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  1. I guess I'll be measuring the window size on FIREFLY week from now. 50x37cm... I assume that this doesn't apply to hatches which are by definition different, but which are subject to the same forces. If one was to fit external wash boards to windows like those on Firefly, it would undoubtedly offer a good grip for a heavy wave to exert extreme tearing and ripping force on the cabin structure at the mounting points of any external covering boards. I think this a blanket rule that possibly works well for some wooden boats, solid glass boats etc. where windows are retained by mu
  2. Just wondering whose safety regs a foreign ship needs to meet/pass inspection for, to embark and disembark paying passengers in NZ? Flag state? I mean like the cruise ships that pick you up in AKL and drop you off in some other city. They're not NZ ships, so i assume they don't have the whole NZ safe ship management thing going on. What's the deal there? And moreover, do you pay GST on your fare? R
  3. DrWatson


    Anyone been in? Guessing you'd want to pick your weather etc., but if you needed to stop...
  4. Received negative PCR test. Drove 1240km in 12h15 Washed squab covers, pillows and duvets Water blasted 10 months of algae off deck Broomed rudders back to orange Experienced 3 gales in 4 days Didn't lift boat for wash as marina crew quite leery about lifting in that kinda weather Got in 3.5h of sailing Installed inverter Installed 12v DC/DC converter to charge 80Ah LiFePO4 for dinghy Installed gas detector (finally) Toured Pogo factory (again) Spent €300 on wine Drove 1240km Didn't scratch boat.
  5. Your inbox full? Tried to PM you.
  6. Poorly worded, like a lot of attempted legislation.
  7. So are they again trying to force foreign registered vessels to get an inspection? That's what I was getting at. also (c) the Director is satisfied that the pleasure craft is adequately crewed for the voyage; Solo voyaging is out? Or one experienced crew member can also count as adequate? What about autonomous vessels? like the one that washed up in Aussie? What about autonomous vessels with passengers (not crew)...
  8. So I presume that the former Cruising threads weer merged with the Marine topic, but what happened to the thread to contact YNZ?
  9. EXCEL 16kg, +40m AQUA4 8mm, and 60m 3 strand laid. As per KM's recommendation. Dragged once on sand.... but if you anchor in 1.5m with a 3:1 scope and the tide comes up 7m those numbers are not gonna work for more than 1 beer.
  10. Yeah they were also my take homes from the course, and the reason I'm looking into getting one. Didn't know about the App, great idea. Should be a part of any OS.
  11. I'm not allowed the sail unless I can categorise it as safety equipment...
  12. Thanks for this. I'm actually interested in the CPR in community numbers. Many of these I suspect are resusitation after an incident caused by an underlying condition. I'd like to know a couple of things: Firstly, how does this improve if someone has access to an AED within the first 5-10 minutes? from my course I understood it was that success could be increased to as much as 30%, but the course was in Swiss german and despite living here for some 14 y, I'm not sh*t-hot at that crazy speak. Secondly, what are the success rates of community CPR for drowning victims, being
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