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  1. I used to surf there a bit . It moves heaps , you should be ok draft wise but swing room is limited . Bottom is sand and shells unless you go up creek to the mangroves . Wellington or Whangaumu Bay outside the entrance is a reasonable north sheltered anchorage if there’s no swell .
  2. f*ck that’s cool ! Bad taste in trawlers but got a beaut sea kayak and gentleman’s rowing skiff
  3. I have a vague recollection of the moonrakers also being sold as bonitos ? So possibly a Keith Eade design
  4. I thought anything that size would run centrifuges for bug and water removal ?
  5. Maybe a 3rd division for full crew would attract a few more boats ? . Lethargy seems to be in abundance , fleets are slowly shrinking year on year , triple series seems to be the exception though .
  6. Try the marina shop , 35 year old boat very few questions asked , insured offshore by a UK company ….but we do have EWOF and gas cert plus supplied them with a rig check report and survey . They may ask few questions and happily take your payments but I suspect they will thoroughly examine any mishaps and local regs if you make a major claim .
  7. Nice simple summary of Lifepo4 install . https://svviolethour.com/2023/10/23/lithium-battery-system-install-on-our-sailboat/
  8. Feck that would be premium , enter the coastal and not have to sail the damn thing
  9. Usually for the faceplate but I guess you could use it in the housing too
  10. Good tip I found on SBW forums is squirt dishwashing liquid into the impeller housing when fitting a new Impeller . Protects it from the dry start up after changeover .
  11. We have compliance and the lpg alarm is at the stove . Definitely getting one for the bilge there’s an 8 metre run of pipe from the bottle to the stove . If there was a leak between the bottle and stove it would take a few bottles worth of gas to set the alarm off which is about knee high off the sole and the sole is waist high off the bottom of bilge . Big boom , no more talking .
  12. No but I looked at them in earnest when the govt announced LPG was being phased out . You can also get diesel induction hobs , bloody spendy but no more than going full electrickery to run an induction hob
  13. Interesting idea . We have 24v to 240v with lifepo4 at home only 3kW of solar and 400ah of batts and it works a treat .we can’t have a spa pool but we do everything else no problem . it would be pricey but switching the boat over to fully 240v is very attractive with a 24v start battery and 24v running lights etc . Induction is something that has been on my mind awhile as I can’t hear gas alarms and have seen a shed load of land yachts with induction hobs . Actually a guy living next door to where I work has the very same cheapo plug in hob you are talking about running off his inverter i
  14. Boat came with a permanent sunblock handprint on dodger clear
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