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  1. A nice tribute to troy https://www.marine-pilots.com/articles/383725-obituary-of-captain-pilot-troy-evans-new-zealand
  2. 3 am? Did you get a notification?? I heard nothing, in the past we have heaps of warnings but nothing this time??
  3. I never met him personally but I communicated with him multiple times. Rigger was a keen supporter of the Akld-Tga race, although he was suffering from an illness he volunteered to help dock the incoming boats tirelessly when the races were completed. He was always keen to help unselfishly and kept an eye on us when out on the harbour during mid-week racing. Fair winds and safe anchorages - sail on!
  4. Thanks Janine, great info. The renovation was amazing and it is reasonable condition which is tribute to Simon and Ants. I thought it went overseas but not sure which place exactly except Airlie Beach for one. We were around Auckland for Xmas and spent NY period around Kawau with my son's young family aboard - 7 in total. The weather could have been better but we survived! Everywhere we go someone tells us they sailed on it, drank rum or even had their first spew on it, it is great to discover the history. Now back in Tauranga after our cruise ready for fishing, overnighting and midweek r
  5. A Farr 38 wouldn't fit in there but it is a unique anchorage for smaller boats
  6. I was at Moturekareka Island for a short time (and should have stayed longer) just before NY eve and it looked like Pysche and crew/family had a top spot. Are you allowed to camp on the island or was that just a daytime set up. We have 7 on board including 3 young ones and left to go to Bon Accord which was windy and wavy, ended up near Algies Bay (Goldsworthy - which was cold, windy but less crowded) for the night. I was advised that Moturekareka is only a day stop usually but that is if it goes a bit west I suppose.
  7. I think Wil Horne from Truxton has one, have you got his contact details?
  8. Heading to the Merc's around 19th December then Waiheke, Xmas in Westhaven and NY at Kawau Is. Subject to weather conditions of course! Already testing the ground tackle, 3 boats rafted up in the Western Channel on Friday evening.
  9. How about a diesel specialist, looks to have a sealing washer in there, diesel fuel leaks easily from the smallest of spaces. Possibly fuel pipe end is deformed too.
  10. It seems to have Simrad compass and controller, IT what do you think would be the best outcome. The head unit looks to be too damaged, at the bottom right is corrosion on the micro processor legs
  11. That was our best race, our reward for being hammered. Slightly cracked sheets, 20-30 knots with sloppy will swell combined with 2-5 NE swells with occasional breaking tops. We went for the rhumb line and going through the Hole in the Wall we picked up nice swells at 13+ kn boat speed. Waves breaking on top of us whilst passing Mercury Bay killed our autohelm and soaked the crew!
  12. I'll have a look tomorrow thanks IT,
  13. This is a long shot, my controller failed over the weekend - the screen went black when a wave landed in the cockpit. Does anyone repair them or has anyone got an old unit lying around. Otherwise can another newer controller be integrated into the system, the motor and ram was working well such as the Simrad AP44 unit I see advertised, Andy
  14. The Legends is a 4 race event, 2 races are there and back with 2 island based events. Most of the yachts set off from Tauranga on Friday morning where the NE winds and swell were pretty horrendous especially later in the day around Mercury Bay. One Tri dropped it's rig and many crews suffered fron sea sickness stopping off at Slipper Is. Large swells with the occasional breaking crest in winds around 20-30 knots were the order of the day! Saturday was a GPS course to the west of Great Mercury for the survivors followed by prizegiving (highlight of the event) in the Cove. Sunday was around the
  15. I didn't put any on mine for 6 months, it was easy to clean off barnacles and then Propspeed, but the painter reckoned it didn't matter and he could paint it from new without any problems
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