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  1. Built 1988 - to MOT specs, maintained to a very high standard. All gear. Selling with marina berth. Reason? 80 years dammit, and the pension just won't support a boat. Would like a half share really, then I could keep sailing for while yet. See full details on TM. Triple skin kauri, all mod cons. Will consider offers on this forum.
  2. Yep- as a golden rule, NEVER let a marketing department into anything at your peril. So they have spent tens of thousands [ or probably hundreds of thousands ] on a totally unnecessary exercise. Coastguard units have to sell raffle tickets to raise funds for local units every summer, and here their marketing dept. is splashing out like there is no tomorrow. We all know Coastguard, it did not need marketing, and a new logo and paint ain't going to assist saving anyone's lives. The front end of Coastguard, all volunteers, does a helluva good job in assisting us when needed, well done you guys.
  3. and,,, I'm getting a bit slow in my old age, forgot to mention the pickup is in Bayswater, Auckland.
  4. Two blade prop, off Yanmar saildrive. I've replaced it with a Kiwiprop. It's a Briski LH 15 x 11. Any reasonable offer will do, I'll never use it again. Photos give an idea of the condition. Only caveat, it's a heavy item, so the buyer will have to pick up. ph 021 153 0747
  5. I think DOC has water available at the campground at Sullivan's Bay- but you would have to carry it out in a dinghy in containers
  6. Don't need to use primer on the blades, they are composite. I just use the silicon topcoat and it sticks for at least two years. The important bit is the metal boss, which must be kept clear of fouling. As above, the clue to needing regreasing is difficulty in reverse, because if the blades stick instead of swinging right across it can stall the engine. I have like others, thought about getting diver to do it in the water, but .... those tiny little screws!
  7. Anchored overnight, no anchor light etc, dragged into another vessel, then yes, I guess you might be held responsible for any damage. I've certainly had problems in the past with inexperienced boaties anchoring closely and not setting their anchors correctly with enough scope etc. However, being proactive, having both and anchor light on which illuminates your vessel, and having an anchor drag alarm set, I think commonsense applies. Given that we have 'phone coverage around most of NZ at the moment, and anchor alarm apps on phones are readily available, it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Caulerpa, like most seaweeds, can reproduce by producing eggs and sperm cells which fertilise in the water, and then, obviously, spread for kilometers by tidal currents. Although fragmentation also can spread it, once it is established, the action of a few fragments from anchoring ain't going to make much difference. Once again, like the over reaction to kauri dieback, decisions made without scientific evidence. We pay all the time for the foreign species brought in by international travelling ships. Does anyone really think that ships are carefully and fully compliant about emptying thei
  9. If you can, make the ends of the packing where they meet at 45 degrees rather than 90, for an even better seal. I had the same problem on my old Davidson 28, and replaced with a [relatively ] cheap Volvo seal. Doesn't need much clearance, and it worked like a charm for years.
  10. alibaba

    Poo pipe part 2

    Just from a chemistry point of view, just be careful if you decide to mix acid ie hydrochloric, with alkali - ie Sodium hydroxide - you will get a LOT of heat. That's why earlier in the thread someone said always add acid to water rather than the other way around. Wear goggles and expect the possibility of some spitting of hot liquid.
  11. alibaba

    Poo pipe part 2

    Not a bad idea to put a bucket of fresh water down the loo before leaving the boat anyway. Flush it through enough so there is as little sea water in the pipes as possible. The reaction between sulphates inthe sea water [ if left in] and the bacteria in the sea water generate that horrible smell you get with the first flush when you return.
  12. alibaba


    ouch! bit harsh comments guys. Imagine if it was your boat. Not all sinkings occur because someone has been an idiot.
  13. Contradict me if I am wrong, but I remember reading a long time ago, that the survival time of viruses etc in seawater was quite short. By the time it has been diluted by the tidal flow? I certainly would not swim in the area around there, but cancelling yacht races is surely an overreaction.
  14. I've fitted the recommended solar controller - it says it is supplying 14.7 v.
  15. I thought I understood my charging system, but now I'm not so sure.... Setup - start battery and house battery. Connected to a VSR. so- when the engine is started, the VSR 'sees' the voltage drop on the start battery, tops that up, and when it reaches full charge, now switches its attention to the house battery and charges that. So far, so good, I think. The voltage regulator has been set to 14.7V to charge the batteried. However, due to lack of use during Covid, my ancient engine driven compressor fridge crapped out, and I have replaced it with an electric driven compressor plate.
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