson I was on started planing and we held it almost to Albert channel -you dont forget rides like that.
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