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Dodger fugly or not

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15 hours ago, ynot said:

Yep used that form and bent by hamd.. Only had to use an extension bar once when the tail got short. 

I used my mockup pvc to make to jog about right and marked 100 mm graduations along it after the main bend and used the opposite direction to create the bow bit by bit. 

I brought t 6m lengths of stainless so had plenty of leverage but a bit wasteful... Anyway had to try it and it worked. 

I'm sure if I went for a tighter radius I think sand filling would be required to stop kinks in this form. Of Bending or maybe a groove in the form and the opposite on a roller with lever on the outside. 

I practiser with aluminum tube first cause I have it. 

Easier to bend than ya think. 

Make sure to clamp the offside to the table so it doesn't roll. 

Oh and don't slip and hit ya head on the drill press.... Duh.... And knocked me bloody beer off it. 


Excellent work man ! 

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