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  1. will the red light cancel the Mahurangi regatta?
  2. I once kept my boat there, and it was on the piles just inside the entrance, These are piles that most of the damaged boats came off this time. There was a predicted NE storm, (No Tsunami) I rang the Marina and was told that all was ok nothing to be worried about! I rang after the blow and was told that my boat was hanging by the aft lines, the forward ones had broken, and our dingy (had been on Davits) was hanging by the bow line. The boat had swung 180 degrees, luckily the berth it swung into was empty. Had it had a boat in it I hate to think what might have happened to it, ours being Allumi
  3. We were in Whangaroa a few years back totally unaware that there was a tsunami on its way. The local coast guard rapped on the hull and said get into deeper water asap, which we did. We sailed around to Mangonui thinking it was a non event. Tied up to a mooring (courtesy of the Harbour Master) well the surges started and app every 20 minutes there was an incoming swell. Enough to put the mooring buoy 2 feet under. Lots of logs and other stuff that could float came down harbour every time the surge ran out. Impresive, scary!
  4. The top bay is called Te Pipi bay after all, reasonable depth if you stay near the channel, though it is not as deep as it used to be. The harbour depths altered quite radically after one of the Chilean (I think) earth quakes a few years ago and the subsequent Tsunami, it hasn't yet gone back to the way it was. it shallows of to STB as you enter it. Good for C/boarders, but not the average 6' keel on most of the older NZ designs. I anchor well in and have had the 6 footers think that if I am anchored there they can too, not realising I am a C/boarder. Boards up I only draw 3' A wonderful ha
  5. years ago a potato applied to the exhaust worked wonders, of course only after the gen set had stopped. Doesn't help with Compressors tho!
  6. They are struggling with lack of staff, currently family are helping out.
  7. Bon Accord is slowly emptying as lots of fizzyz and yachts that sheltered from the SW,er have now headed North, The Boat club (Cafe) is open some of the time, shortage of staff, the main reason for shorter hours. Many of the bigger fizzys are definitely going slower, probably because of the almost doubling of Diesel prices.
  8. the piece of string may be attached to the stop lever?? push the lever away from the string and try again. if it is the stop lever it might be missing a spring?? It certainly seems to want to run.
  9. I second the outboard primer pump, I've used one for the last 18 years, It can be where it is most accessible, and yes the bug is a bugger to remove. your filters will be a give away if you have it. I think Fish is talking about the water trap sight glass???
  10. The pump will be probably be a Jabsco or Johnson, the model no. should be on the cover. there are agents in Auckland, parts are pricey but once done you probably wont need to go there again. (but do carry a spare impellor) (the pump) probably looks worse than it is, a clean and "polish" it could look like new.The rest as Island Time says. Interesting that the ex pipe doesn't seem to be cooled yet it is clamped into a (Rubber) hose??? Cleaned up and a tidy box over it you would hardly know it is there, until you start it.
  11. I noticed that too and wondered what it was. Looked like a cockpit drain or something. Surely thats going to suck air into the system causing overheating. [/quote] Agreed. And the impeller appears to be on the wrong side of the water filter. The filter is supposed to protect the impeller but the impeller is connected directly to the seacock and what looks like a filter is on the outlet of the impeller. The filter if we are looking at the same thing is actually the engine water heat exchanger, the engine must be freshwater cooled. Must be a header tank somewhe
  12. I hope someone has told the Dolphins that they can't come and surf on my bow wave anymore, or swim along side just because they like to. The only reasons that Dolphins are in short supply in the B.o.I is that their food chain is disappearing, the less food there is for the stingrays and other dolphin tucker they soon look somewhere else and of course the Dolphins follow.
  13. does it by chance have a remote?
  14. Perhaps we should be taking the regional councils to task as it is the water they claim to control that is doing the contaminating to the boats in the first place, not the boats in it. Another thought re the cleaning of hulls, I wonder if the councils have ever watched a mussel barge harvesting the mussels, now that is a huge amount of "contamination" material!
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