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  1. SanFran

    Soft shackles

    And making them..., if u use, then what length is best to make.
  2. SanFran

    Soft shackles

    Does anyone use these on their headsail sheets? How good are they? Particularly when tacking? What size is best? Thinking 6mm being a total of 12mm holding power. Do you leave the on when furling and after putting the boat to bed?
  3. What an excellent question.... I need this too
  4. Awesome thanks. I'll check it out
  5. Anyone know of the best way to remove abrasions to compass glass? Thinking of cut and polish paste with a buffer tool?
  6. All good replies. Thanks
  7. Yes I've exposed a small area around the fix. Sounds like the plan. Evadure first?
  8. Just been hauled out. Have a very minor break in the glass over ply hull, below waterline causing a slight weep. I see water has come in through a fixing, where two sheets of ply join. I've caught it reasonable early thankfully, as the ply seems quite solid, apart from around the fixing copper nail, about 1-2mm. I appreciate that it's old marine ply but I'm happy it's not compromised (too much anyway) After drying it out I plan to 1. Evadure the ply 2. Repair the f.glass with cloth 3. Two pot undercoat 4. Antifoul. Anyone have thoughts on this process pl
  9. This year, to be different, I'm going to out two coats of different AFs on each side, just to see how easy goes. I usually go with No 5 but in Tamaki River it just don't last.
  10. Still available? I need to do a small fix ☺
  11. Great article. Having an engineers mind helps.
  12. It shouldnt cost ratepayers anything. Dont you recall a couple of years back every mooring owners annual fee being increased by $50? That was to cover the cost of removing all those old shitters. Have any been removed?
  13. SanFran


    From the cross trees. Yep, thought I'd better do it right.
  14. SanFran


    Yup. See that now, but realised too late. So the idea is to not let the stay turn while tightening.
  15. SanFran


    Had a new mast stepped 6 months ago. Was out for a fish and sail a couple of weeks ago when the leward stay clevis pin ? holding the bottle screw to the chainplate, decided the bottom of the ocean was a better place to be. No idea what happened to the split pin, just gone. Fortunately I had a spare pin to use. Quite a fright really when you see the stay swinging in the breeze, unattached at the base. Couple of things here.... other than being pissed off at the riggers. 1. Is split pins better, or ss mousing wire that goes through the stay end, and right around the turnbuck
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