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  1. That & owner or major shareholder of a Co harvesting a resource can hold a political party management position boggles the mind! This is contrary to the interest of the average nz’er, imo. I will stop there. New Zeamericana
  2. Metaphorically, obviously. With electronic aids, a bit of experience and lots of fuel anyone can still harvest over limit. Even without (bar fuel); just rape & pillage fishing mentality. My observation is unobjective, based on frequency of encounters with workups, dolphins, Orca, Kahawai, Brydes, etc from early 70's. The visual spectacle inshore is just not what it used to be. The cray "supermarkets" are gone or way harder to find. But you can still get cray. I agree with your multifaceted research approach, as harvest vs biomass levels are obviously not the only variables at play for a
  3. If the fishing industry has to fall over to restore the fishery over all species, so be it. It has been greedily exploited right back to the whaling/sealing days. Just come back from 5 day barrier trip. The gulf was a desert. Always an awesome experience, except for the pervading gloom of missing sealife. Missed the swell by a day , but went anyway. Skirted all the breaks at 3m contour, at speed. Least that was fun! Only boat we saw out East was a genesis (?) with a lone fisher, fishing all day. Holed up in Haro at night. Just wtf was he up to? Definitely a pastime
  4. I believe Matsutec HA 102 will connect to various plotters and can be had for around 3-400$. I have one and had it connected to NMEA0183 (video in port) of my Zeus2 and it worked fine. I had to upgrade firmware & enter my boat details & MMSI. Not difficult. I have the pinout. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20220430015710&SearchText=Matsutec+HA+102&spm=a2g0o.home.1000002.0
  5. Software upgrade tool, for Simrad simnet devices without access to internet/WiFi; straight from PC or laptop download. Simnet connection, or for another $50 simnet to N2K. ie CAN to USB. Clear as mud? Subtly different to the NGT-1, as in proprietry capability. (I have one of those too.) Navico ST10 Download software for pc free from navico. https://softwaredownloads.navico.com/Simrad/SimradYachting_Software - Copy - Copy/Downloads/Software-Upgrade-Tool/ Used once before I had WiFi network/internet connection direct. Gathering dust. Cost $220 US all up. $100 021718
  6. Over-order. NIB. From US. My purchase price. $285nz Comes with M6 Threaded Terminals soldered to the board as shown. BMS For 4 cell, 12v volt Lithium-iron-phosphate DIY batteries 120 amp continuous charge or discharge current Low Temperature Charging cutoff at -1c Fully programmable with IOS app, Android app, or Desktop app HD heat sink both sides BT dongle for App on top in pic. https://overkillsolar.com/product/4s-bms-120a-lifepo4-threaded/ .
  7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/3514657764?member_hash=b4e9ac2c255aa072524425b63f2e30311748f7ce480dbf30f9&tm=email&et=46&mt=DA390A36-9BB8-4C88-902A-774EE5951315&bof=ziP9TanD
  8. Correction-BNC so should go straight on the Garmin.
  9. If the top is not stand-alone, garmin have a passive. (TNC) for $90 . http://mrmarine.co.nz/catalog/product/463
  10. Detach all other devices from backbone except the Precision 9 & Zeus. Worked for me on a GH2183.
  11. Nope. Ferro they will not do comprehensive. “Third party only” All other they will do 3rd party only. What Barbara told me anyway. Less I’m losing my hard drive.
  12. Third party? https://www.marine-insurance.co.nz/
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