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  1. If it is a Maxwell - all the parts for those are still available I think. The contact for that is : Allen Hutton@Australian Yacht Winch Company. email: winches@attglobal.net. I have had dealings with him for the winches on my last boat and found him to be very helpful both as regards manuals and parts. If it isn't a Maxwell, he may well know what it is.
  2. I think flares are really good on a dark night out of town. People notice them, In town, not so much, Coastguard did a flare test exercise about three years ago, to check visibility etc. They let 5 different flares - including handheld and rockets off. Positions a] Motuihe Passage b] Bean Rock and c] Orakei. Thought we'd get lots of calls from people reporting - I mean, 15 flares all up. Total number of calls coming in to the ops room on that night - 8, in a city. I think that around Auckland Harbour there's just too many lights. So - I carry flares for when I'm out of the harbo
  3. The one I used in the end is part number 60099BL, it's a Narva brand, Repco have several different ones, and you should be able to find one which fits your cutout on the panel. cheers
  4. Thanks folks- Repco had the deal, intermittent switch rated at 50a at 12v. Hopefully problem solved.
  5. Common problem I believe. Intermittent start on button push on Yanmar 3GM. I've traced wiring and I already see a solenoid fitted. I by-passed the start button with a temporary switch and got starting first time every time, therefore likely the push button has corroded contacts. To replace it is around $110, but it is only an intermittent switch. Jaycar sell them for about 22 bucks. I can't find the characteristics of the switch though, so does anyone know how much current goes through such a switch? cheers
  6. Given the usual expensive Yanmar parts prices [ that's if you can still get the part!]- I would remove it and take it to a stainless fabricator and get them to make you one. I'm also told that galv. ones last pretty well too. For future ref. I've had luck[?] getting mine to last longer by having a bypass on the intake and running a bucket of fresh water through the engine before leaving it. Hot salty water is pretty good at corrosion. If you are having trouble locating the part, Bill Falconer is usually a good source of info and/or supply.
  7. Yep- I think TVNZ did a poor job compared to the fantastic commentary during the last America's Cup in Bermuda. Nothing beats commentary from people who know what they are talking about, rather than TVNZ celebs. Thank goodness we had some sailors in the room as well
  8. can you comfortably put it on your back? If so - bathroom scales outside. Weigh you, weigh you plus dinghy.
  9. I'm all for tsunami warnings to low level towns etc., and it's good to get people away from shore levels. But it's ridiculous that people get in their cars and drive to the top of the nearest hill, over 80m or more above sea level. The Aceh and Fukashima tsunamis were exceptional in their heights, and they were about5-8m above normal sea levels. This one was forecast to lift between 0.3 and 1m, so 20m above high tide would have been plenty it seems to me. Also, we need a likely time of arrival. If the earthquake was offshore, and the forecasted arrival of any surge was plus 6 hours, it
  10. alibaba

    Gas Solenoid

    Thanks Wheels, I agree, I looked at a lot of diagrams yesterday, and they all had the valve on the bottle side. Good to have a reason for it though. Its also interesting. when you look up regulations. In NZ all connections must be crimped, but the UK standards say - no crimping, all connections must have hose clips.
  11. alibaba

    Gas Solenoid

    Thanks to both of you, I agree it seems to be more appropriate to have the valve after the regulator.I do have a very good gas detector and switch inside the boat which controls the valve. This seems to be working fine and actuating the valve OK. I think after your info. that I'll get the Burnsco valve but put it in the line after the regulator. It would be under much less pressure that way. Thanks again
  12. alibaba

    Gas Solenoid

    The gas on my recently acquired boat is a good one, but it is getting a bit [!] old and obviously due an upgrade. The solenoid valve is an Advance Fuel Components one, see photo, and getting one in NZ seems to be impossible. Burnsco have a shut off valve, as pictured, does anyone know whether all 12v solenoids are equivalent? or- do I have to pay over 200 to get one here from the US?
  13. alibaba


    Yep - I likes a bit of prop walk too, which is what I had on my previous boat. However, it was so severe on this boat - Lotus 9.2 - transom rudder even, that it would NOT go to port on reverse at all. Not great for getting out of the berth in some wind directions. That was a bit too much. NOw I only have to worry about wind and tide.
  14. Best tie coat I have use is Primocon- was recommended by a boatbuilder - seems to stick to anything. Went over the remnants of Micron [ I think] and then I used #5. Never had any probs with it around Devonport or Bayswater, but it might be a bit different in flushes of fresher water at Clevedon.
  15. alibaba


    Yanmar 3GM with Kiwiprop. Had two blade Briski with HUGE propwalk on Yanmar saildrive. NO propwalk with kiwiprop, not loss of power compared to two blader, no drag when sailing. I'm very pleased with it, it is the second I have put on a boat, and even with a Yanmar 2GM on the last boat it worked well.
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