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  1. This year, to be different, I'm going to out two coats of different AFs on each side, just to see how easy goes. I usually go with No 5 but in Tamaki River it just don't last.
  2. Still available? I need to do a small fix ☺
  3. Great article. Having an engineers mind helps.
  4. It shouldnt cost ratepayers anything. Dont you recall a couple of years back every mooring owners annual fee being increased by $50? That was to cover the cost of removing all those old shitters. Have any been removed?
  5. SanFran


    From the cross trees. Yep, thought I'd better do it right.
  6. SanFran


    Yup. See that now, but realised too late. So the idea is to not let the stay turn while tightening.
  7. SanFran


    Had a new mast stepped 6 months ago. Was out for a fish and sail a couple of weeks ago when the leward stay clevis pin ? holding the bottle screw to the chainplate, decided the bottom of the ocean was a better place to be. No idea what happened to the split pin, just gone. Fortunately I had a spare pin to use. Quite a fright really when you see the stay swinging in the breeze, unattached at the base. Couple of things here.... other than being pissed off at the riggers. 1. Is split pins better, or ss mousing wire that goes through the stay end, and right around the turnbuck
  8. All great responces, thanks, i'm wondering if the motor can be withdrawn underneath without the top drum being loosened?
  9. No, it's a flat top, and for rope only, no chain gypsy. I'm guessing Noah traded it in.
  10. It's got to have been many moons over the yard arm since the anchor winch was last given a birthday. Before my time anyway. I'm not sure what brand it is, possibly Maxwell, but the only thing I can see to dismantling it is a straight head screw centre top of the bronze turny thing. I've tried, but it won't budge. Impact screw driver? Or do I just leave It? Dont futz around with what ain't broke. It's just that it's pretty slow now, but still pulls the anchor up. Thoughts anyone?
  11. Bucks hard stand at Grangers Point.
  12. SanFran


    Sorry, gotta say, one ugly rudder. I can see why you want to go back to original. Can't help, but good luck
  13. I had a ss one made. Lasted a good 7 years, and just starting to fail now. I gave them the flange to work off and they did the rest for about $120. Well worth it.
  14. My thoughts are with you. Month or so back I lost oil pressure dramatically and ended up siphoning around 4 litres of oil out of the Engine tray.... after I had added more. Luckily found that the external oil supply line to the cylinder head had cracked, so was an easy fix in the end, but had envisioned pulling the motor out. Good luck to you
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