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  1. I didn't put any on mine for 6 months, it was easy to clean off barnacles and then Propspeed, but the painter reckoned it didn't matter and he could paint it from new without any problems
  2. Some damage to one Riv - up on hardstand now at Bridge Marina
  3. IT, I managed to onto the General to take some images, this Garmin (updated 2019) display doesn't fully show the danger of the rocks going into Coralie like your display, from a distance (chartplotter mounted in the cabin entrance) it isn't that obvious that the rocky area!
  4. Yes, IT, see that reef structure on the northern side in the narrow entrance which looks quite obvious in this image, is actually very solid and not that obvious in the Garmin map, I entered at hign tide and with calm conditions and found it, the reefs to the south made me stay away from there! Next time no problem and I had been there plenty of times, I will take a photo after lockdown.
  5. I have the latest update of the Garmin charts and the entrance of Caroline Bay at the Mercs is a bit vague, compared to Navionics, we managed to hit a shallow rocky area on the Nortern side of the entrance - not good! Open CP showed a better image also!
  6. Cruising down to the Sounds and Tasman area is on our agenda, hopefully we can get down there and meet again. Couple of years away at present but nice to gather information from others and dream at present!
  7. We have owned General Jackson for around 3 years in Tauranga, a Compass built GRP Farr 38. I was unsure if we (wife and I) could handle such a large yacht but it has been a great boat so far. We club race it, cruise it and fish off it, what a well set up boat it has turned out to be for us to enjoy. The boat was formerly Jenny G, a well known yacht raced in the Auckland area for several years by Alan Gibbs with the name derived from his wife. It was extensively renovated after changing ownership into the state it is now, focussed on extended cruising from which we have benefitted from!
  8. I have to report that Lynx has been neglected over the last few years as indicated in the listing - also, Jono, you could be losing your touch about it's former owner. Chris Cochrane (Dr.) owned Lynx and maybe Dr. Dave sails a 930 in Wgtn. or Dave Cochrane sails too
  9. If you call in to Kilwell, perhaps when you are in the BOP again, you can inspect their range of tubes and select a suitable tube. They have lots of seconds sitting there at reasonable prices, usually only cosmetic faults are present.
  10. Not the best today and looking bad for tomorrow, managed to get some fishing in yesterday before it came through. Did you get down F pier?
  11. Both unlocked except for a couple of piers
  12. My boat came with a califont which is usually a no-no these days, so I fitted a rectangular 16 litre Isotemp hot water cylinder with tempering valve and 240V supplementary and that has been a bit too small if too many showers are taken but I also had limited space. I also fitted shut-off valves at the engine inlet and outlet just in case there is a problem with the hoses or heater to allow for normal engine operation. Subsequently, I fitted 2 valves to allow for califont operation when selected when the hot water runs out.
  13. If you were in Tauranga I have some Telescopic gauges and external micrometer that would be suitable, they are available on Trademen for around $30 and other places $60
  14. Yes Wheels, the crimping tools for the ferrules selling for around $350. I like the way they seal off the wire ends and support the terminal wiring at the stress point area
  15. I like these ferrule terminal end type of crimps, I haven't seen them in NZ though
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