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  1. BTW all those panels around the car used to be over by the shed in other pic. Yup cleanup job morrow under covid protocols of course. Feel sorry for Treescape company though and others around the place ....saw about ten private cars up to windows in water.
  2. Almost... Probably raft would be better This is our yard and that's a car under our sh*t
  3. Do they talk as fast as cabled ones?
  4. Yep checked that and it has not came back.... Might Have been doing something wrong or it was old one and I accidentally cleared it. But the bell is hard to find when you open menu up on android it needs a swipe left to show it.
  5. This is menu that comes up... But little green thing gone. If I press mail icon it brings up 2 old messages which where read and answered long ago.
  6. What's the little green dot with a #1 in it and how do ya access it.... I'm guessing it is a message.... No matter how many times I press it nothing happens.... Any ideas anyone.
  7. I have a pile of 2003 stuff Old raw water cooled runner. Fresh water cooled motor.. Bottom end effed... Head rebuilt. Heat exchanger and pipes pumps etc etc etc
  8. Be wary of air locks if fitting cylinder above the header tank. There is a reason the radiator cap is the highest point.
  9. ynot

    WTB Simrad at10

    Ok ta anyway. What I'm trying to achieve is old B&g Nmea0183 to 2000 New toy recognizes depth speed temp comp but not wind because old nmea wind sentence is VWR and new toy like mvw on the 0183 side and the at10 apparently accepts vwr and converts to 2000. Thanks anyway
  10. Does anyone have one of these they wish to part with?
  11. It's yours if ya want it Pm me
  12. There it is found a pic on phone. More of a splash cradle. The back opens up so keel can pass through. Would need mods to suit hull shape. Easy to do it the way I did it. I'm guessing you where probably think different type of cradle. Anyway you are welcome to go look at it. Pm me for address
  13. I got one for some rum Pickup kumeu I can load onto trailer with forklift I'll post pic later Where you based
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