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  1. very common in Europe.
  2. 18 knots to justify the speed of the pilot boats perhaps??
  3. At least you got in and out of the Kaipara and around NZ before the "official" mission creep got stuck in. Good memories i'm sure.
  4. Grid use appear to be banned around NZ except for a very light rub with a sponge, Whatever is attached to the hull must be removed and captured to a sludge tank. I wonder if any of the folk proposing and enforcing this sort of official behaviour have ever watched a mussel harvester in action, the amount of mud, marine debris, fan worms (perhaps) etc. etc. that are gushing off the harvester back into the sea are exactly the same as could be hanging off the bottom of any yacht on the grid, With perhaps a smidgen of antifoul that might be removed in the cleaning process. Given that the dumbe
  5. Amway has been here forever, pretty low profile now, compared to 30 years ago though.
  6. That should read ,<whangarei.marina@xtra.co.nz>
  7. <Whangarei.marina.co.nz> Send them an email.
  8. Plexus is another product that is the same or very similar to Vuplex, costs a bit more than Vuplex though.
  9. I think it was either Puketotora rd or Waiare rd. That being said It caught my eye as we drove past, I thought hmmm that could be Waihape, but it may not be??
  10. I had heard that someone was going to try a rescue of her. if I get back up that way I will look a little closer.
  11. I was driving out Okaihau way a week or so ago and saw Waihape (at least I think it was her) on a farm. Perhaps awaiting restoration??
  12. As I understand it the furler rope came off the winch, allowing the genoa to unfurl, no problem with the furler just the cleat / jammer.
  13. He is now a true sailor, engine packed up, What a capable guy, and still with a sense of humour.
  14. In the photo of the damaged strut it showed that all the bolts on that particular plate had sheared, I would be very surprised if other bolt ups are not partially sheared as well. Not going to be a quick fix.
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