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  1. Great to learn from those with experience! That "overcoming its inertia" of a stopped boat as opposed a boat at even hull speed broaching after being hit by top portion of breaking wave and all that becoming rotational energy makes a lot of sense. I guess depends on the magnitude of swell and cross swell. "Unless you can travel faster than the train with meticulous steering". Twenty minutes could seem like hours. Risking stuffing it and a PP. Mate and I planned to go out in 40+ in the gulf and practice Heaving to years ago. Never happened. Anybody heard off increase in Sta
  2. Sorry mods, please delete duplicate image. Cheers. An actual Yinlong graph below, above generic LTO. Also erroneous above as at 14.2V it will not charge any higher. Your post appeared as I was hitting send! Cool, Thanks.
  3. https://www.sciencefocus.com/science/rogue-waves-ship
  4. Extensive check revealed none. $600 for 6x yinlong LTO's with Balance board. I'm told 14.2V target V will keep them to 95% SOC. (MyLiFePO4 setting) Must have weird V/SOC curve for that to happen. Ummm, just looked -below. Make that 75%! Don't have glowplugs, start battery is sad, weight is irrelevant, like tinkering and thinking on bailing marina.🙄 Will compensate VD to windlass. So 40Ahr will be 30 if I get house to 14.2V? Maybe not as LTO's will charge way faster?
  5. Agree, mightn't help waxing up, but start is most wearing part of operation I'm told. Dry cylinder is not ideal. Recently I've been having trouble starting Yami 5. My mechanic said run it dry. I didn't say a word. Last time it wouldn't go I gave the above tank a blow job. (Not ideal) Went first pull then. Whatever works for you. At some stage you are going to have to clean the jets whatever you do.
  6. Don't see how that is an applicable analogy seeing as the stop sign was in the skippers head (or not) and any incoming has to be assumed at 100% probable to be safe. But I get your drift. Forgoing the WP and dragging lures over a drop off could conceivably result in some last minute fun and disincentivize stop signs. TIC.
  7. It seems K that you are putting the right to be rescued above the moral obligation of a skipper to keep his crew and passengers safe. Calling us prejudiced against the skipper is like us saying what connection do you have with the skipper? Its just what one believes is more probable, that your undocumented eddies, wind and chop overrule the current/drift modeling which is corroborated (once activated) by actuals with timestamps. Repeating it over and over with innuendo doesn't make it any more valid. (Whatever stance)
  8. Explain that to me, Not-guilty owing to insanity? Otherwise totally agree. I've banged a few corners, figuratively. In hind sight it was all three and unnecessary.
  9. If you believe their story they were not ready to do their turn to sheltered waters. (Being able to see gap between M & NC.) I think they were banging steep shelf that reduces fast to 10m (North) and a treble -up snuck up on them beam on before they Wested. Like you say 100m could have made all the difference. As for 10° to make waypoint??? Probably get a slap with a wet fish, and rightly so, if nobody can prove his nav was off. Arrogant AH or not.
  10. Tried several, didn't know what I was talking about.🤔
  11. Sadly that is probably reality, and what happened. Rogue or no. The rest is noise. To round using the 50m contour is way out and approach anchorage from S. Enchanter.pdf
  12. I asked the office at hobsonville they said owner has to sell it, give it away/ get someone to sign up. I think you would have to go bankrupt to get out of it. But that was verbal over phone, playing hardball may be different. Guess with a glut better bottom line sticking to contract.
  13. I don’t think using the category of “bad luck” to remove the requirement of the justice system to prosecute is an equitable way forward. If attempted prosecution is the only process that will achieve the level of scrutiny required, then it should proceed, especially in the case a commercial operator is being paid to keep people safe. *GFR in my experience consistently under forecasts. Anybody that uses it frequently will recognise this. Does this shift the passage into unwise category? * Was he where he thought he was? Obviously the relevance of the first point bears less weight if
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