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  1. Unlikely to be a Blakes seacock on a Lotus, probably a Chatfield one.
  2. Many of the commercial skippers (non charter) up there have a low opinion of him.
  3. Yes as per the misnamed thread in short talk -how to correct the title?
  4. And this time last year 500 tons of cheap coal coming into the POA for Huntly per week, not sure how much this year, lets stay away from greenwashing.
  5. Golden Globe making their way hard on the wind south, with all this on the nose stuff I bet they wish they were in a Townson , -oh thats right hull shape too modern for the rules.
  6. And is the vessel currently in survey with an up to date MOSS cert?
  7. $21 Million plus the onshore electric substation, and 64 litres of Caterpillar power -sort of green
  8. That particular hull style does not have a good record in NZ, very low freeboard everyone rushing to one side means the AVS is reached very early as the tubes go under. Funny if they hit a whale that neither outboard kicked up..
  9. Ex Elly is of course correct, getting muddled in old age
  10. For those interested this event is underway , (solo around the world non stop no electronic nav)
  11. The key is that he was not on the mooring offered by the council, but another similar, the council just wanted it to go away so paid. As far as a competent yachtsman and a loveable rogue goes, the first three mutinies he suffered points the other way. I wonder if Classique is still tied up at Robertsons (the salvage yard ?? referred to in the Herald where she has resided since the harbour bridge rest)
  12. He was hopping between 'emergency' moorings for years and occasionally paying the fees, so the council probably should have shifted him to a more sheltered spot, would have been cheaper for the ratepayer in the end. It was a spectacle the mast leaning over the left lane of the bridge going south for a few days.
  13. Real local yachting still exists, the AC is a largely irrelevant but still intriguing sideshow. It headed offshore for good so that the owners of ETNZ can generate more money.
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