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  1. I believe you are correct. That photo under full sail makes her a much larger vessel than she seems in the first pic I posted. To me the main looks badly out of proportion and a terrible shape. Somehow surprised she doesn't have a gaff main.
  2. The New Golden Hind was a launched a ketch... From Waitemata woodies web page Also, that's one hell of a cabin house... see much from the Helm? but there's also this photo of apparently the same vessel and seems Schooner rigged. In all honesty, I'm not sure she's the same vessel... Cabin etc...
  3. could be, that counter is quite something. But a trading schooner? She looks a little small for trading, no?
  4. Stolen from another page, but anyone know this Schooner moored here along with the flying boats?
  5. Yeah the UK is not a great example, but there must be plenty of less expensive Marinas. The marinas I checked in Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Croatia were all much more aligned to the French price range than the English. Chanel Islands (Jersey) were a bit more than Brittany, and the Med in general was a bit more than what I'm paying also, with French marina's there about 20-30% more, and Greek marinas (Lavrio) being slightly more expensive than in Brest. Something else you notice in the marina's in France - most of the boats are in great condition, clean and well maintained
  6. Also the one with Uncle Willy and the Pie Rats?
  7. Agreed. Marina in France, 2,300 euro per year for 11m berth. Marina has ALL the facilities, and they replaced my finger over the winter, AND this marina has to be dredged regularly. There are two marina's in the city. So it's not like there's a massive choice. Compare to Westhaven: 883.50 * 12 (12m berth) $10,602 NZD a year = €6,278 per year. OK so a 12m berth in my marina is: €2522,90 per year... Westhaven is nowhere near as nice. Given France's strong workers rights, excellent employment laws, strict environmental rules, reasonably high taxes, excellent infrastructure and hig
  8. Have I posted this before? Seems to be an age old problem... 1972.
  9. Very nice. I'll take 8, please. I'll have to go for the hire purchase option...
  10. Honestly, I'm happy to include the flares. Sure I'll go through the other tools in the box before firing off a flare. but having them available in a shitty situation is likely better than not having them available. Having said that, electronic alternatives should also fill the gap from a regulatory perspective. I used to give each crew member a glow stick to pop in the pocket of their jacket. Now I make sure each crew member has a headlamp or such in their pocket, and each crew member has a PLB or an MOB AIS, provided by me. During the day, I think the smoke is indispensable.
  11. Was with a mate of mine when he broke an arm in a remote South Island Valley... really remote. Took 6h for the heli. 121MHz, though... after that I bought a 406.
  12. So an island has to be able to sustain human life, but there are no explanations offered on what exactly that means. I mean, given the right technology, human life can be sustained on the friggin moon.
  13. Webbing. Mine has a couple nice reflective threads running the length of it... unfortunately there’s still a shittonne of other lines to have roll under your feet.
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