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  1. Fair comment. But at this point in time that if it’s going to stop you getting good holding it will most likely be in one of the notified areas and you shouldn’t be there. In future who knows. Small consolation, its not taxifolia! What gets me also is the “throw it back” instead of instructions how to kill it and bin it.
  2. The whole idea is not to set your anchor in caulerpa, breaking it up and exacerbating the spread. So is the question not somewhat academic and currently illegal?
  3. Retract that. Unsubstantiated, probably erroneous.
  4. Thanks for removing the voting right on my posts AA, why don’t you gag me completely.
  5. Ok , prioritise areas of highest risk.
  6. Linking back to blaming boaties. The first rule of bureaucrats isn't to get a job done. If it was, they'd be in the private sector. The first rule is to deflect. The second rule is to evade. The third rule is to confuse. So to blame boaties is a genius move from MPI. It covers their arse completely. The public will blame boaties instead of blaming MPI like they did with PSA and M. Bovis. Gold. +10 As cliche as it may seem , the above is being reinforced in real time with bureaucratic response to the current weather disaster. Mr snides pscho babble is just that. Hire a pschologist con
  7. I agree with measures on international shipping, and should be more rigorous, but that domestic boat movement is the prime propagation system once the pests are here is not logical. Don’t mind if they penalise pest farms on moorings, along with marinas and any man made structures . Rather than pass on cost, you should be given the option of diy eradication under prescribed method say in your birth.
  8. This is the new Front launch. Wasn’t going fast enough for distance to ramp.
  9. Pardon! Par manque de diplomatie. Langue lâche dans la joue. Dans un bar de marins, n'est-ce pas ?
  10. Yip, passed us on way back from Rakino last Sat. morning. We were on port almost out of the channel by buoy 10 and a pilot boat sat on our port bow. Thought it was odd as he was blocking our exit. Frigate was still a km away. Long blast by the frigate for someone. Pilot finally buttoned off and let us pass out of channel. I guess I should have switched radio on and stated intentions. Like i am trying to get out of channel, wtf are you doing? Faux pās? Hand signal worked tho. Long live memory of RbW.
  11. Echo that. Unless you vastly scale down the level you expect to raise your boat to, Also time that you say is free doesn’t turn out to be. Most cheap boats are just a long term second job. Mucking around in boats applies to those already seaworthy. That said, if you have Johnny Wrays boundless enthusiasm, have at it. Takes all kinds. Also only hire a surveyor that’s pedantic in all facets and comes well recommended by bb fraternity. May as well know what you’re up for.
  12. Guest

    Rocna is # 1 ??

    Excel for six years. +10
  13. I have a similar setup except I have isolated the play not to keyway/shaft but yoke arms to tiller body as well as elongation of holes in yoke arms and body. So I had holes oversized, with new thru bolt to match. On retightening play was reduced considerably. Enough to ignore slight play. Two years later it is back to square one.
  14. Not unfamiilar. Barotrauma is only one facit of bad outcomes from release. But you have to start some where to wean the evolutionary challenged from their "thrill of chase".
  15. Being at the head of food chain we think because we can we will. Human entitlement. Rec take is vastly underestimated and should be cut. Trophy fishing should be banned or tag only. Licence all fishers and mandatory course for tag/release. Transgressions, take more boats. Commercial scale, lock them up. Time to respect our planet.
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