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Young 1034 vs 99

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The 1034 was the original Jim Young design and included boats like Oliver Sudden and Heluva Hurry. A few years later Roger Land decided to create a one-design class from these original designs, and called it the Young 99. It was basically the same hull as the 1034 but with a slightly updated stern, rig and keel from memory.

I used to race on Heluva Hurry and we raced against the first Young 99 when it was launched. I think it was actually called "Ninety Nine".

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As above the 1034 is the original and there are some really nice examples around such as Flying Colours in Welly and Geritrix in Auckland.

There were about 16 production Young 99's done by Roger Land. I think most were foam core type build. These have tended to hold their price pretty well and a number have gone offshore. The 99 is more like a small Young 11 rather than an overgrown 88. They are pretty quick off the wind, and really nice to cruise as well due to the good volume/space below.

There are a number of "homebuilt" 99's around too, which are most likely loved by their owners- but not by me. They are not the same as the production 99.


Overall the 1034/99 is a good modern style large volume yacht that performs well and cruises well. We have been out in a bit of less than ideal weather and have felt that our boat was not going to do anything stupid. Definitely suggest adding to a maybe list if you are looking at that style of boat.

PM me if you want any other info.

Cheers Pete

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Use to race on a 99 during the mid 90s out of wellington called special fx. Great great boat. It use to run masthead gear at a time when the 11's & 1050's weren't which made use pretty quick in the light.

We got caught with the bag up just past Barrett during a Island Bay race (that was later abandoned as a hura of a sthly front came thru) we craked 21knots at which point it was deemed a good idea to get it off!!

As we set up for the drop Whispers crash gybed infront of us and showed us her bum and at the same time a 1050 rounded up and had a lay down also. We threaded the gap between the two of them!! Never Been so relived to get the kite down! Nothing but fond memories of that boat.

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I own a converted centre boarder /keeler 1034. with no complaints. well apart from I've noticed my mast is slightly smaller than other 10s and 99s I wondered whether that had something to do with the original centre board arrangment?


Must have been frightening down hill with everything up with only the plate down. :shock:

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