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  1. SanFran

    WTB. Ply

    Anyone with a spare bit of ply for a lazarette hatch rebuild. 20 mm x 560 x 440. Cheers
  2. Basically on the scrounge.. 😁Would anyone have a piece of 20mm ply, 440 x 560 knocking around, taking up space they wouldn't mind parting with. Happy to pay a reasonable price.
  3. Hi Ashton. Sounds exactly what I did a few years back on SF. New seals were thicker and I only got 2 on, but working fine. No drips. Very careful not to strip threads too. Wire brush the threads and grease. Catch you up out there.
  4. You're talking 2 different things.... Rust, ie oxidation, and galvanic corrosion. An anode will only stop the later
  5. Hey, it should be Germanys problem, right? They caused the problem in the first place. Very wealthy country now. Deap pockets blah blah blah
  6. DO NOT USE THE Washing machine- It will bugger them. Pull threads out etc.
  7. I did a similar thing around 7 years ago. Cost around a hundy. Just about time for replacement
  8. SanFran

    Hatch light

    I'm thinking of inserting a polycarb sheet into old wooden fwd hatch. Rebate into existing ply maybe. Has anyone ever tried this before? Pros and cons? Hatch is quite large, over 600mm square. Im thinking possibly one (or more) inserts. Obviously want to maintain the strength for a 100kg plus force load on top of it. And avoid it being too slippy in the wet.
  9. Never done it before, and don't have any manual. Is it a grease gun job? Just the base unit or something at the head as well? Pointers gratefully accepted.
  10. Is it a hand pump thing then?
  11. Fenders are a little low on pressure. I'm guessing I need one of those football needle valve thingies to inflate them back him to a reasonable pressure? The gas station air pump doesn't seem to do the trick by itself. Any ideas, suggestions...
  12. Absolutely. Been a bit coolish lately but still keen to get out. I'm on the haul out Crew at HMB, and planning to come out probably Oct or Nov for a week or so. Otherwise, here comes summer
  13. Great story. I have a Spencer 32. First boat of substance. Still having fun with her after 10 years.
  14. SanFran

    Soft shackles

    And making them..., if u use, then what length is best to make.
  15. SanFran

    Soft shackles

    Does anyone use these on their headsail sheets? How good are they? Particularly when tacking? What size is best? Thinking 6mm being a total of 12mm holding power. Do you leave the on when furling and after putting the boat to bed?
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