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  1. On 6/11/2020 at 11:18 PM, wheels said:

    Do you want Corten because you want a rusty look? or are you considering it for tensile strength. If the look, then you could consider other cheaper steels and then coat it. There are now coatings that do the same thing, but better. Creating a rusty coating that then acts as a barrier to further corrosion and thus keeps the steel protected for much longer than just bare Corten steel is.

    Yeah, looking at using it for cladding on some parts of a house design... 


    On 5/11/2020 at 9:18 PM, TimB said:

    Don't know about current price, talk to your local steel supplier. Price is very much determined by quantity also. But note that in NZ anyway, is more likely to be 1.2 x 2.4 or 3.6m and possibly even a soft conversion from 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 inch thickness. .cheers Tb



    Cheers TimB. understood. Working with the sheet sizes available to minimise wastage is also an important point. 

  2. If you didn’t  lock down in Nz, you’d have a case load of probably 100s of thousands, ICUs would be over full. And more than 2-5% of cases would die. But worse, everyone else who needs ICU to survive an event/ a car accident, a heart attack, a Stroke a whatever  - would not get that icu treatment and they’d likely die. 


  3. 8 hours ago, KM... said:


    Look at Trump and JA, both have bad records, very bad, in certain areas, yet one is a ahole the other a saint..and all because the media decided it likes one but not the other. Mind you Trump going after them certainly didn't help the muppet. Neither does NZ media needing JA, that's a bit of a pooch screwer as well.


    But JA didn't allow children to be locked in cages separated from their parents for crossing a border as genuine migrants, and then lose their details so they can't be reunited with their parents. 

  4. On 25/10/2020 at 7:48 AM, Sailor808 said:

    Hi all, I'm looking for a modern crows nest/look out platform type of thing for a 36 foot van de stadt seal before I get one made up.


    Do you already have folding steps (or ratlines) to allow access?

  5. 5 hours ago, Fogg said:

    Interesting that after experience of Euro production boat ownership you have gone back to a tried & tested Kiwi design.

    Might be wrong but I think the boat B00B00 sailed to NZ was always planned to be imported and sold when they got here. I don’t think his choice is necessarily anything to do with euro vs Nz production. Pretty sure if there was a pogo 12.50 at the right price he’d be all over it like a virus at a GOP convention. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Fish said:

    How many boats do you own KM, not counting dinghie's? Just curious (not having a dig, there just seems to be a prevalence of multiple boat owning people about all of a sudden.

    What are you classifying as a dinghy? Any open boat? In that case, dunno about KM but I’ve got no boats...

    There are some cool boats coming up here. But I think I’d be looking for something at least 26ft waterline. Preferably longer. Every so often I see a one off or a good Nz boat on trademe, all set up with a ton of flash sails and all at a pretty sharp price. 

    Where’s Eliphunk at? Nearly ready to go again?

  7. 25 minutes ago, Fish said:

    So the objective is to travel as far as possible in a set time, rather than cover a set distance as fast as possible.

    If no boat in a division crossed the line you could also do handicap prizes unter the same  method. Would make it super tactical.

  8. 34 minutes ago, Deep Purple said:

    Actually any boat still racing at 3pm will be awarded a place, just not a time. That applies if the boat hasn’t even cleared Rodney.


    So reading that, a boat may still win line honours even if no boats in that division finish within the time limit. 



    Yes I saw that, but there are prizes put up by sponsors for handicap Positions, what happens to the prizes? 

    it entirely conceivable that in a division where three boats had crossed the line, a boat that finished a number of hours after the shutoff, could easily topple one of those three for a podium position on handicap and therefore a prize - ie something of value. 
    In such a situation it might seem unfair and a deliberate attempt to keep the slower boats out of the prizes despite  the race officially being run under a handicap system. 

    I assume that as prizes are often valued at over 50 bucks the giving of prizes needs to occur in a transparent manner?  Is there any scrutiny? Is $50 the limit? (That’s what it is for office sweepstakes, no? Same set of rules?)

  9. 17 hours ago, Fish said:

    The issue for me is the cut off time.

    Yup, this is it for me, too. Either make the cutoff 19.45 and start the prize giving at 20h then party at 21 or have no cutoff because all but the very slowest boats would be in by the time the prize giving starts, and it’s less likely that those last few boats are going to feature in the prizes. 

    Who won the cockle shell hero trophy this year? Used to go to the smallest boat to finish. Be a bit embarrassing to walk away with that trophy even though you were sailing a 35footer, or a 40...

  10. 12 minutes ago, Veladare said:

    From a competitor perspective is was a very well run event.

    Pre organisation was good and from the minute we got to Russell it was superb. Prize giving was seamless and the after match was awesome...cant fault it. 

