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  1. This is a concept that has not escaped me … I do have a mooring, too.
  2. Trailer yachts cost a fair amount less over their lifetime , I’m convinced
  3. Well, on this side of the planet we didn’t exactly cut it short, but it was chilly and relatively little wind for the first trip away on FIREFLY as a couple - no Kids. First time in 4.5y we get a weekend alone.
  4. We have coded our jackets with different coloured cordage. Each crew member is shown how to fit and use the jacket, I check fitting, and each crew remembers their colour. It’s theirs for the trip. Hydrostatic triggers. double crotch straps. plastimo. 150N. Comfortable. No idea what they’re like inflated. The water here is bloody cold at the best of times so I’m not rushing to get in and test - I should change that, though.
  5. Shall I give the real list or the list for this weekend - being the first long weekend away ever with my wife on her boat, sans kids.
  6. My boat was brand new in 2019 - it still has a list…nothing major, but a list nonetheless. Things like: Install Radar, danbuoy, additional electricity generation, crew set of ais beacons, couple small gelcoat chips, stich on some halyard covers, storms’l, plugs for the electric motor charging, wiring in the espresso machine, building a toolbox/roll, relocating the water maker, replacing that usb charge point that drowned when the water maker shat itself, replacing the zip sliders on two squab covers because I’m an idiot and didn’t learn the first time… hate to think how the list
  7. It was quite an exceptional month- I think there were 2 severe storms, one much akin to the other, within a week. Something like category 2 level on the Saffir Simpson scale? Seem to remember numbers like 90kts being bandied about. I sat at Birkenhead for an hour or so watching my little keeler pitch violently. Decided there was nothing I could do. Went home.
  8. Make sure you don’t leave a fender over the exhaust…I’m aware through the grapevine that this has happened in the past. The yards don’t like having to take a nearly brand new boat back to rebuild the aft quarter! It messes with their production schedules
  9. Keeping the German registration is ok, so long as the new owner qualifies to have a German registered ship (possibly you don't - can't remember German requirements), but legally the skipper needs the qualification of the flag state - if you're sailing out of NZ. Many places won't ask you see your qualification, but some will.
  10. Cut up a pair of your old redbands and screw them to the bulkhead?
  11. Tuts even made the news in Zurich… Feels slow getting support up to them… (Tonga I mean)
  12. yeah, from the most recent modelling , looks to be tracking a bit further east before dropping down.
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