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  1. Hi all, recently returned to NZ after several years away. Based near Tauranga and self-employed, so a fair bit of flexibility for delivery trips (coastal and offshore). Various delivery/expedition experience including N&S Islands, Pacific Islands, Sea of Cortez/Baja, Ireland, Iceland, East Greenland, Northeastern United States, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Various vessels from 25' Vertue to 60' Catamaran. First aid/offshore medic certs, marine SAR experience in northwestern BC, Canada. Environmental Scientist with considerable Antarctic expedition. Not averse to s****y
  2. what do you weigh - 85-90 kg what do you drink - beer, rum and how good are you at drinking it? - Depends on definition of good. I have a strong enthusiasm... One way trip is fine, I'm semi-sorted for a delivery back. Flick me an email (above) and we can have a chat
  3. Kia Ora, anyone know of any spots going?
  4. Sailing with Dambo..? dangerous! Sounds like a plan. I'm up in Auckland for the first SSANZ - 7th July. Chat then?
  5. Kia Ora all, I know I'm rather early, but having moved down to Christchurch last October and missing the 2017 race, I'm itching to secure a spot. Have done two coastals to date: 2015 - 30 hour slog on an Elliot 770 2016 - 16 hour screamer on a Ross 830 Usually do foredeck on Ross 830/850, Young 88, Farr 1020, but happy to do whatever. Fair bit of cruising/watchkeeping experience too. Keen to commit, to race and delivery back, so I can suss leave and flights etc. Feel free to email me: josh.w.scarrow@gmail.com
  6. Gidday, Still looking for delivery crew? josh.w.scarrow@gmail.com 2,500 ocean miles (NZ to Vanuatu x 2), several coastal deliveries between Lyttleton and Picton, 4+ years of racing (Auckland and Lytlleton)
  7. Right, Damian. I have 3 people wanting a ride back with you. Andrea, Richard, and Josh M. Did you have someone else? Or is that full now? No takers on the early ride up as yet
  8. Two seats on the return trip spoken for, plus driver (Dambo; Bryon's car). I will be leaving Westhaven by 0500 Saturday morning if anyone wants to get to Marsden nice and early. Cheers, Josh
  9. Taking car up to Marsden early (time TBC) Saturday morning, sailing back. 2-3 seats available each way. Josh 0274637268
  10. Hi David, Thanks for the offer! Apologies for the late reply, haven't been on here in a while. Hope you found someone!
  11. Hi Andy, Damn that sounds good! Thanks for the offer, unfortunately I'm up to my neck in writing/editing this thesis! Another month and I'd be dead keen! Also, thanks Ian, I'll be in touch once I hand this thing in!
  12. Hello all, I'm 23, currently in the last month (or so) of completing my MSc thesis at Waikato University. Am currently living in Hamilton. I'm looking for any sort of sailing experience once I hand my thesis in, mid-late august. Am willing to travel Auckland, Tauranga, Whitianga etc for a good day/weekend out. I used to do a fair bit of casual dinghy sailing when I was younger, and have deckhand experience on a 60 ft cat doing dolphin tours out of Tauranga. Admittedly my sailing skills/knowledge are fairly rusty now, but very willing to learn! I'm a hard worker and get along with
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