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  1. Sorry, had to go and do some work but here is Youtube link to the last race and all the others are there on LHS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-yYYcqr36E
  2. all good, found replays on Youtube,
  3. Did anyone record these races please the only way I have got to watch them so far is thro the links here ....... am at sea. Thanks and sounds like great result.
  4. They are interesting boats and usually good sailors I have some photos somewhere of about 6 of them sailing together ...... quick and seaworthy little boats and I hope that the Border guys treat them as "rescued seaman" and not illegals.
  5. Hi Marinheiro, My nav lights are above but ..... my emerg lights are pulpit mounted. It all comes a bit a a pain with masthead lights as technically the steaming light should be higher than nav lights which means if you have masthead lights you need a second set lower for motoring. But if you have then low, you cant have them below deck level and they cant be obscured by the sail ..... so this is best practical, or impractical solution. We don't motor that much at night .... so the mounting the emerg nav lights is a compromise, but legal Until I get pinged ..... I will ru
  6. Back to the original post. FLC I went thro the same decisions when moving lights from behind sails to where they could be seen.\ In the end I went bi-colour at mast head and transom mounted stern light. not 100% correct but then someone show me a boat where everything is correct, including quadrants. The one I have is USCG approved as masthead lights ......... all LEDs and did not break the bank, well within your budget. So far have had no dramas, but I also run "steaming" light for when motoring Enjoy the decision making process
  7. that's an oops and imagine the paperwork, event reports etc etc etc Once the brake band started burning nothing was going to stop it. We always drive the cable (chain) out for that very reason and did not think anyone still allowed the cable to "free run" Interesting is it snapped the BitterEnd and all ended up on the ocean floor, suddenly ship is out of class ..... just became bigger oops moment. Thinking will show our deck crew ........ great training vid of what not to do.
  8. dkd

    My pet hate

    Hey all, thanks for the laugh today, I needed it .... the entire thread has been amusing I am still trying to work out the link between carpenter's pencils (which are crap here in aust too .... cheap chinky rubbish) and pirates, be they pirates in the Caribe or pirates in Penzance. But the stupid things that offend, add the Confederate flag to that lot, be it "morons with guns" or bikies, people forgot it's roots was as a Nation's Flag. Seems that someone had their feathers ruffled with the N word .... and maybe people do need to lighten up, my "better half's" family call her Negr
  9. At long last managed to get out and go for first sail in her since she left NZ and being finished what became extended overhaul No longer is she "trainsmash" ..... new name, new water to play in and i am happy camper and then had to go back to workearly and my "other boat"
  10. but a well read and well understood rule book is your best friend .... is all part of the game now.
  11. dkd


    Hi Grant, Just been down this road as you are aware. Unless the rules are different across the ditch to here you can use Carbon stanchions and have made my own, using NZ product. Comments so far ... all positive, so why don't you. I have fitted them into Ronstan bases and all is neat. See what happens first time some one bounces off them but .... don't expect any issues. Next is to get the lifelines from NZ ... ohhh that will be you. Chao, David
  12. Hi Grant, For whatever my opinion is worth, walk onto the bridge of a commercial vessel and the only colour you will see at night is RED usually, but this day and age, everything is still red except the Chartplotter etc etc altho some radars give the option of green backgrounds, but blue .... have not seem anywhere on the bridge of the vessel I work on. Blue looks good on the dashlight of some cars, but even the dash on my car is RED. My boat, RED Enjoy trying to make the right decision David
  13. dkd

    Locker Hatches

    For what my opinion is worth ... have had these previously on other boats so when I replaced the ones that came with the ex-Trainsmash I did not even hesitate. Compared to whatever else is out there ... I don't anticipate any issues. ohhh and mounted vertically.
  14. Hi Knot me, interesting your comment "I'm still fitting dyneema but then I'll be using a very different rope to you and what most do. One I argue fits the current Regs where most being used doesn't meaning a lot are substandard in terms of the Regs and in actual use." Curious as to what you are intending on using, youngest son being sailmaker is usually up to date with what to use, so am curious. Always open to ideas .... is becoming interest post especially others thoughts. David
  15. Read this one with interest as I am in process of fitting Dyneema lifelines and new black stanchions to the old "Trainsmash".. (has new name) So sitting at console in Engineroom went on a search and this is the latest (that I could find) release from ISAF ... basically concerned and looking http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/ ... lWPReport-[17571].pdf interesting read, but still going to fit the Dyneema with lots of attention to chafe points and the splices. David
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