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  1. Classics... Yep they where designed liked that I believe. Guess it could be like motorbikes registered before 1978 don't require indicators... Last time I checked.
  2. Do mulitis have lifeline exemptions?
  3. Wonder what hours the imoca guys sleep for. Betcha it's not more than six hours.... Which must make them a danger.
  4. Good report then. What about negative bouyency? I understand the sailing brand names are designed to be neutral buoyancy for obvious reasons any idea?
  5. Had anyone tried kaiwaka gear in anger here?
  6. Paint ball gun
  7. Hi Does anyone know if kawau boating club is open over Easter? I looked at Facebook page but no info.... Easter egg hunt for kids been pretty good last two years.
  8. Haha I like the way you roll.
  9. Yep weather watch seems to give just that little bit more detail.
  10. ynot


    And with the coastgaurd app you can log trip reports.. And it works I've checked
  11. Do they see motorbikes the same way.... Insurance Wise? I wonder.... Been a while since I had a bike and rode.... Is the cost of insurance reletive to value more expensive than cars these days?
  12. What exactly is the reasons that tricycles are hard to insure does anyone know? There must be some factual knowledge out there on crew Seems pretty harsh to me.
  13. Avgas also burns slower than petrol... So ya big boom in ya boat would last longer.... I guess that means more bang for ya buck....
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