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  1. Be wary of air locks if fitting cylinder above the header tank. There is a reason the radiator cap is the highest point.
  2. ynot

    WTB Simrad at10

    Ok ta anyway. What I'm trying to achieve is old B&g Nmea0183 to 2000 New toy recognizes depth speed temp comp but not wind because old nmea wind sentence is VWR and new toy like mvw on the 0183 side and the at10 apparently accepts vwr and converts to 2000. Thanks anyway
  3. Does anyone have one of these they wish to part with?
  4. It's yours if ya want it Pm me
  5. There it is found a pic on phone. More of a splash cradle. The back opens up so keel can pass through. Would need mods to suit hull shape. Easy to do it the way I did it. I'm guessing you where probably think different type of cradle. Anyway you are welcome to go look at it. Pm me for address
  6. I got one for some rum Pickup kumeu I can load onto trailer with forklift I'll post pic later Where you based
  7. ynot

    Wind data history

    Thanks for replies I'll check them out Ta
  8. Does anyone know where to find historical data for the now casting. Looking for wind data between 0700 and 1000. 22nd Dec 2020 or anyone who may have access to it. Insurance issue Ta
  9. Yup sitting on boat having coffee. Nek minute! Boat opposite came out turned to slow so gave it the gas ad the arse swang around and bamo! Tipped boat to at least 40deg heel. Might have been alright if prod broke but it was. Glassed/glued on. Low friction rings with dyneema bobstay deformed so must been hefty clout. 41 foot AWB... Cannot say any more about what type at this stage though. Westhaven Yup holiday gone!
  10. Nowhere for me now that someone f##&$d me over yesterday whilst sitting in my berth. Tipped boat over so hard opposite side dock fitting ripped out.
  11. Cool... I was worried they where shutting down Westhaven.... I want to run away Friday morning. Ta
  12. ynot

    open cpn tactics

    Mmmm Might be my laptop I'll try that link. Ta
  13. ynot

    open cpn tactics

    Hi I have been playing with open cpn and cannot seem to get tactics to open on screen it just opens with an X in on corner and a little piece of the screen all jumbled ? has anyone had thsi or tried to use it ? ta
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