    So well done NZMYC

    That’s cool and I’m glad it was enjoyable. But I’d also like to hear from some of the 85% of boats (some +140 crews) who didn’t make it into either the media feeds or the race cutoff. 

    Remembering of course that all their entry fees contributed considerably to the financial cost of running the race and hosting the party - probably 25k or so?

  11. Just now, Island Time said:

    However, it seems that with the modern trend towards sensationalist media, and a say anything to get coverage attitude, some of the fringes get way more attention than they should. 

    Indeed - and one in NZ got 0.8% of the vote, still far too much in my opinion...

  12. 3 minutes ago, Island Time said:

    The only people that matter in an election are eligible voters.

    "eligible voters" are regularly redefined to suit, but yes, true, in an election it's the voters who matter.. However, elections lasts but a day, and governments last longer.  In governance, it's the people, not just the voters who matter. 

    By ignoring the people, governments very quickly become dictatorships. Everyone has a right to demonstrate - including all those deemed "unsuitable" to act as electors.

    In revolutions, it's not only the voters who rampage.


  13. On 26/10/2020 at 2:35 AM, Sabre said:

    Silly me what was I thinking.

    Apparently IG, the antagonist formerly known as KM, also thinks the voice of the non-voters should somehow be taken into account...p

    I don't think that's what KM is saying at all. 

    KM is saying (maybe I'm wrong) that there is is some inherent unfairness when quite a large minority of the population are not able to vote - the mentally infirm, those under 18 etc., those serving long prison sentences.

    The government must govern for the benefit of those people as well, and remember that it was a majority of people who voted, and not a majority of the population, who put them there.

    The only voices who "don't count" are essentially the 15% of registered voters who simply opted out (these are the non-voters and they're distinctly different from the can't voters). But even then we must be careful that we don't assume the reason they didn't vote is simply that they couldn't be arsed. Many other reasons are possible (sick, car broke down and couldn't get to the polling station, had to take a kid to hospital etc.)

    A major downfall of democracy is the public's understanding of what democracy is. Real democracy is not "majority rule" - that's mobocracy. And even if you were able to secure so many votes in an election that it represents >51% of the whole population, it doesn't give the government the moral or democratic authority to put the other <49% to the sword, neither metaphorically nor literally.




  14. On 23/10/2020 at 5:44 AM, It Got said:

    Fancy that,

    23% of NZers voted for Jacinda

    21% of Americans voted for Trump



    Based on the 2016 us population of 323.1 million (google) and trump winning 62,984,828 votes (Wikipedia), that = 19.49%

    Hillary got 20.38%


    Jacinda only got some 23000 votes. Labour got 1,171,544

    nz pop 4834916 on 25 Oct according to a UN calculation. (labour 24.2%)

    Nz stats said we were 5002100 at end or March 2020. (Labour 23.42%.

    nats got considerably less





  15. So, 119 NM in 28.5h if you’re in div 5. 

    If it’s upwind the whole way, which we know is not likely as you’d normally get a reprieve if and when you round Brett, but just for argument‘s sake let’s say it’s on th now the whole way. That’s 167.8NM (?) sailed meaning you need to stay above 5.93kts... 

    Of course that’s not taking into account leeway or currents, and assumes your boat points well at 45 true, which for a number of  at least the classics is not going to be the case.  Averaging 5.9-6knts for 28h in the light is not about sailing a well prepared boat well, it’s about having money (or a multi).

    It’s not hard to run simple routing numbers and when you do it’s pretty clear that if it’s 10knts or less and N to NW most boats might as well stay home. 

    In my view, one could be forgiven for feeling that closing the race at 1500 on Saturday, and not having or showing the flexibility to keep it open even when it’s clearly a drifter is pretty much a big FU to anyone not sailing a large top end race boat. So much for making sailing and racing/the sport accessible and for welcoming all comers. Happy to take your 200-300 buck entry fee but not nice enough to let the race run to give folk a realistic chance to actually finish. Yes I know they are volunteers on the finish boats, but nonetheless, 1500h? stick it out a bit! - God knows the crews out there certainly are!

    is it that hard to organise a finishing crew to take over at 1500? You can see all the boats coming on the tracker.



  16. 4 hours ago, Fogg said:

    Where’s all the pre-race CC gossip?

    It used to all be here (back in the good ole days)‘

    That's why I started the thread. but seems the gossip and sledging is elsewhere...?

  17. 31 minutes ago, Jon said:

    Just ran some models, if your not in a V65 your going to arrive the next day and in the daylight for a lot


    Pretty much what I figured. A hullspeed or less slog up the coast. I’d estimate a hypothetical  early to mid morning arrival in Firefly.

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