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  1. A bit like the lotus ? write off he quickly glued back together a couple of years ago
  2. Shite is that the insurance write off from a few weeks back ? classic Q+A section in that add ….”it didn’t take any water when it grounded “ ”keel joint might need sealing to stop the leak “ !!
  3. Big interior volume and large cockpit but you would have to add cruising comforts I would imagine
  4. Only boat I can think of that would be faster than an 88 or a 930 in that price range would be an SR26 or maybe an Elliott 770 . And there’s also what’s news Y 8.4 which is a bit more than 40k but it’s early days and the market isn’t exactly going gang busters . sorry did you mean the 930 is not as FAT as you would like ? Or as fast ?
  5. The Elliott 35SS “palby marine “ is doing this race and is currently in the leading pack . Race tracker is here http://yb.tl/rbni2022 photo is from its previous life
  6. Bit of a drift but that reminds me of my great Aunt seeing a ketch in the manukau a few days after Olivia smart and Ben hope disappeared . It matched the water Taxi drivers description/artists depiction closely , she called it in obviously a few weeks later after the picture was released . Police didnt seem interested and never interviewed her . Quite Eerie because a ketch matching the description was also seen in that Time frame off the taranaki coast heading north , also ignored by police .
  7. The boat is almost brand new so quite fortunate it didn’t get chopped up . Saw a photo of it in a marina berth still upside down !
  8. The man deserves a medal
  9. Just put a generator in the boot and go flat out as much as you want
  10. Victron has very cheap units it’s if you get them from here https://victronenergy.co.nz/ I will be putting a Bluetooth job on my TY with LifePo4 battery soonish . I like the Bluetooth to smart phone function cause I can tuck it away near the battery box out Of sight . You get what you pay for with solar gear
  11. sh*t imagine a retirement village with a marina ….I bet a few people would live there well before retirement age
  12. I serviced two last year and was horrified to find the cylinders had completely unscrewed themselves in both PFDs after 3 years . Regular checks are now on the cards
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