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  1. Yeah I wondered about that. Also no news yet as to how many were wearing life jackets …
  2. https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/474507/five-dead-after-fishing-charter-boat-capsizes-off-kaikoura-coast 5 trapped inside?
  3. Came 4th in a race. Hard to beat a Pogo44 and two 12.50s in a drag race. Did beat the next Pogo36 by a whole horizon, though. IMG_4296.MOV
  4. Cool -it’s really that far from everywhere else
  5. Beautiful views out over the BOI, bream bay, and AKL as we came in to land on Sunday morning. iPhone not really doing it justice.
  6. Saw two gulls going for a cruise…
  7. As we head to Brest for another week of headwinds, I note that we’ve been noticed and photographed at some point by a marinettaffic member. It’s always so hard to get pics of your own boat under sail.
  8. There’s a huge difference in boat volume between a 26ft boat and a 32ft boat. Those are 6 very large feet.
  9. Last weekend. Brest to St Marin and back.
  10. I have a stern anchor, 14kg FOB, not ready to deploy, but still shackled to 25m chain and 40 warp. Also have a fortress in the lazarette. Have been meaning to get a stern line for use in the med etc. but been struggling for ways and space to keep it. I mean I have too much excess weight already - especially as Firefly’s a v light boat. reading this I think I’ll unshackle the FOB and use the chain and warp as my stern line - at the very least it’ll make the tackle easier to retrieve from the lazzarette if it’s in pieces.
  11. This is a concept that has not escaped me … I do have a mooring, too.
  12. Trailer yachts cost a fair amount less over their lifetime , I’m convinced
  13. Well, on this side of the planet we didn’t exactly cut it short, but it was chilly and relatively little wind for the first trip away on FIREFLY as a couple - no Kids. First time in 4.5y we get a weekend alone.
  14. We have coded our jackets with different coloured cordage. Each crew member is shown how to fit and use the jacket, I check fitting, and each crew remembers their colour. It’s theirs for the trip. Hydrostatic triggers. double crotch straps. plastimo. 150N. Comfortable. No idea what they’re like inflated. The water here is bloody cold at the best of times so I’m not rushing to get in and test - I should change that, though.
  15. Shall I give the real list or the list for this weekend - being the first long weekend away ever with my wife on her boat, sans kids.
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