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  1. Hi I maybe in need of a new prop for a Farr940 (N30) fitted with 2GM15 and SD20 sail drive. I noticed your offer to quote for replacements.

     Currently a BriSki 15-11 is fitted. I'd be interested in my options.


    1. waikiore


      Recommended is 15 x 11 LH geared folder, I base this on a Noelex 30 weight which is pretty light for a 30' 

      $2065.00 plus gst  021 703718 This should give full revs 3600 if the engine is still healthy (check the exhaust elbow for blockage)


    2. eruptn


      Many thanks, at least I have the correct size. What brand is the replacement your offering.

      Yes boat weighs a bit over 2ton.

      I assume I can visually check the elbow by removing the exhaust pipe and looking into the elbow.


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