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Experience, and fun, wanted


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Hello all,


I'm 23, currently in the last month (or so) of completing my MSc thesis at Waikato University. Am currently living in Hamilton.


I'm looking for any sort of sailing experience once I hand my thesis in, mid-late august. Am willing to travel Auckland, Tauranga, Whitianga etc for a good day/weekend out. I used to do a fair bit of casual dinghy sailing when I was younger, and have deckhand experience on a 60 ft cat doing dolphin tours out of Tauranga. Admittedly my sailing skills/knowledge are fairly rusty now, but very willing to learn!


I'm a hard worker and get along with anyone. No stranger to tough conditions, as the past three summers have seen me conducting deep field research in the Mountains of Antarctica. I've never been seasick yet, in fact I managed to put on significant weight during a voyage through the southern ocean from hobart to Antarctica, and we hit some fairly rough stuff (in an ice-breaker, very flat bottom, so lots of rock n roll, good fun!).


Keen (if amateur) diver and spearfisher, and getting into photography etc lately. Fairly good cook as well. Happy to be involved in any aspect of racing, cruising or whatever, just want to learn, and have fun.


Will work my arse off for ya, and am not above bribing potential skippers with a bottle of Rum...


Cheers, Josh

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Hi Josh


See my post titled "Crew Required For Day Sails &/Or Cruising" (scroll up above yours and let me know if you are keen).

We generally try to sail fortnightly.


Best to contact me via e-mail iangabriel1968@gmail.com or 027 457 8220




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Hi Andy,


Damn that sounds good! Thanks for the offer, unfortunately I'm up to my neck in writing/editing this thesis! Another month and I'd be dead keen!


Also, thanks Ian, I'll be in touch once I hand this thing in!

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Hi Josh


If you're interested, I'm sailing my boat down from Opua to Auckland this coming Wednesday / Thursday (Oct 16th / 17th). I'm looking for a crew member to come with me.

The boat is a 21m Gulfstar Sailmaster, is fully hydraulic and has a covered cockpit, so it would be different from a regular sailboat trip!

Can you let me know if you're interested (or not) asap.

Thanks and regards


+1 714 721-8050

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