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  1. If anyone has a temp swing mooring they can rent out for 8 to 10 weeks please let me know. 4 tonne, 32 feet, Draws 1.6m please pm me Nick
  2. We were in Koh Samui in September 89. Asked my lady to marry me there.
  3. Will do. Apparently he made some fine boats in his sober moments. I know. I got one.
  4. Yup. Been there, done that 😁
  5. Might have got my wires crossed somewhere i think😂
  6. Your coming out at Bucks? Graingers Pt hardstand? I'm on the haul out team there so likely to see you sometime. If thats right do you have a date to come out yet?
  7. Could be interested in the foils if you changing up.
  8. I may be after parts for a furler b. Foils specifically. If anyone has any, or has contacts, appreciate a point in the right direction.
  9. Cheers. Yep, three of us got her mast out and tidied up. I've just been in touch with John Bennet at Sparloft. Hope to see him tomorrow but still looking at all options, thanks.
  10. Dismasted a few weeks ago. Looking for a section (full replacement of 13.7m, or partial part to scarf in) of what I'm told is 5 and 1/2 Barverstock mast which is no longer manufactured. Has anyone had experience in repairs of Mast? Awaiting on insurance but if they accept will only go to partially fund repair/replace.
  11. Can you use these products on anchor chain. Have some rust starting to appear which id like to keep on top of. Anyone had success with this type of application?
  12. Will do, cheers
  13. Leakingvalve. It's on older Force4 tender (who are no longer in business). Are the valves propritory or generic between brands? Are the rubber valve seats (being a 30mm washer) which I've removed, able to be replaced? If so, who stocks them? Cheers
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