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Lotus 9.2 skeg hung rudder

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Asking again if anyone has  experience re-bushing the pintles and gudgeons on a Lotus 9.2. Does the skeg and rudder come out as one piece? Or can just the rudder be removed to fix. How is it attached? Does anyone have diagrams or plans for these boats?

Many thanks in advance. I'm on the hard, trying to get the job done as quickly and economically as possible.

Cheers Rick

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I don't know if they are all built the same, but on my Lotus 9.2 there are three pintles and gudgeons connecting the skeg to the rudder blade. To remove the rudder blade and get at the bearings, you actually remove the each piece of wood on the rudder blade just above the supports. It's about 50mm high, and is usually screwed or glued in there as a separate piece. Once you have removed them, the rudder can be lifted off the pintles.

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