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  1. Cool looking boat …what is it again ? Have a similar looking boat at our club , a Beale 780
  2. Seems like stuff is reporting the same incident as two boaties .wasn’t It was all the same incident ?
  3. Just Bloody amazing . Props to the crew of Te Mana and northland trust helicopter ….and that guy on 888
  4. Thanks for pointing that out , learn something everyday ! . The whole situation is quite distressing and the way it unfolded could not be predicted .
  5. Te Mana has launched a boat by the looks of it on AIS I would be able to see it from here if there wasnt so many sheds and sh*t flying through the air
  6. We are only getting 50 knot gusts here now two hours north , so if what we had earlier happens in Auckland it will be quite an event
  7. Coromandel will absorb it for those areas but Te Aroha will get absolutely nailed once it gets a bit of southing
  8. You’ve put a bit of weight on there
  9. That’s an interesting option . The boat has a heat exchanger type tank that’s only configured for shore power so could be plumbed in to a diesel heater I think .
  10. I’ve been Looking at ducted exhaust LPG water heaters like the suburban and camec style etc . Anyone here got one of these ? And do you have the tankless or tank version ? The fitting options seem more flexible than a classic style califont and probably easier to meet certification criteria too.
  11. Isn’t there two ? Beforehand and after ? The multihull club is reviewing the PHRF thing so hopefully they drop that requirement .
  12. All good points ! My argument is those core of boats that do the long races and short handed series are very well catered for in terms of events year round . They very rarely enter the soft core races like R66 , coastal or bayweek etc so I doubt they will lose sleep over missing the harbour classic . There’s literally hundreds of race boats in Auckland that just club race and don’t do any major races or events . The Harbour classic just might get a lot of them out of the marinas on that day . I still think PHRF is a bloody facepalm and a YNZ rort for such a short race , who
  13. Yeah -na , the Auckland Tauranga boats are hardcore and wouldn’t feel like they are missing something would they ? ….north head to Torbay and back ? And it’s more than PHRF it’s cat3+ too
  14. Ex Machina

    Birdsall Plans

    I worked with Johnson many years ago , I think he would’ve been a kid in the 70s
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