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  1. Does anyone have one of these in any condition?
  2. Cation has a nice system for the halyard and the squaretop, check out the BoatingNZ video. This may not be applicable for you though!
  3. I used a Meguiars restore product from Repco that did a good job, cheers!
  4. Thanks for the info, I will see how it goes. My judgement is that it's not ready for replacement yet, maybe in a couple of years as it has scratching from folded up with the dodger folder down.
  5. Who has some good tips and products for cleaning dodger clears apart from replacing them, mine are getting a bit hard to see clearly through them, a few scratches but not fogged up.
  6. If the stack pack is made with parallel sides they can be rolled and clipped neatly away under the sail, with the lazy jacks secured under the boom fitting horns
  7. There are 2 projects at least in NZ for producing Hydrogen. One proposal is to use the excess night generation at Wairakei Geothermal to extract it from water, still high energy component needed but at present there is excess capacity https://www.hiringa.co.nz/ are heavily involved. Toyota and Hyundai are into it big time with small fleets being trialed but current refueling facilities can only fill to half the maximum pressure (which is very high) and Ports of Auckland are working on hydrogen fuel vehicles and machinery, too.
  8. They have unloaded the stern to get access to the rudder by the looks of it
  9. The image in the article looks like a microchip with bling, that makes me a bit dubious as batteries tend to have fewer connections, or at least in series. May be parallel on a circuit board?
  10. IT is a specialist, try him
  11. Yes, the inevitable system replacement is on the cards. I like the pricing of the B&G these days and it seems that the quality and reliability has been retained with the budget range.
  12. I connected the unit up and used a fan to spin the impellor. Seemed to respond to speed and direction but unsure of the quality of the signal. Periodically there is a packet of pulses that come through, one is direction and the other speed. Still a bit of playing to be done.
  13. If the clunk occurred only in neutral then it could be engaging gear spasmodically due to incorrect adjustment of selector or similar, the heat present could induce the selection if it was slightly off. When it clunks can you move just the gear selector arm slightly one way or another to see if the clunk goes away? But if it makes the noise when drive is engaged makes this less viable!! Does it do it both in reverse or forward? Can you isolate the clunk to either the motor or saildrive? I have read about the oil type change for earlier saildrive models, has the oil been changed? Was it the
  14. Thanks Dave, it is probably a trip to nowhere trying to keep the system going as something else will fail! What was surprising was the coating of dust and dirt on the unit, a total black-out especially with it being at the top of the mast and inside a fairly sealed unit, it is a wired unit. Maybe there is some ionisation that attracts the dust?? It cleaned up well though.
  15. After some time I opened up the sensor to find it full of dirt and dust, covering the opto-sensors and partially covering the opto-ball?? What an amazing idea I reckon. I will try to test is with oscilloscope, the pulse frequency is the speed and the pulse length is the direction, all on 2 wires. Results to come!
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