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  1. I cant help but post some more of “carbon footprints “ other weekend achievements. more than a few weekends spent building a wicked carbon prod for my boat …topped off with a new name whacked out on his vinyl cutter . Font is copied from a 1950s Italian espresso machine ….now if you need a new V6 dropped into your Audi he can do that too
  2. Aha ! that’s the missing link In the ones I’ve seen
  3. Mint ! What are the rings for ?
  4. Have a couple of mates who make these…not exactly sure of the process but It was dyneema sandwiched in carbon and I think silicone muffin trays were used in one version to get nice disc . Very strong but I think watertightness in the deck core is an issue ?
  5. Me too . I will take one roll if any left ?
  6. Man-o-war withdrawal symptoms ?
  7. I have heard of silicone rubber reducers that are used for intercooler/turbo induction lines being used for this . they come in a shed load of different sizes and are a bit more durable than neoprene . Boy racer shops are a good source of them so should be plentiful in chch !
  8. I will happily box shadows within reason to see my family in Auckland and elsewhere . Boxing with the government will just drag this sh*t out longer than necessary
  9. I can’t see a big issue ? I mean if you are vaccinated you can catch it from either vaccinated or unvaccinated persons with the same end result whatever that may be . And odds are you will catch it at some stage in the future anyhoo . as for events with big onshore crowds I guess exclusion is the best carrot for encouraging vaccination or an incentive for placard wavers to protest your event .
  10. Where did crusader end up going ?
  11. Blue dude in some French colony
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