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  1. Oh... but it makes such a really cool sound.
  2. So yes they can alter certain rules within the club and yes it should be enforceable if they alter the rules they are allowed to. But this particular one is tricky if the boat has finished I guess unless you could prove that it possibly hindered your progress or actions getting to the finish line.
  3. No wrongs done to me as in not out much enough (work gets in the way) but when I have been out over the last 25 years of sailing in auckland I have seen it a lot and going back to what I was imprinted with when very young (albeit probably wrong) and in the absence of not really looking at the rules I guess I believed it to be a rule. Is the club that adds bits to the sailing instructions combined with a rule # plus an addition like . 2 or. 3 making a rule or a suggestion when combined with a rule that exists already. Is it supposed to be enforceable or is it just a suggestion... If
  4. So you could protest if someone did recross?... Wonder how many know about this
  5. I guess it's just polite to do it then. When I sailed p class when I was a little younger the old boy always said never recross the line.... Guess he was just trying to install in me it's the right thing to do in his opinion.
  6. Just seems weird that everyone just recrosses the line when boats still I would have thought staying clear by rounding outside the odm would have benn the cool thing to do.... Anyway just thought there was a rule at some stage
  7. I'm pretty sure the richmond used to have this as a rule... Does it still exist? Is it the wrong thing to do? How does committee know rou are not going back to right a wrong? Or do they just assume? Thoughts
  8. Kills weeds. Ooooohhhh
  9. Usb endiscope... Pb tech 50 dollar ish... plug into phone have a look first just in case one wing happens to be sitting half in valve seat on open valve.... Then ya know what to do. Don't fiddle poke prod untill ya know.... If ya find it sitting by a open valve where it's sitting... Wind motor till valve closed whilst watching with camera then make a plan to poke prod hook fiddle or remove manifold. Murphy is at play here so eliminate Murphy
  10. Guess I'll set up permanent buttons then easy pezy... Still sucks though. I'll look into dc dc charger as well. Thanks for input guys
  11. And yep always let preheat do its thing about 8 seconds
  12. Yes It I agree... It seems like horse sh*t thay they would try to blame it on solar.... No issue here with the dealer all is good and being looked after. So you are saying your one is "seeing" voltages up to 14. 7 as well? Nm... Is yours still mounted on engine when 2 have died? CD....is yours still mounted on engine... I probably will move mine because it would be easier to get it if happened again. I read all lot of the Nordkyn stuff... All very interesting but I cannot find anything definitive on what actually goes kaput in them which I would have thought considering the amount
  13. So apparently Volvo have said that the main cause of MDI box failures is caused by solar panels attached to the system and the voltage getting higher than 13.8v which kills the MDI which in turn stops the motor and won't start or charge or do sweet bugga all unless you get out the screw driver and short the relays old school...and yes I know how to wire the emergency start button but that voids warranty so if the above is true how do you get around a solar charger charging AGM's at 14.7 which will keep the VSR engaged which also means the start batt see this as well (SLA) and if both power
  14. Nah....1st party up ........... 2nd have some more around the track 3rd repeat the 1st till ya droop
  15. Forman insulation used to have the good sh*t.... Heavy layer in the middle. Not cheap... But
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