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  1. Now based in Seaview Wellington but we will be back for Ssanz, Coastal classic
  2. My pic the carpenter 29 hands down unless you can get stewart 34 then that would be the clear winner in every way. The d28 are good boats but a whole lot smaller than the Lotus or the c29. The c29 is probably the tenderiest of the lot but pick your days and tieds and go have a ball
  3. Oh thanks marinheiro I'm a marine engineer by trade so relatively comfy wit legs but def slip every 6 months and won't cut corners on maintenence. The boat im interested in comes with a complete spare engine that's running etc so that's an added bonus
  4. Cavalier 36 for the 6 years looking to sell and change to the dark side a vindex 350 ltd for me and my 2.5yr old
  5. Hey guys think the decision has already been made to go with a vindex 350. The corsairs and vindex 375 are out of my price range. Can't do a timber boat, the pelins are again at the end of the budget and getting up there on diesel usage. 350 pros. Big volume well price good cruising speeds for diesel usage grp negatives are the legs
  6. That superior is quite pricey I know the boat it's in mana. I think for that price Id go for a 375 even the formula 4000 are cheaper than the superior. The formula would be to expensive on diesel for me.
  7. 930s are awsome 21 knots so far out of testa down here in wellington
  8. Oh I just can't do timber. The 350 just seems like a nice big volume fast economical boat
  9. Oh this is all good info. It's just me and my little fulla so we will mainly use it to zip around the harbour to orential bay scorching bay etc and once a year we will head to the sounds so outright rough water handling isn't so high on my list nice days only will be the order! The pelins are a good boat but I'm not a huge huge timber fan grp is my preferd. Love the corsair but they are out of the price range at this stage. Stern drives are a worry but they all seem to have them. The 350 just looks like really good bang for you bucks space light volume pretty eco to run
  10. Oh good stuff sandwich construction thats interesting. It's got X2 volvo 165hp Tamd40 on legs full service history meticulous maintenance of both engines and legs 1800hrs. I like the 375 vindex but they are out of the price range and most don't have the internal steering station I need with my little one. 19 knots it's using 30lts and hr combined which seems pretty reasonable!
  11. I know the dark side right! It's a grp 1988 version. Cruise @ 19knts. I just can't find any info on them who built them how they are built any reviews etc
  12. There's been a bulb bow boat in wellington for decades called structural analysis. Never really seemed to light up very well
  13. He guys I know this is a yachtie forum but I'm looking to buy a vindex 350 and I can't find any information on them at all. Any one had one or has friend that has one and can share any info on them at all? Also anyone looking for a mint cav36!? I have one for sale and as much as I don't want to sell it, it's just me and my 2.5yr old son so the launch makes things a lot easier. Thanks!
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