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  1. looks like just another "lovely" Northland day! we don't have a summer, just a permanent (warm or cool) Autumn. I was in Whangarain yesterday, only rained a little.
  2. There is little actual understanding (by the Regional councils) of the reality (impossibility) of what they are trying to do. I have just read about a yellow sea squirt that is apparently now in Stewart island, they realise that it can't be eliminated, but wish to "slow" its spread. "Yeah right"
  3. I'm not sure they know what tides and currents do and that they carry things all around the world. As I've said before "Mediterranean" has to be the give away for the fanworm. But they are talking to us, rarely happened before.
  4. I went to the NRC meeting, there were 12 of us "guinea pigs" there, Admission - I misread the meeting start time (ancient brain) and wandered around Whangarei until nearer what I thought was the start time (7pm) it was actually 5-30pm with nibbles etc. So arriving early ( I thought) (6-40pm) I only had 20 minutes to get a feel for what their goal was. It appeared to be, for them to to get an understanding of what we would be prepared to do and pay for (or not) to assist with their aim of stopping foreign marine organisms establishing themselves in NZ waters and on our boats. The 3 peopl
  5. I'm not sure how much actually comes from the NRC (Northland) ratepayers, I have it good authority that it is funded by MPI. The question is if MPI stopped the funding would NRC stop inspecting yachts bums?
  6. This meeting is being instigated by NRC, it is possible, and hopefully probable that other Regional councils will do likewise, but of course that ain't necessarily so!
  7. I found the info on the WCC Scuttlebut news letter, asking for anyone interested to get in touch with Aless Smith Biosecurity specialist NRC . as shown below. And yes BP. I am going.
  8. NRC alongside the Cawthron institute and Scion?, will be holding a meeting with any / all interested yachties / boat owners next Monday the 7th of November at 7pm, at their Whangarei office. I understand it is to try develop an understanding of how both can go forward (I hope) in the best interests of Boaties and NRC Biosecurity.
  9. I know of one in Riverton that might tick your box!
  10. Banana's are already being grown commercially (farmers market) in Northland and the small ones have been around for much longer than I've lived up here. I get at least 1 bunch of the small ones every year.
  11. It is a simple fact of life, and the way we are living it, since the 1970's we have developed the consumer society, of course to do that we had to have shipping from every part of the world to every other part, think ballast water, commercial hulls that are cleaned and painted only every 5 years. The dumbing down of anti-foul paint, etc.etc. what could ever go wrong!! the law of unintended consequences or perhaps just plain old fashioned greed?
  12. Given that Auckland gave up on Med Fanworm in 2010. That Marsden Marina, Parua bay, Tutukaka? B.o.I. Etc. Etc. all have uncontrollable infestations brings to mind the story in Don Quixote about "Tilting at windmills" why would you continue to throw money at an issue that already has you beat?? Though certainly if I was one of the diving contractors I wouldn't want it stopped. Maybe it is the same M.P.I. folk who are trying to eradicate Mycoplasma Bovis, every time they tell us they are close to success, then another farm(s) is found to have it.
  13. Need to be like the Poms, a nice mud berth would probably work better than legs.
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