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  1. Sorry, no news. France is/was in abs out of lockdown, much the same as us here in Switzerland, so travel to the boat is not possible
  2. yeah that's possible. But if there's no antifoul? just a waterblast then back in?? A pic of the process and an entry in the log?
  3. Scary looking set of cyclones forming. Back to the hull cleaning. What if you have your own haul out ability? ie, up North, given an adequate haulout cradle/ trailer, we could haul our pogo actually onto our place (neighbour's ramp) - mast up. How does one "prove" then that it's been hauled and cleaned? Welding up a decent cradle with axles etc. could well be worth it...
  4. I mean I’m all for experimentation, but Let’s try in someone else’s...
  5. The keel doesn’t count as moveable ballast in rating for a pogo, but most handicapping (except Phrf) kills them dead - 3m draft is a big penalty. lifting the keel up will result in a net loss of control and a lower boat speed - if you look at the shape when the keel is up - it’s a hydrodramatic tradgedy
  6. yeh that made me chuckle also... Now everyone sailing a 473 is in the bad books...
  7. bit of cloth and some resin, good as new by lunch time
  8. Backwards is easier than forwards... going forwards, with the keel up when going slow, the bow is blown off almost instantly (not helped by the transfer of mass aft which further reduces lateral plane forward of the mast). It's no place for fainthearted helming or manoeuvring.
  9. Interesting idea. But i think in a roll over or a knock down you'd rather have all your lead at the end of your board....
  10. Officially, yes, but that's because standard is AGM batteries. The keel pump draws up to 100A for about a minute. With LiFePO4 you don't really need to run the engine, but the keel pump motor runs through a relay controlled by the engine ignition. You can also manually pump the keel up or down - if you're enthusiastic.
  11. Yeah was happy to hear that went without incident. Keel up I presume?
  12. also, rags to whaka is not exactly a Sunday cake walk... good effort.
  13. Did you call the number?
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