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  1. Why is it so critical to have an audible alarm for low voltage? This seems to be a regulation for commercial operations or similar.
  2. I have checked the fine print in my insurance policy and I can't find any reference to the above standard or anything regarding Lithium batteries, there must be heaps of Lithium batteries installed already especially with the promotion of Drop-In units, we'll see what the future brings
  3. By isolating the negative side through which all circuits commonly use as CD illustrates above, it switches everything off. If you want to individually isolate individual circuuits then put in isolating switches for those circuits. It doesn't matter which side as electrical systems are circuits and won't flow until the circuit is complete.
  4. Looks to be a new Rapido 40 in NZ, seen being commissioned in Tauranga
  5. Gas fitters can issue a compliance cert that is suitable for the insurance company, it includes signs, new hose, auto shut off, gas pressure test, CO meter etc. it can be expensive depending on each installation
  6. My survey/condition report had to be an out of water survey carried out by a surveyor or boat builder but it wasn't as intensive as a pre-purchase survey
  7. The gas cert was only part of the requirement of Vero, they wanted boat survey, rig check and sail replacement record so it was quite expensive. 30 year old boat was the trigger
  8. Maybe, I could microwave the roast, that would be quicker!
  9. I was thinking that it is more achievable now with LiFePo4 batteries that have greater charging and discharging rates -C- and cooking time being short mostly, the expensive part are the batteries, but there seems to be lots of set ups that conflict, I was thinking a 400aH battery with a 2000W inverter with dual input DC-DC charger solar/alternator limiting charging integrated with a automatic changeover switch in my existing 230V system
  10. Thanks, CD, there are some pretty good set ups out there, 48V would be ideal for a new build. I have seen a few with 12v if you can reduce your usage possibly. If the inverter was mounted close to the battery then the current path would be quite short reducing the problem of cable sizing loss, then the 230V can be distributed longer distances with smaller cabling
  11. I'm in Tauranga, are you in Auckland? I travel up that way sometimes. It would be good to have a look, thanks
  12. It is VERO who specify the Gas Cerificate, my 30 year old boat needed it, then I looked at insuring another and the cert was needed there too!
  13. Now insurance companies coming down hard on gas systems, requiring gas certificates for systems that have been present in boats including production boats since launch date, 30 years plus. After my last gas cert bill of $1600 plus I am contemplating switching to LiFePo4 batteries, incuction hobs and an air fryer oven in a solar/alternator combo, has anyone completed this changeover locally, what size inverter and battery Ah sizing etc?
  14. I was at Bunnings today and found this drain cleaning kit with rods that may do the job, good pricing too
  15. there's an SD20 on Facebook for sale now, $900
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