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  1. Where did crusader end up going ?
  2. Blue dude in some French colony
  3. Got some photos somewhere …
  4. sh*t you are old ! Was that supergroove ? Lucky you got your crew back
  5. Those with the balls to go and capabilities to finish the race would’ve had maybe ? a hell of a blast ? It’s solid 30kts and more up here on Whangarei coast with a good bit of easting in it
  6. Love the AM when the sailing is on . The crap that has being going on this year is a new low though . Most Professional sport has lost relevance lately with the loss of freedoms , income , business etc . Not many people will take any notice of squillionaires and millionaires try to fund boat races and calling each other names
  7. Go on …be the first 1020 with a prod ! sorry I don’t have a piece of section though
  8. Ex Machina

    SSANZ Race D

    Just went through all that and now postponing this weekend cause the weather is outhouse
  9. Yeah I’ve seen that design too very simple and cheap
  10. And bay of islands sailing week ! Plus auck/Tauranga
  11. Yeah it’s the old buckle up but it’s a rocket 40 one off and renamed flashback
  12. This is a young 40 with a Y11 ? in the background …check out the meaty crane to the left . Cant really imagine any yacht clubs having the $$ to build a facility like this but damn it would be a “nice to have “ it’s in Oz somewhere and very common to drysail over there
  13. That’s the bugger ! Good to hear it’s getting a Birthday . It was covered in motorway soot and had a good number of oysters on the waterline last time I clapped eyes on it
  14. There was one on H pier at westhaven last time I was there . Name escapes me but it was very neglected
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