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  1. What about daltbridge composites Ltd ? Or shoedalts foils and hydrogen Co
  2. I Agree and getting local means you can get luff curve or whatever adjusted in a timely manner after it’s fitted
  3. You guys could create a division in the coastal classic ….I think you need 5 boats to create a design Div
  4. Is thornburrow your local ? I’ve heard good things about the young chap who took over , from people who have worked with him .
  5. Yeah that’s the rub , if you don’t have waterfront or a yacht club with parking and launching it doesn’t make sense to put a big boat on a trailer ….unless you are in the USA
  6. Well , with a swing keel your pogo would realistically sit on a launching trailer ….on your front lawn in KK , big 4WD or a tractor would launch it
  7. The first warehouse I remember was on a back street in Takapuna and was a bit like an emporium style shop ….was that the first store ?
  8. I find resenes lack of promotion of Durepox promotion in the marine market mystifying . I too only recently found out about it , maybe they sell enough in other markets that advertising in the marine market doesn’t matter .
  9. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3590684890?bof=zy0OOZAv his best sales pitch yet !
  10. There’s a cheap melges 40 on trademe at the moment ….but it doesn’t come with the team van
  11. We have about 50 trailer yachts at our club and the ones with those rollers have permanent dimples in the hull . The Noelex’s have rollers for the keel
  12. The top end rigs plus the tow vehicle would put you at the pointy end of the Auckland keeler fleet …not sure if it would pay for the team van as well though ?
  13. I used to be an obsessive plunderer of fish , especially kingfish . I would be happy with 1 kingfish , 1 snapper and 1 kahawai . Even then that would be far more than my family “needed” . If you “need” more take more people on the boat . Recreational fishing is a first world “want” for the vast majority of people in this country ….the cost of an average tinny would feed a residential street on bought salmon , tuna and scallops for a few years . Average tinny round here would be 100k .
  14. I just read the rest of the thread I found that on at SA and it got torn to pieces there too . Very good discussion on the thread especially about induction cooktops and battery/charging systems to support them
  15. I’m not qualified to comment on this but it’s an interesting take on lithium mishaps from this guys perspective . https://loosecannon.substack.com/p/youre-not-qualified-to-have-li-batteries?s=r
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