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  1. There are certain foil wraps that were not available for our Pogo. Too dark. By boat 50(?) they had changed the foam sandwich (I think) and a palette of slightly darker colours was added - still no black or dark blue, tho, afaik
  2. She’s looking great! Do you have a final colour scheme in mind?
  3. Rule 30, Vessels at anchor or aground part c. A vessel at anchor may, and for vessels over 100m shall, show available working lights to illuminate her decks
  4. Nice run today leaving Audierne at 1605 after a day of work (home office rocks!) and parking in Brest at 2205 IMG_9237.mov
  5. Left Brest Sunday week ago at 1500 passed Raz de Sein at 1900 and parked in Audierne at 2000. Basically spent the next week hanging out there and then in St Marine (Bénodet) mostly working remotely and taking a few hours with the kids (school hols) before scooting across to the Glennan islands yesterday arvo and back to st marine today. Bit of a blow coming through tonight/tomorrow and already it’s a bit rolly here in the marina.
  6. Done for an international reference frame.
  7. Dropped the mooring lines at 15:12 and picked up a mooring buoy at 20.13, 39 miles later. Brest to Audierne, mostly 20-25 knts very deep so I played it careful and only when with the Code0, putting in an ugly first reef and changing down to the genoa about 5miles out from Raz de Sien - didn’t want to be caught awkwardly over ragged around there. Saw 13.8 on the speedo at one point and also had SOG of over 15 for a while. Should have reefed earlier (shouldn’t we all) and then would have had better balance to keep the code zero up for longer.
  8. DrWatson


    This is because that's what intelligent folk do. They know they don't know everything, so they reach out to experts who know more than they do.
  9. DrWatson


    Science is not a crutch. The regulations are a result of the scientific evidence of the population decline. That science is peer reviewed. In this case the reports of Mackenzie and Clement have been reviewed by their peers, the Scientific Committee of the ICW. " REVIEW OF ABUNDANCE ESTIMATES The Committee agreed at last year’s meeting to review the abundance estimates for Hector’s dolphins intersessionally (IWC, 2016t, p.365). A formal process was established intersessionally following IWC procedures for such review including the creation of an Intersessional Exp
  10. DrWatson


    No Yes, and you also pretty much did exactly the same with this statement in general. You took an idea (a subjective idea) presented it as a fact and made it general. The greatest issue with scientific studies is that science is hard and it does take a lot of knowledge, and brain power to evaluate the work - that’s why we use peer review, and don’t simply allow Larry and Sindy from X - formerly known at Twatter - and their millions of stupid idolisers to determine what’s true and what’s not. Popularity is not peer review. Additionally, many people are
  11. We need to make sailing fun again - fun for everyone who ever dreamed of being blown across a puddle in a walnut shell.
  12. Yeah I spent about 12h in the English Channel pushing into 25-30 on Firefly. Started out with some very good swells, prob 6m with quite ugly sea on top. Was pretty glad it moderated and died away around 8pm (as predicted) - not sure I wanted to spend a whole night doing the same.
  13. DrWatson


    Huge assumptions here are that dolphins will know to stay away from the thing that’s making the huge racket, that said huge racket won’t confuse them, and that the visual identification of a big arse flying machine dragging it’s razor blade appendages in the water as an identifiable danger will be made by the dolphin. The approach speed may be the same but picking up an orca on your sonar or visually is going to be easier than picking up set of foils that have the frontal projection area of a toothpick. The BOI issue is different because the dolphins are/were starving - not being run d
  14. Coming into dock, crewman - big guy - on the rail with dock line in hand ready to step off and make fast. He takes a big step as we’re prob just on a metre out. All good, he can make the gap, but his gammy knee buckles and down he goes between the dock and the boat with rapidly diminishing space. I slam the boat into reverse to back out a bit. Catastrophe averted but was damn scary. And he surfaced with the dock line still in hand to complete the task…
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