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  1. I had a ss one made. Lasted a good 7 years, and just starting to fail now. I gave them the flange to work off and they did the rest for about $120. Well worth it.
  2. My thoughts are with you. Month or so back I lost oil pressure dramatically and ended up siphoning around 4 litres of oil out of the Engine tray.... after I had added more. Luckily found that the external oil supply line to the cylinder head had cracked, so was an easy fix in the end, but had envisioned pulling the motor out. Good luck to you
  3. Good to know. Thanks all
  4. Cheers for that. New knowledge.
  5. Have to remove it to replace an oil feed line to upper cylinder. I'm thinking Just a couple of bolts, unless anyone can wise me up. Older buhk 20.
  6. Thanks for the reply. So it's nothing to do with making it last longer, or make it operate better then...
  7. Seen discussion on this thread before, but i have a question. I will have to replace the exhaust port, out of the rear if the manifold, header??? The bit where the raw water joins the exhaust pipe. We replaced it with stainless steel one about 8 years ago, so not too unhappy with its age. I do note from pics that some wrap this with something, obviously not flammable. And possibly wire around that. What and Why?
  8. There's a spare keel somewhere near Billy Goat Point if your keen
  9. Ya wouldn't read about it, would ya? Oh yeah, just did.
  10. BBYC is members only. And not year round. Hard stand has to be cleared through summer. Great price though.
  11. Contact my brother, Ross. He has one vacant currently. 0212598463
  12. Don't be disparaged. I persevered and, fingers crossed have been pumped up for last 6 weeks. Ready to throw it all away after the first several attempts. I hope I'm not tempting fate
  13. If anyone has a temp swing mooring they can rent out for 8 to 10 weeks please let me know. 4 tonne, 32 feet, Draws 1.6m please pm me Nick
  14. We were in Koh Samui in September 89. Asked my lady to marry me there.
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