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  1. I've fitted the recommended solar controller - it says it is supplying 14.7 v.
  2. I thought I understood my charging system, but now I'm not so sure.... Setup - start battery and house battery. Connected to a VSR. so- when the engine is started, the VSR 'sees' the voltage drop on the start battery, tops that up, and when it reaches full charge, now switches its attention to the house battery and charges that. So far, so good, I think. The voltage regulator has been set to 14.7V to charge the batteried. However, due to lack of use during Covid, my ancient engine driven compressor fridge crapped out, and I have replaced it with an electric driven compressor plate.
  3. alibaba


    Kiwi grip is really good - it's water based and easy to apply with the special roller. When I used it first I was a bit concerned about its durability because of the water base, but it's as hard as nails, and wears well, so don't make the finish too coarse, or you'll take the skin off
  4. BP- you are obviously a gentleman!
  5. yes, DAn Brown, another 'man of action'. He's working for Bill now, and is based in BAyswater. Good guys for YAnmar.
  6. Mostly I have found that engine suppliers will give you the dimensions required of the engine bed/bearers etc, and where the engine mounts need to be. When I have done this in the past, I have found it useful to make up a wooden jig to these dimensions, so you can just sit it in place and see what you need to alter, if anything. It's really worthwhile making this up as it is light enough to move in and out of the engine bay as you adjust stuff. The trickiest things I have found was not the installation of the engine on the bearers, but the alignment of the drive with the previous drive
  7. phots above, niiice job!
  8. yet another rule honoured in the breach. Anyone know of someone who has been prosecuted for not displaying an anchor ball when anchored and fishing? Who will enforce this anyway. The harbour board crews have enough to do, and cannot even enforce the harbour speed limits [ which is far more dangerous than having a zzizz at anchor]. The maritime police are also busy with real crimes. Was there a recent incident which I missed which caused damage etc to provoke this promulgation?
  9. Just a note to those of us with Rocna anchors.When you take them in for re galvanising, make sure that you have cleaned [ with difficulty] out the hollow rollbar. If you don't they will be very reluctant to do the job as there is a danger of sudden gas expansion I was told.
  10. Thanks Ballystick I too have researched and watched that video. The outside/right hand bolt is easily visible and accessible. BUT... if you look at the video, at no stage is there a look at the left hand bolt. It appears to be hidden between the starter flange and the inward curve of the engine crankcase. Even with removal of the air cleaner and alternator, I cannot even see it, let alone get a socket on it. I know I must be missing something here. The guy in the video also has effectively got full access to the side of the engine, whereas I, like most of us I suspect, have acc
  11. I'm starting to feel a bit think with this. After 25years, my starter is sounding that it needs a birthday, so I thought I would remove it and get it serviced - new brushes/contacts etc. However, on inspection, from both front and rear, I can only see access to one bolt. The motor is a Yanmar 3GMF. I've got a manual, which actually in not very helpful. Any advice please?
  12. sounds good, and certainly a selling point for Iphones. BUT...how many of us ever go outside cell coverage around NZ these days. I looked up the coverage of the major networks, and they certainly go a fair distance offshore- $1400 seems a lot to pay for rare occurrences. EPIRBs work everywhere for those odd trips. Of course, if you are an offshore sailor... go for it.
  13. And how did you all find your good partners? Word of mouth? advertising - if so where?
  14. Anyone had any experience of this, good advice etc? Herbert has just put up Bayswater marina prices yet again, in my case over 15%. It's getting real expensive to keep up with my wee Lotus 9.2. I'd go back onto a mooring, but I was broken into twice then, and also there is the problem of insurance. May be I could keep on sailing for a few more years [ bloody old age doesn't help[!], if I could share costs. I did a calculation the other day, added up the usual haulage; maintenance and berthage costs, and I'm not that far short of chartering. However, I do use the boat for more d
  15. i would say so. Not very efficient, but don't leeboards look fantastic! Bloody big sails to handle too
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