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  1. The Mediteranian basically has no tide, any rise or fall is related to barometric pressure. It does have currents though, usually 6 hourly + - with very little time between the changes of direction, very noticeable in restricted waters. Between the mainland and the island of Evoia (Greece) for example or the straits of Sicily, (between Sicily and the toe of Italy being 2 of the more prominent ones). I believe the water comes into the Med from the Atlantic on the Spanish side and goes out on the African side and takes 7 years for 1 complete circulation, and then is also the water coming from th
  2. I have heard that at full "electric" power it can only run for 30 minutes???
  3. As a point of interest, Ive foundwhen anchoring in a tidal harbour , I have found having a small to medium sized sea anchor streamed over the stern when anchored in gut or hole in the tidal stream that has rocks or other nastys outside of the chanel was a one of the better things I have tried. When the tide ebbs it keeps you in the centre of the flow. when the tide turns at full ebb I would pull it up onto the transom as the sides of the chanel will keep you in it as the flow returns until you reach full tide. Then you stream the sea anchor once again. It is at full tide with no flow tha
  4. I've got a 37 foot CBer that would sit nicely on a trailer, just need a tabernacle for the mast and an overwidth permit. Oh and the 4wd tractor and trailer..
  5. The average Kiwi family generally can't afford to buy fish in the first place. Let alone scallops. I remember a country calendar program about the Flounder fishery in the Marlborough Sounds having failed and not recovering. The local commercial flounder (Once upon a time) fisherman didn't seem to be able to join the dots that he may have had some responsibility. All natural resources are finite!!!
  6. Wow!!!! How lucky are you!!!, maybe you don't need the motor at all! I often think about the small boat sailors (early version of Countdown grocery deliverers, I supose) that delivered stuff by water on the Kaipara or similar harbours 150 years ago. They would have to have known every current, sand bar, safe bay, often sailing single handed, no Nanni's then, just maybe a big oar.
  7. Normally only used after changing the filter or cleaning the water trap, usually, as aardvark says, when things have turned to custard in unpleasant conditions. Often on a yacht that is used infrequently, there is a build up of detrius in the fuel tank, this usually becomes apparent when it is all shaken up in the conditions he mentions, (murphys law) and you have had to install a new filter etc etc. Invairiably it is the same time your wife / partner realises she has been conned, and she becomes certain that she can find better things to do whenever you suggest going for a lovely ro
  8. I have used an Outboard hand primer pump instead of the almost inaccessible engine one for the last 18 years, still using the original one, Definitely recommended!!
  9. A lot of Marine diesels don't bother with an air filter as there is a shortage of (no) dust when you are out at sea, unless you are sailing close to the Sahara or somewhere similar. You can certainly fit one if you choose, but I think?? your air pickup isn't designed for one. It certainly wont have any effect on your current problem.
  10. I seem to remember that Wallas stoves were fitted to police? customs? pilot? vessels. Their was an article in Skipper Mag a year or 3 or more back, about a new build. They could be used as a heater as well. The price back then was beyond the reach of most yachties. Of course the Dikinson diesel stoves are still available, but much more suitable for Southern waters on fishing boats. There was / is? an importer / agent in Invercargill / bluff.
  11. The dye was put in it for that very purpose, the fear of going blind, of course any quality alcoholic knew the solution, (Not a pun) very much as as Harrytom says.
  12. It is good and healthy to be scared, as the sea takes no prisoners, The number of people who are blown up by gas on boats is probably equivalent to the number of swimmers who are taken by sharks, or probably a lot less. Percentage wise a fraction of a fraction of a fraction 1/4 of a percent maybe. Because most sailors accept there can be danger, they minimize it by being extremely careful both in operation and shutting the gas down when not required. Careless sailors are usually eliminated early on, whether using gas, Kerosene, Meths or any other inflammable heat source.
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